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Industrial Apple

Just a rather industrial-looking apple wallpaper I put together. Hope you enjoy it. Full view is 1280 x 800, download should be 1920 x 1200. Just a note, I hate images that look great on preview, but then let me down when I download the full size, so let me know if this looks shabby somewhere, or gets under your skin somehow.
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Its wonderfull!!!

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i love it! wht software did u use man??
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Photoshop with some decent photo stock resources to build the textures from. And thanks!
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i found the stock photo but its not the same.. the embossed diamond shaped thingy is quite different plus the texture and shine is no u mind telling me where u found tht stock photo? i'll def giv u credit for whatever i come up with!
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Well, there are quite a few layers that go into these. I used the initial diamond-plate stock, found a good section, offset it and built a good tile-able texture and saved it as a pattern. Then I filled the wallpaper area with that. I pulled that layer up in the channels panel and copied a new channel from red, then used levels to take it down to black for low, white for high (thankfully this texture was ideal for that). I used that for a bump map for the lighting filter in Photoshop on a gray layer set to overlay or soft light. I think I also may have copied the texture and set the second layer to multiply, possibly with a slight blur. That's a brief run-down off the top of my head, I'm sure there was some additional tweaking but hopefully that gives an idea of what I did.
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I'm very late to the party, having come here from the non-Apple version, but in the spirit of your request above:

The shadows around the Apple logo cut off too sharply on the left and right edges of the shape. This is especially noticeable around the leaf and bite on the right side; I noticed it originally on the left but there it can almost be written off as a quirk of the lighting, on the right it's much more blatant.

I really like how you've composed this, but my eye keeps getting drawn to those edges now so I just can't use it.
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Yeah, this was an earlier attempt at using this style of lighting. A little gaussian blur earlier in the process would have done wonders here. Using the technique later on I've definitely refined my process, but good eye on catching that. Though as you've pointed out having a good eye on those things can be a pain since you can't really stop seeing it ;)
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Absolutely gorgeous. But, would it be possible to offer a version without the apple symbol?
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I'll have to look around and see if I can find the original source anywhere. If you don't hear anything from me in a while feel free to drop me a not. I'm easily distracted.
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GAH! Yay! You're awesome :D
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I used to have this great wall on my desktop for a long time but didn't add it to my favs. I have fixed it now!
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Glad you sorted it out ;)
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very nice mate :D
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i love it!!!

yeah is it possible for you to do one without the apple logo.

Great Work in your gallery section
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Took absolutely ages (not sure why). But there's one without the apple now if you are still interested. [link]
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Not sure if I'll get back to it since it's kind of an old file. I'll see what I can do, and get back to you if I do another version.
.... Really great pic.!
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Awesome work u got there!
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