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angel healed

all healed
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Sep 25, 2009, 5:04:33 AM
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I wish you were in the USA. If you ever come I'd like to visit with you for art for myself
thanks for sharing.
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Amazing! I want this tattoo on my body too, can you send me a original work? please?
Hi there-so this is in fact your original artwork?
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yes,it was created by me,and i've seen way too much copies of this angel. sad..
I ask because my husband had an artist do pretty much this same tattoo, slightly different.  I don't know where he saw it or how they found it. 

Im pleading for a favor and willing to compensate.

He passed away slightly over a month ago at the age of 38 being treated in the ICU for pneumonia, when really he was actually having congestive heart failure all along.  Within 24 hours of being at the hospital he died of sudden cardiac arrest.  The pulmonologist had ordered an echocardiogram immediately after visiting him, and immediately turned his case over to cardiology... but my husband waited over 16 hours to see a cardiologist in the ICU-who never came because the order was somewhere between 4:30-5:30pm and "they would have to call someone in for that....."   The only time a cardiologist stepped foot in his room, despite the order from pulmonologist was when he seemingly completely out of nowhere  went into code blue.   He never came back.

Although it appears this tattoo has been one of the many you say you have seen stolen or copied ..  ( I apologize on whoevers behalf that is, I don't know if he found it or artist suggested it ).... but this tattoo meant so much to my husband.  He had the fallen bald muscle man angel on his right forearm for many many years... representing how tired his guardian angel must be from all the in and out struggles he had with drug and alcohol addiction.  He was a fully functional addict, great father to two beautiful children, and loving husband...who was a proud AA brother, and helped many people in their journey to "OVERCOME"- (another tattoo he had on his bicep.)

when he got THIS tattoo... it meant more to him than any other.  It represented his freedom from addiction, and had his sobriety date below it. When he passed he was a little over a year clean from everything..  the longest at once he had ever been.  He was a totally content, and new man.  And we all knew the rest of our lives were going to be the happiest we have ever been.  It had been the most amazing year plus for his entire family.  I have tried finding the artist who did his tattoo with no avail.  It would mean so much for me to be able to have someone replicate his tattoo, so that I can have it put on his grave marker, and maybe a "in memory of decal"  I am willing to pay a couple hundred dollars usuable sketch and rights to use it.  If that is even something you are interested in.  please let me know.  I am desperate to pay this tribute to him.  my email is
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A fantastic art work - really 👌👌👌
I love angels & this motive is great 👍👼

LG Ela
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Very beautiful work!!
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Oh my good!
Is beautiful
This image was stolen by a scratcher in my area. Check out his portfolio. [link]
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maybe he took it out,because there ain't no angel in his gallery :) thanx for telling me that,but i stopped worrying about that after 8th copy of this tattoo:)))
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Oh, finally! I love this tattoo! Have for quite a while now, and just tonight finally find out who did it. Sir, your work is stunning!
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to one day get a tattoo by you.
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you have the same tattoo on yourself?
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Oh, heavens no. I just really like that tattoo. I don't want to be tattooed with something anyone else already has. I just admire your work. And that piece in particular.
I had meant my comment to portray that i would like to get a tattoo original from you.
Sorry for any confusion :)
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no problems,there just have been too many copies with this one,so i'm kind of paranoyed:))
hello Mr. Stangeris. id like to get tattoo similar to this one. How much that would coast me if id like you to do it for me.
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well i'm pretty sick and tired of doing these kind of angels,but if you want it i'll do it. it would cost you about 500 euros
That's more than good! Listen, I'm in Ireland but can travel anywhere no problem. How can I arrange that lets say appointment! Would be easier if you can give you mob number.
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right now i'm taking apointments for september,because soon i'll go to norway till about the end of summer. my phone is +37064507402
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hello, I know I already bother you, sorry for this but, if I come to Lithuania, how much does it cost to make this tattoo to me?
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it would cost nothing,because i don't do the same tattoo twice,and with this particular tattoo,there have been at least 4 copies made and really fucked up ones,i also have to fix one of these.. i have bad carma on this one :)
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what the hell I have to do??? I saw all your works.... it's just art.. it charmed me.
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you can't do nothing about it,it's my philosophy about these kind of things and there can't be any questions about it. unless it's something similar to this
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