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Industrial Alone

Ok, it's certainly been a long time coming, but here's the industrial wallpaper without the apple. Nothing fancy, but I'd ignored the very polite requests for way too long.
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Hi Stratification

Would I be able to use this image as the background to some blister packs we are creating for a customer?


Is it possible I can use this in a title sequence should I get the job? (to use as background for a logo)
Let me know, thanks.
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I do allow commercial usage, send me a note and we can talk over terms of usage, etc.
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Thx... and thx you! ;D
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:w00t::w00t: great I was looking for somethig like this great!!
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I use it to made this :juggle: [link]
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Nice, and you're welcome.
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nice job. don't exist a 1280*1024 version of this wall?
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I've just done it in the one size, it should display decently well though or drop it into a graphics program and a little sizing and cropping should do the job. Trying to keep a version with every monitor size out there would drive me a little batty.
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What license is this under? Do you mind if I slap a ZevenOS logo on it and redistribute? With proper credit given of course. Very nice.
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Updated the license info (sorry about that). I'm absolutely fine with you doing that, I generally don't mind people using my textures for whatever as long as it isn't commercial. Thank you ever so much for checking in first though.
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Thanks! Great work. Wish there were more masculine wallpapers like this around. I work a lot with diamond plate so this is great.
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Nice - I'd like to post this on with your permission.
I used something similar for a background on, but this is much... darker!

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Sure, always enjoy seeing my stuff featured over there. And I always appreciate your asking.
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Nice effect, I can post this on ?
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Sure, as long as it's not sold I'm pretty flexible. And thanks!
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