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Dramatic Room - No Text

Version of the dramatic room, without the text, for those that wanted it. Download is 1920 x 1200 (Previous is: [link])
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Thanks very much. Great wall

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Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have and the wallpaper with no shadows by itself???
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good :-) i download ok :-)
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great wall, already on my desktop!
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This is one of those walls I go back to every now and then. Thanks for your work!
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Thanks very much.
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Can you make a 1024x768 version of this please?
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Sorry, you'll have to find a program to resize it, I just don't have time to make the huge number of varieties needed to fit every screen size and usage.
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Used this here: [link]
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Thanks for making it in the first place ;)
Very nice job ,thanks !
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Nice one. Thanks for this d:]
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wow, very nice
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Beautiful wallpaper - thanks for sharing! :-)
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That's awesome....

I need to learn some of this for my dynamic sites. Out of curiosity - photoshop?
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Yup, you can get ahold of the PSD for it here:
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*_* Pretty cool wallpaper , i like the lighting effect alot , will be taking and using. Thanks alot ^^
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