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Quest of the Sundered Realm - Defacing Marjang
After laying low the Gongwarped Fishermen and essentially being a vandalistic bunch of burglars, the party plods off to Marjang Apartments, which is guarded by the Sluurgal. The sentries block e'm out til Tsanaq-lu displays his note of permission assigning him here to kill of the wild Crocodactyl infestation, and they gladly let them in, all near-encumbered with various weapons. Swanson the dwarven fighter is still nursing his injuries. They plunge into the building, and climb up the convoluted stairwells, unsettled by the ancient engravings of forgotten Sluurgal mythological lore. They learn this is the oldest building in Gathox, and the stone with which the apartments were built came from a long-dead planet. They find an elevator that was added a century ago, and ascend to the roof of the Marjang Apartments. They ready for battle.
Immediately Darien deploys the meat golems, which two Crocodactyls swoop down to devour. One is struck by a magic missile, the other escapes. Another one a
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Malevolent visions from the comos
There are plenty of grotesque things I've heard
But this one dreary night something weird occurred
11 am that odd thing transpired,
Even now in its phantasms i'm mired.
A peculiar antique I found a liking to,
Graven with pictures from the world's youth,
And when I gazed upon it for too long,
Suddenly I felt something was wrong
Never could I describe what was beheld,
When I peered deep into its mind,
My days of carnage were soon dwarfed,
By the horrors that i was to find
Ten thousand times my weeks of war
Cannot hardly amount to the things I saw
In that fleeting moment, that eternity of fear
The cosmos's symphony, blazed into my ear!
Hordes of hunched grey cavemen, storming across a black plain,
Streaked by molten rivers, strewn with cadavers cannot name!
Upon a fleeing magma-beast of rugged rock, they assailed with harpoons and spears,
And when it stopped moving, they tore it to shears!
With the boulders that once was its flesh, they erected their abode,
Overlooked by a silver pyramid,
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Vroon by StrangeStickmanStuff Vroon :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 3 Thriddle by StrangeStickmanStuff Thriddle :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 2 0 Yithian monstergirl by StrangeStickmanStuff Yithian monstergirl :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 0 0
The Quest of the Sundered Realm - Fish-man Lair
Up in Li Zhao's dollhouse, a disheveled apartment-turned golem-store, the party is about to buy some meat golems as bait to distract the Crocodactyls they are supposed to kill. Thumping and growling and loud creaking noises can be heard ascending the dim stairwell. They only become louder and louder. Unfortunately, their transaction is most rudely interrupted by a pair of disgruntled giant fish-men (Gongwarped Fishermen) that smash down the door, brandishing menacing cleavers and barbed javelins. One chuck of the javelin impales the shopkeeper's son in the shoulder, Jackie Zhao, pinning him to the wall. The other swings his heavy cleaver at Tsanaq-lu, missing him but chopping a shelf in half. This shelf happens to have a single bottle of whiskey, and the cleaver helps Darien notice it. Darien the human rogue discretely snatch it off the shelf while Tsanaq-lu is using blade ward to block the furious attacks of the fish-men, while Li Zhao and his son are hiding behind the counter, rummag
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The campground outhouse
That squatting shed, the worm-gnawed planks!
The forsaken pit, with rotten flanks!
Nails hang loose, doors whinge and creak,
'tis no doubt that within lurks some freak-
ish terror, some repugnant thing,
Some dweller in the miasmic ring,
From afar, the stench prevails,
Like a steadfast wall of ails,
In the outhouse, darkness dwells,
Among a putrid reek, native of hell!
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Ghatuy by StrangeStickmanStuff Ghatuy :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 4 3 A lamia holding an umbrella by StrangeStickmanStuff A lamia holding an umbrella :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 0 Raging block, with stretchy spawn. by StrangeStickmanStuff Raging block, with stretchy spawn. :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 0 2 Cyclopean cosmic icthyoid by StrangeStickmanStuff Cyclopean cosmic icthyoid :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 3 3
Faera's personality
This is a response to an OC creation meme on Facebook. One person made the personality "will beat you up if you piss her off but otherwise sweet."
I took it upon myself to elaborate upon her haphazardly thought-out statement.
Crystal Shepard Lemme have a go! Her lack of self-control stems from an obsession with exerting dominance over other people, which no therapist nor psychiatrist has helped her overcome. In fact, she despises the mere concept of overcoming one's flaws; since from birth she has been fixated upon the concept of her being perfect from birth, so any attempt at self-improvement is utter folly.
In fact, how else would she be herself?
Such are the ideals of a misguided mind blurred by hormones, with constant agreement their potent catalyst. Being cloistered in an echo chamber has not done well for her mind; she sees those outside her personal circle of unquestioning goons as subhuman scum deserving of nothing but violence and contempt, for they are not alike in mind to he
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In my hand are grasped smooth cylinders, that I draw from their papery holsters. The oleaginous array leaves its grease mingled with my hand-sweat, and in my palms are an array of softly coloured rods - flat blue, yellow with red chunks, crimson with swirls of green, seemingly meaningless splatters of colour that were sigils of mystical power. With a swing of the forearm, I ceremoniously chewed on these cylindrical rods, nibbling and gnawing its waxy contours in weird patterns my autistic mind subconsciously found itself drawn to, as I changed terrible occult incantations that could more accurately be recited by a drowning goat.
The easel eased itself into it's stomach, where magnificent and unthinkable forces assimilated into my humble vessel, as the stomach my digestive system brimmed with terrible might as the churning acidic chyme was stained with bright colours, of the emblems and chants of pre-human divinities, the colours that bedecked blasphemous altars of obscene cosmic gods t
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I seek a Chrysalis
Cautiously did Uvin prod at the glossy outer shell of his chrysalis. The dry twig that he grasped gently in his hand snapped upon the smooth blue surface. The chrysalis, hanging from the roof of his barn, was just one of many that his father had trusted him with caring for. With a careful poke, the entire chrysalis, the length of his height, shook ominously. Uvin’s eyes widened as he quickly steadied the bulky thing, checking the cremaster which held it to the ceiling for any signs of weakness. Then he took a brief glance at the row of carefully tended chrysalises that were to hatch in a few days - made evident by the prized insects that he had noticed becoming more and more visible.
Soon this tedious chore would come to an end and the chrysalises after hatching, husks hanging from the ceiling, would be hacked down from the ceiling and boiled into prized soup jovially served on the anticipated two days of the jeyap festival. Judging by the sheer volume of the thing, perhaps enoug
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An exchange of squabbles
Here's perhaps the most vehement, obnoxious, condescending, straw-manning, elitist post i'll ever write here; essentially some kind of screenplay or something, which encapsulates my obscenely opinionated nature as i make fun of people who are better artists and people than me.
Amateur artist (who's better at drawing than I am, but has a lack of self awareness and contrarian opinions that i pride myself on) primarily inspired by video games and anime, on Deviantart creating his/her OC: Here's my character! She's a half-demon half-fairy half-neko half-elf kitsune tinker/necromancer/bard! She likes caramel chocolate, fighting, learning magic, and playing guitar!
Me, as the sophisticated literate contrarian adult that I am: How about her personality?
Artist: Erm... She's not afraid to beat you up if you talk smack about her friends!
Me: *waits*
Artist: Um, hyper! Hmmm, i think we'll throw ADHD into the mix. And sociopathy. And psychopathy! And her hair clips are placed symmetrically, so I
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Interplanetary map of Oluspace by StrangeStickmanStuff Interplanetary map of Oluspace :iconstrangestickmanstuff:StrangeStickmanStuff 1 3


Hadar by Skirill Hadar :iconskirill:Skirill 50 3 Video Game Model: MGQ Tiny Lamia by LilMissLillie Video Game Model: MGQ Tiny Lamia :iconlilmisslillie:LilMissLillie 15 7 MONSTERMONTH No.8 - Oceanic by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.8 - Oceanic :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 86 3 MONSTERMONTH No.7 - Experiment B/23 by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.7 - Experiment B/23 :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 203 7 MONSTERMONTH No.6 - Impossible by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.6 - Impossible :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 104 3 MONSTERMONTH No.5 - Gross by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.5 - Gross :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 56 1 MONSTERMONTH No.4 - Reptilian by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.4 - Reptilian :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 83 3 MONSTERMONTH No.3 - Avian by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.3 - Avian :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 140 2 MONSTERMONTH No.2 - Skeletal by hubertspala MONSTERMONTH No.2 - Skeletal :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 99 10 ALLEY BY THE LAKE 2 by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov ALLEY BY THE LAKE 2 by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 339 7 Blue Harbor by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Blue Harbor by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 213 3 Summer/Winter Kittens Adopt [Point] CLOSED by Mary-Maru Summer/Winter Kittens Adopt [Point] CLOSED :iconmary-maru:Mary-Maru 13 7 Wound of Man by LukeOram Wound of Man :iconlukeoram:LukeOram 130 16 Nagrelbajootska Sludgemountains by ClassyBoogeyman Nagrelbajootska Sludgemountains :iconclassyboogeyman:ClassyBoogeyman 46 5 Expert technomancer by Tsabo6 Expert technomancer :icontsabo6:Tsabo6 120 7 Shroom Sniper by vikingmyke Shroom Sniper :iconvikingmyke:vikingmyke 19 6


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Gideon Chan
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I used to be :iconshred1337:.

My name is Gideon Chan, and i'm from New Zealand. I like to draw stickmen and write stories about them.

I mostly write.

I do art trades.

You can use my artwork with permission, just give me credit with a simple mention, so i know where it's being used.


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