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Mina Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk - DesingAHV by Strangerataru
Mature content
Mina Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk - DesingAHV :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 56 2
Mature content
Character Profile - Tomoko Hosokawa/Taeko :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 17 6
Character Extra - La Tokie Modeling Agency
Character BG Extra: La Tokie Modeling Agency
Established: 1979, Tokyo, Japan

Known Information: Established at a time with an increased interest in the world due to the growth and boom of the Japanese economy, the La Tokie agency was set up to find and utilize various international models for shoots and programs associated with and outside Japan.  They have an extensive worldwide network in finding the newest, best and most interesting recruits that they believe will portray the world in the way they wish to see it and use them for various events associated with giving an international flavor and flair.  Surprisingly with how they don't tend to get "typical" models who are just svelte and show the clothes off, their models tend to be of various shapes and sizes; with many of them hiding secrets or who get involved in things that may lead to rather strange encounters.  Not only do they have models for Japanese consumption but they tend to also
:iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 9 3
Gamin' Moon - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru
Mature content
Gamin' Moon - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 56 7
Mousy Muscle Mouse - UrusaiWrangler by Strangerataru Mousy Muscle Mouse - UrusaiWrangler :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 68 6 A Room Not Made For Giraffes - chibibiscuit by Strangerataru A Room Not Made For Giraffes - chibibiscuit :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 54 4
Mature content
Selenechat - 34 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 9 5
Giri-Choco School Hydes - Marauder6272 by Strangerataru Giri-Choco School Hydes - Marauder6272 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 71 18 Don't You Mess Around WIth Them! - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru Don't You Mess Around WIth Them! - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 37 7 Post-Game Candy Love - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru Post-Game Candy Love - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 36 7
Mature content
Changing Character - a TF Tale :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 13 8
Cookie-Baking Chaos - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru Cookie-Baking Chaos - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 39 1 Meet Aunt Frances - MrPr1993 by Strangerataru Meet Aunt Frances - MrPr1993 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 32 6
Character Profile - Frances/Moonglow
Name: Frances Balls
Alias: Moonglow Daydreamer
Home: Boulder, CO
Age: 36
Species: Hyde (could still become human)
Height: 5ft. 2in (human), 7ft. 6in (Hyde)
Build: (human) Hourglass (Hyde) "Bulky Hourglass" (the combination of a massive chest and glutes and small but powerful waist aligned with abs and obliques gives her the same hourglass figure but more extreme)
Bust: D (human); unknown (Hyde)
Eyes: Brown (human); Yellow (Hyde)
Hair: Brown (Human); Sky Blue (Hyde)
Attributes: Like Tomoko, she has mauve skin and sky-blue hair in Hyde form, to be the equivalent of the "Hydie" of the Commune; despite her massiveness, she always tends to wear shawls and free-flowing outfits in both forms; however some say she has never left her Hyde form in years and prefers to be like this instead of her human form.


-Hyde Mutation: Frances partook in a Hyde formula that both changed her me
:iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 10 11
Mature content
Character Profile - Leena Calloway :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 17 1
Aunt Dorothy - Jonfreeman by Strangerataru Aunt Dorothy - Jonfreeman :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 27 2

Random Favourites

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Narrowed down: best for a Valentines pic 

38 deviants said Sweet Hydes (Hydie, Taeko, Mikhyela)
25 deviants said Selenechat Wolves (Ivy, Cindy, Lenore)


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-Sort of torn on the political front right now: on one hand there is a government budget and no further problems for my job (at least until the budget negotiations in the state that are running through June)  On the other...I really don't want to talk about the other side because I think I really need to keep down the political rhetoric; I know my leanings and I rather not speak them as is.  I think maybe I've been too vocal and really shouldn't be as vocal anymore on that sort of thing.

-Spent the weekend back in Philly...really the only things of note for the trip is I was able to get my mom's taxes done and took my sister to a gluten-free restaurant in Jim Thorpe; then again she went due to a sweet shop based around Harry Potter in the same town which was a tad touristy...but hey, they make a good turtle scone so I'm not complaining about the crowds and the fact that I haven't seen a HP movie outside the first two (despite reading all 7 books)

-Still a bit on the edge regarding the potential changes regarding my job in the near future.  Found out I start in Uniontown in April, but there is still the opportunity that I could get a promotion in Butler and that if that happens then the transfer won't be needed.  But as is starting to think about things like maybe getting a new car...well that and my sis' car is starting to go but for me it's more about wanting to maybe save on fuel considering how I will be on the roads four hours a day starting in April if this all goes through as is.


Random non-Jetman realization I just had: Casey from the Johto era of the Pokemon a Hanshin Tigers fan.  The Hanshin Tigers are from Osaka and the Electabuzz play in an area that includes Osaka (the Pokemon equivalent is Goldenrod City); it's a neat little realization.
It's amazing that Gai feels more like a badass once the whole love mess is dealt with; it's like now he's not pining Kaori and has her (for the moment), he can do what matters for the team.
I love how casual Radiguet just goes "they're fighting again" when seeing all the mayhem: I think this is the first time Arakawa has done one of these "the team is falling apart" moments but it's more mocking the ideas Inoue is doing in a weird sense.
And now another Arakawa episode...which begins not just with Ryu stealing Tetraboy blueprints...but setting up explosions to blow up the other Jetmen.  I get the whole traitor ploy but where the heck did he get the explosions?
Meh, not much else to say about that episode: girl hates daddy, then girl loves daddy when understanding what he was doing, girl admits she's selfish...and Jetman gets another toy to beat up a cockroach. 




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Know nothing about it.
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