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Framed Wallpaper Resource

Photoshop file for a wallpaper I made a little while back. Just replace the image and make sure the layer mask goes with it and you should be all set! Zipped PSD file is at 2560x1600.
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Very nice! Thank you!
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Thank you this is perfect
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Thanks much - just what I was looking fore :D
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thanks for sharing!!!
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You're very welcome.
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This is fantastic !! If you don't mind I used your idea here.
. [link]
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Nicely put together. Exactly the sort of thing I hoped to inspire people to try.
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amazing work! Used it for my smartphone wallpaper and love it! [link]
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Nicely laid out, glad you enjoyed it.
That looks incredible!! Is this allowed to be modified and used in a commercial project? If so, under what circumstances can it be used commercially?
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To be truthful it's been long enough that I don't know where all the stock came from. I think probably at least some of the images are likely to be non-commercial, I'm just not sure.
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Could someone please explain how t do this please?
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there are some layers that you can add on other wallpaper!! or if you will take it like a wallpaper, just convert it in jpeg
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This is fabulous, I love it!! I did feel like my wallpapers were too overwhelming, and I just adore the classic simplicity of this. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!
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Thanks very much for that, always happy to find out people are enjoying what I do.
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Nice work :).

Did you use a stock, or made a frame by yourself?
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The frame was slightly tweaked but from a stock site. Not something I felt like spending the time recreating.
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very beautiful. Thank you for posting this.
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