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Greetings Bros who like Pones! My Name is Strat and I caught you a delicious bass. And by bass, I mean MLP bases for all to use freely. These you can steal.

For the best quality base usage, Download the free app, It's worth every penny... because you know... its free.
Greetings! It's been awhile since I wrote one of these. Time to dust some cobwebs.

Geez. Its only been a year and five months since I announced publically that I would retire this page and move on to a different page for cosplaying? Man did that work out! At the time of this writing, I ended up uploading 4 new bases (varients of the same base, but you get the idea) to this profile in hopes people may use them to further their creativity. So why you may ask that I'm back again to write this journal after making a huge deal that I wouldn't come back?

Because I like to draw. Simple as that.

I think looking back in hindsight, It sound rather silly to talk about not drawing on a website dedicated to art. Mostly on the drawing aspect. I'm always fiddling around on my app, whenever it be taking screenshots or just straight up doodling on my cheapo mouse. I'm always wanting to be imaginative and creative in my mind where I always come up with new characters and new scenario out of my power hungry fantasies. I even like to draw and bring back something every once in a little while. This page is a classic example of that creativity, although a bit *ahem* "Cringy" at times. I see that this page is a page worth coming back every now and again to post something for fun. Something I took time out of my already busy schedule  and say "Hey! Check out this drawing I made!" Its a page worth my time to draw things and share with the lot of you!

Does this mean I'm coming back to this page on the regular? No. I just got done saying I'm busy with other things. I'm going back to school, I have work, I have business endevors, I'm working on other misc projects that have been sitting and gathering dust. But I will probably post more stuff on the fly whenever I feel like drawing. Like today! I appreciate all the new watchers that has subscribed to me over the last several months and I appreciate all the watchers that stuck by me overtime. I can assure you that these honeyed words would not be the last you hear from me. I will revive in short bursts. Don't expect a lot of work, but stick around and see whats coming next.

tl;dr version: I'm making more bases, but only when I feel like it.

Thanks for your time reading this! I'll see ya soon!

Hugs and Brohoof's




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last one  commission 4 stratmlp by hikariangelove
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first one  chibi commission 4 stratmlp by hikariangelove
Added you,please for any questions contact me by mail,same of paypal,as I want use note only for asking new commission tnx :)
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