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The overall quality of this sketch is good for a quick exercise, but that wasn't really the purpose behind drawing it, right? It's all ...

I'm going to consider all six pages as a whole for this commentary (but with more emphasis on latter pages). It sets a welcome tone to ...

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Robots in disguise (really)
Wisps of black smoke greeted a morning sun as its first rays peered through thick clouds over the valley, revealing what yesterday was a lush green forest; today, however, the light found nothing in the valley but blackened ash, soot, and disintegrated ruins of metal and scrap.  Nothing that called this area home still lived to bear witness of the massive fireball that had descended from the sky last night -- not even the nocturnal beasts of the valley could escape the destruction borne down upon them without warning.
Yet, while most creatures would have the good sense to stay away from lifeless charred remains, the scene also drew those of a more curious disposition, as a set of four padded feet trodded quietly through the ash.  It was a large brown fox, its eyes winced half-shut from the smoke-tinged air and its already black legs rendered more so from knee-deep soot and dirt.  Around one pile of burned scrap and another it wandered, keeping its nose low as if searchin
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Nano 2012 - Chapter 1
My name is Arlio ... or at least I think it is; I can't seem to remember anything else.  Somebody was shouting my name; I think I can recall that much.  And a firm grip on my arm.  And some pleading that we would survive this storm together.  But who were they?  What was going on?  I have no image of them in my mind; only the rough seas and harsh winds that tore us apart.
I think I can hear them calling still.  Calling my name.  But I can't be sure.  It doesn't sound quite like their voice.  Would I even be able to recognize it as their voice if it was?  And the name doesn't ring the same in my ears.  No, that is certainly not my name ... so whose is it?  Who are they calling to?

I must have looked a fright, my body splayed out against the sand at odd angles and disturbed only by waves inundating the beach (and how exactly I did not wind up with lungs coughing up saltwater I can't explain).  I could hear somebody running up to me at a ... wait, was that actually a run?  It was h
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Nano 2012 - Prologue
The night was stormy and dark, a tumultuous cascade of rolling black shadows as fierce winds whipped the rain down in lashes.  Few creatures abided this weather, most of them settling in their dens, nests, burrows or roosts as they waited out the storm.  Such storms were uncommon features, but not unrecorded, as they always blew in from the western ocean.  Trees took the brunt of the winds, with a few weaker ones being the first to topple or uproot as their stronger counterparts stood in firm defiance of the gales, almost laughing as the rain pelted through them.
Maybe there was a moon out tonight, but underneath these roiling thunderheads it was impossible to tell; the dark shadow of this storm was so vast that it was nearly impossible to see anything, even for those born with night-vision.  The only light to see by came from occasional bursts of energy flashing inbetween the clouds, the lightning far above soon answered by earth-shaking claps of thunder that echoed across and above t
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I have experience primarily in pencils, but with a splash of other media from time to time. I also have some skill for photography.

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If I browsed more often, would I fave more stuff?


Christmas 2018
...did I mention I didn't stop at just one paper snowflake this year?

(I actually cut at least two more, but don't have photos of those.)

Upper left: A fairly random cut featuring alternating petals.  Elaborate and complicated, but also chaotic and improvised.  Probably my least favorite of the lot.

Top center: A somewhat less random cut.  I gave this one to a co-worker.

Upper right: Another less random cut, also with alternating petals.  One of the interior cuts resembles a soaring bird.  Hmm......

Center left: An eight-pointed snow star with alternating petals.  Actually the second one I cut, it gave me inspiration to try alternating petals in other designs.

Center right: From a four-pointed rectangular snow star which I intentionally folded corner to corner without regard for aspect ratio (note the extra details along one diagonal but not the other).  This is actually the center half cut out from the full design.

Lower right: Another six-pointed design with alternating petals.  The unusual spars connecting the petals were from cutting the spars at the wrong angle (oops), something I paid more attention to in later designs.

Bottom center: The first one I cut this year.  It actually took me quite a few tries to remember the proper sequence of folds to get a precise hexagonal shape.

Bottom right: My first attempt at alternating hexagonal petals.  After making the triangle fold, you have to unfold then refold it in a specific manner before you actually start cutting the design, otherwise you only end up with petal designs that are symmetric by 180deg and not rotationally.

Center: Most of my designs are random and improvised, but this one I intentionally kept simple, removing a lot of paper for a loose, lacy effect.  It is actually my overall favorite of this year's lot.

The overall quality of this sketch is good for a quick exercise, but that wasn't really the purpose behind drawing it, right? It's all about the actual pose.

So let's focus on that, and never mind the star ratings (I view "3 of 5" as my "default answer" anyway).

My first impression is that the wolf feels a little off-balance in the rear end. Maybe the torso was sketched a little long, but the real culprit is the location of the hind paws relative to the hips. When an animal is standing in a stable posture, their center of gravity is always balanced between their actual contact points with the ground; i.e. the hind paws should touch the ground mostly below the hips. Err on placing them too far back than too far forward.

I haven't seen the source tutorial you used, but one quick way that works for me is to plan out a given leg as a simple line from the hip (or shoulder) to paw pad on (or off) the ground. This intentionally doesn't match how the actual joints and proportions will look as they span it, it just quickly establishes where the limb starts and ends so I can make a snap judgment about whether or not it helps the pose overall.

Another detail that feels off is the size and elevation of the front left paw; if this is level ground (there's nothing to imply otherwise) then the paws on each side should feel level between the front and back feet (and, for the side view specifically, measurable). The front legs otherwise feel about right, even if maybe a little too side-profile for their own good (you can clearly tell the difference between the center toes on the hind paw, not so much with the front paws).

But again, this isn't about individual details, but the underlying composition and creature's pose. The stance of the rear legs makes me think of a wolf that is about to sit down (or inversely, was rising from a sit). It should be an easy thing to work on in future sketches.
'Tis the season...
...for paper snowflakes.

Cut from a standard 8.5x11" using a variation of a technique I was originally taught in first grade.  Literally the only teacher who knew a method for folding six-pointed snowflakes.

I challenge you to do better than me!

(Yes, I know you can; you just need a good method and lots of patience.  Larger paper doesn't hurt, either!)
Thyme and money - 3271
Apologies for the pun.  Or ... nah, I'm not sorry.

Spotted at the garden in our County Fair this year.  Thyme apparently makes good ground cover, but the flowers have to be seen up close to be appreciated.

The penny was actually just for a size comparison, but I knew I had to keep it.



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United States
I can be found here, Fanart Central, FurAffinity, even TV Tropes, and Nanowrimo.
(especially Nanowrimo.)

I do not MySpace or Twitter.

Current Residence: Moo
This year marks my 10th Nanoversary; so, I'll be posting (and updating) my dA journal with each day.  Thirty days of updates!  Can I do it ... or will I just spend too much time surfing YouTube?
Day 29:
I started today not knowing what exactly I wanted to write.  I ended it by combining three separate plot threads and seguing into an important scene that has already been (to some extent) planned out.

Oh, and WE HAVE REACHED 50K!  My official tally is at 50,117 and there's still one day left in November!
Day 28:
So that uncomfortable chapter from last week?  The internal editor finally drew a line in the said and demanded it be rewritten to tone down on the content.  The previous iteration is, for now, still being included in the wordcount (and also as a reminder to never do this again).  This did come at the expense of progress, though.
Day 27:
Sadly, only a net 600 words today.  I actually did write a bit more than that, but it was at the cost of replacing existing material, not writing all-new material.  I'm still only about a day behind par, but the deadline is approaching fast ...
Day 26:
I pressed myself to clear 2,000 words for today ... but I was also up past midnight (and on a work night, too).  Not a great combination.
Day 25:
Broke the 40,000 mark today! ... but I was up past midnight again and didn't quite reach my goal of 2,000 words for today.  A bit of work went into tweaking the aforementioned sexual references from the scene mentioned three days ago.  I don't have the vocabulary for such a thing (nor do I care to) but the editor is nonetheless wondering -- how much is too much?  It is already outside my usual ratings limit.
Day 24:
Taking the morning to generally just bum around town was a lot of fun.  I also wrote nearly 3,000 words!  I still do not like the frequency with which sexual themes seem to come up, but for now the inner editor is willing to let the plot bunny write anything it wants so long as it doesn't cross that genre line into erotica.  This isn't that kind of story (honestly), but sex is just a subject that the characters (who are animals) have relatively few inhibitions over (they do still have standards, just not inhibitions).

Day 23:
Thanksgiving did not stop me from getting some writing in.  Unfortunately, it was mostly just some expansions to previous chapters (I still have a lot of orphaned segments) and a net increase of only 600 words.
Day 22:
Unfortunately, my mind definitely went further with yesterday's tangent.  It wasn't explicit, but it was still something I am not comfortable with writing.  My protagonist did recover from the aforementioned aphrodisiac effects without losing his virginity first, but it was close.  Ironically, a life-or-death situation in the next chapter prompts him to wonder if maybe he should have.

Nonetheless, though I did stay up past midnight writing, I do have an idea of the general direction I want to go with the plot, and started drafting out a very key scene between my protagonist and a new character who makes even the elders seem young in comparison.
Day 21:
Ten days ... crunch time.

Today's theme shall be "worldbuilding gone wrong".  I established earlier that there's a particular edible plant called 'milkfruit' whose sweet flavor and smooth texture is a favorite for my main character.  But today I also established it's an aphrodisiac, and in one scene my protagonist sort of ... overdosed.  That almost went VERY badly (as in, rule-34 badly; this is not that kind of story).

Alas, by the end of the day I had fallen just short of 2,000 new words.  I've been able to re-arrange and re-integrate some previously orphaned segments, but it comes at a cost compared to actually writing new words.

Day 20:
...wait, how did I only write a net 800 words?
Day 19:
Welp, that character's dead now.  Like a Kelbi devoured by a Tigrex.  It wasn't gorey ... it wasn't vorey either (please no fetish themes, those are just gross).  It wasn't even confirmed to be him until there was nothing left but some stray blood on the ground.

But it was worth it.  For the plot, this eliminated an unnecessary character.  For the wordcount, I just broke 30,000 which is only a single day behind par.
Day 18:
I haven't killed that character off yet, but the bunny has already dug out the grave and is waiting to shove him into it.  Still rearranging the order of early chapters, which has left some snippets un-stuck in time, and I still don't have many more events in mind for the A-plot after it gets kicked off.  But I did add another 2,000 words....
Day 17:
Today I found a lost Shovel Bunny.  That is, a plot bunny wielding the infamous "Traveling Shovel of Death".  It has its sights set on one character who has had several appearances so far, but none of them really important.  Plus, he and his sister have names that are easily confused given how many times their names get mentioned together.  And the editor fox isn't totally against having said character abruptly killed off.

Also, some of my chapters are definitely in the wrong order - I need to be kicking off the A-plot as early in the wordcount as I can.  So I plucked a segment from (I think it was) Chapter 4 and inserted it as the new Chapter 1.  Normally revisions are not good for the wordcount, but this one did give me a net 2000 words, which is my quota for the day.  It would be tempting to write more, but once again I'm up writing late and probably won't be asleep before midnight.
Day 16:
Today I wrote a chapter that's important to kick off the A-plot with, but it came out all wrong.  It felt like the chapter was 2000 words, but in reality only about 1600 -- not even par -- so I had to force myself to add something more.  Nevertheless, because the A-plot involves my main character doing a bit of traveling, I at least have an easy excuse to skip over mundane details and focus on more important events.  Oh, and once again I was up until almost midnight...
Day 15:
I have now crested 20,000 words.  (Par wordcount for the 15h is 25,000.)  I did rearrange the order of an early chapter, and add an extra event in its stead early on, but it was a positive increase for my overall wordcount, and definitely makes up for the lack of energy I had yesterday.
Day 14:
Ever feel like you're writing the story in the wrong order?  Or that it feels like the A-plot in my story has all the wrong tone?  I have a strong habit of writing linearly, which is good for consistency, but bad if you don't have enough content planned out (and I don't).  Plus, I didn't like how the scene I was trying to write was going, and my energy level was burning out early; I ended up with a paltry 700 or so words written today.
Day 13:
Did I mention I was up to midnight Sunday?  Normally 1700 words should be a 'par' amount, except that I'm behind par.
Day 12:
I confess: Saturday was spent mostly surfing the Internet, and by the time I was able to start writing it was too late in the evening and I was tired.  But today I made up for it as one of a few keystone moments occurred - my main character met another character with connections to his past, who gave him a (somewhat unexpected) lengthy narration of his own past.  His immediate family is all dead, by the way.  My total wordcount has officially broken 15k now -- with a good five thousand from today alone!
Day 11:
We do not talk about day 11.
Day 10:
Got a late start in writing today and didn't hit the 2000 mark, either - but on a more positive note, I finally got the story to segue into a more important event: my main character is discovered by someone from his past.  They, however, start running and he must give chase.
Day 9:
So far, it's ironic that I'm getting more writing done on my work days than my days off.  It should be the other way around!  Today I did the right thing and shut off the Internet so I could write.  Unfortunately, I had almost no ideas what I should be writing about ... but I did write about 2000 words.  That's the pace I need to catch up to par.
Day 8:
I need a day to get over the Miiverse shutdown, even though I was never heavily active on it.  It was unique, and charming, something of a hybrid between social media and specialized forums.  In other news, I re-set my Twitter password and might have to start using that handle more often when I make game-related posts.
Day 7:
Good night, Miiverse.  You will be missed.  I spent the afternoon grinding a few quests in Monster Hunter Generations to make some final Miiverse posts with.
Day 6:
I had planned to start writing earlier today ... it didn't happen.  Nonetheless, my plot proceeded into an action segment, and I stopped with almost 3000 words written today.  That's more like it!  (I do hate to leave an action scene hanging, but by now it's getting late and I'm starting to droop.) 
Day 5:
Days off from work are the best times to be writing.  Unfortunately, writing was the last thing I did today.  I met the quota at roughly 2000 words, but plot-wise, nothing important happened.  I definitely need to change that tomorrow.
Day 4:
Looks like I am hiring the ninjas already.  But we've officially started writing!  1880 words is a decent start -- not good, nor bad.  And apparently things got started off with a spectacle already, in which a huge wyvern-like creature (Monster Hunter fans, imagine a cross between a Rathian and a Tigrex) is spotted taking out a few redshirts from the antagonists.  Oh, and yesterday's silly idea is totally canon now: "the highest duty of the elder's lowest parts" is probably not the worst euphemism I could come up with.

Nonetheless, this actually gives me some direction so that I can get the overall plot started.  Tomorrow is a day off (plus the extra hour! I will be sleeping in, of course) so I should be able to write something substantial.
Day 3:
Unfortunately, today I realize I have no ideas.  Well, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement.  Since 2011 I have had a vague idea for a third installment, and one key plot event to go down, but not enough material to tie it together into a full story with.  So instead of writing, I spent what free time I allocated to it brainstorming ideas instead, about things that 'might' or 'could' happen within the setting.  This is not a great start by any means, but if you throw enough things at the wall then something's bound to stick, right?  Unfortunately one of those things that stuck is the possibility of a main character accidentally walking in on two others mating.  Whoops!  That's outside the intended content limits of the story for sure, meaning that if it stays it will necessarily be referenced or implied only.  I'm not about to attempt narrating that!
Day 2:
Most of my free time today ended up eaten by the great timesink that is YouTube (and a few other sites I check frequently, including here).  I did, however, take some time to re-read through my 2011 Nano, which itself was the sequel to 2007's.  It's kind of amazing how much things had changed between the two years - not just in my general level of writing polish (not always a good thing), but in how it presents the setting to the reader and some of the abilities the types of creatures have.  I'd also changed up some of my terminology, and tweaked one character's name for easier reading.  As for this year ... I do have a few vague ideas of where I can go with this setting, but maybe I can actually get started tomorrow.
Day 1:
For the past month I've been haunted by a plot bunny that could be summarized as "epic transformation story ostensibly set in the Monster Hunter series" (since I've been playing that game a lot lately), but since this is my 10th Nanoversary, the idea of writing a (second) sequel to my original, 2007, Nanowrimo story has a lot of appeal.  So instead of actually writing anything today, I instead re-read my 2007 Nanowrimo.  Wow, there are a lot more typographical errors than I remember...!  But if I'm going to do a sequel, I need the refresh, and I need it now.

And apparently one of my laptops has lost its Internet connection again.  (I'm using a different one than last year -- this one has a numpad.)  I can still access the local router, but I can't access the laptop over our home's local network.  The upside is, I figured out how to transfer my assorted Nanowrimo files over peer-to-peer Bluetooth instead.
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There's a person who's very talented out there who wants to create a Kya game. He made a 3D Kya model etc. Gameplays of his work can be found on the Kya Dark Lineage Fanclub group:… If you don't trust this link then that's fine, you can search it by name: Kya Dark Lineage. He also has a Tumblr website with his commentary:

Please, join this group and leave a comment. He deserves the praise for his hard work. With this we can let the community grow. Maybe we can get a sequel someday after 15 years. Thank you in advance!

Best regards. :)
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So where did you dig up this fossil?  Sure, I played Kya during the PS2 era and it was fun at the time, but I have no lasting interest in it -- I've moved on and haven't looked back.
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I see. I thought you might be interested :P
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And you probably found a random comment I left on someone's art like 10 years ago and wondered if I was still following it?  Nah.  I really don't follow many games, and much less the development stories behind them.  If or when it reaches the point of an actual reveal trailer, THEN I might go "hey, that name sounds kinda familiar"....
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Sora+Riku+Kairi - Lion Form by eikomakimachi (2006)

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