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Character Profile - Frances/Moonglow
Name: Frances Balls
Alias: Moonglow Daydreamer
Home: Boulder, CO
Age: 36
Species: Hyde (could still become human)
Height: 5ft. 2in (human), 7ft. 6in (Hyde)
Build: (human) Hourglass (Hyde) "Bulky Hourglass" (the combination of a massive chest and glutes and small but powerful waist aligned with abs and obliques gives her the same hourglass figure but more extreme)
Bust: D (human); unknown (Hyde)
Eyes: Brown (human); Yellow (Hyde)
Hair: Brown (Human); Sky Blue (Hyde)
Attributes: Like Tomoko, she has mauve skin and sky-blue hair in Hyde form, to be the equivalent of the "Hydie" of the Commune; despite her massiveness, she always tends to wear shawls and free-flowing outfits in both forms; however some say she has never left her Hyde form in years and prefers to be like this instead of her human form.


-Hyde Mutation: Frances partook in a Hyde formula that both changed her me
:iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 9 10
Mature content
Character Profile - Leena Calloway :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 16 1
Aunt Dorothy - Jonfreeman by Strangerataru Aunt Dorothy - Jonfreeman :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 27 2 A Sow-Sow New Year - Shonuff44 by Strangerataru A Sow-Sow New Year - Shonuff44 :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 23 3
Character Extra - Balls Family (Carly/Leena BG)
Character Background: The Balls Family:
Patriarch: Arthur "Soccer" Balls - 62yo
-The one who made the entire family interested in sports to begin with; seems a bit too enthusiastic about those who succeed and tends to ignore those who don't.
Matriarch: Sylvia "Bogey" Balls (nee Volt) - deceased (passed several months after giving birth to the twins)
-Deceased Matriarch of the family, loved golf but couldn't even handle putt-putt courses!  Died not too long after the birth of the twins.
Eldest Child/1st Son: Dmitri "Racquet" Balls - 42yo
-Huge proponent of racquet ball and squash, helped him get into an Ivy Leage school.  Married a female stockbroker, has children but unknown about age, gender or if any peculiarities exist.  Hides his connection to the family.
Second Child/1st Daughter: Dottie Calloway (nee Dot "Soft" Balls) - 41yo
-Played baseball/softball in high school, married a Cubs fan and moved to Chicago.  Is very car
:iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 6 12
Character Profile - Carly Lee Keaton
Name: Carly Lee Keaton (sometimes just "Lee")
Alias: None
Home: Milan, IN
Age: 15-16
Species: Werewolf (human/lycan)
Height: (human) 5ft. 11in, (wolf) 7ft. 7in
Build: (human) Athletic with slight muscle tone, (wolf) at least heavyweight BB, may be more
Bust: B (human), I-cup (wolf; much more than a handful but not that big compared to others)
Eyes: Brown (human), golden (wolf)
Hair: Brown (both forms)
Attributes: Is believed to have the birthmark identifying her as a relative of the Balls family somewhere on her butt, but she never really exposes it outside when she's a werewolf...and she's furry so when that happens it really is a non-starter.
-Lycanthrope: Carly received her lycanthrope from her mother's side and awakened her werewolf side when she was entering puberty.  This allows for her to take the form of a humanoid wolf with enhanced attributes such as muscularity a
:iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 19 6
Bandicoot Mutation Research - Koigle by Strangerataru Bandicoot Mutation Research - Koigle :iconstrangerataru:Strangerataru 149 22

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Narrowed down: best for a Valentines pic 

38 deviants said Sweet Hydes (Hydie, Taeko, Mikhyela)
24 deviants said Selenechat Wolves (Ivy, Cindy, Lenore)


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Interests is my 13th anniversary on DA.

In those 13 years, politics have gotten worse, the world is more doomed than ever to environmental collapse, the entire MCU has been made and is about to reach the grand finale of it's main story up to now, certain animated series still won't end (cough, SimpsonsFamilyguySouthparkSpongebob, cough), I've moved out of my family's home, moved back and returned back on my own for the last two years...and I'm still single.  It isn't that big a deal anymore, though but...hey, 13 years on DA.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. (and yeah I know, I only joined on February 14th and my first ever work here was in September but...I needed to see a piece of art from an artist I trust and liked back then.)

Oh and...HIT IT BOYS!


Mousy Muscle Mouse - UrusaiWrangler
It's been a while since I've gotten anything with Ruth (sort of somehow do too much with Mia whenever it comes to mice due to her oujouness being way cuter to work with), so I got :iconurusaiwrangler: to draw this pic of everyone's favorite muscle mouse weirdo.  Just sort of looks like a deer in a headlights with this... (oh and thanks to :iconatariboy2600: for giving me an idea for the title)

Ruth Chardin, created by:iconstrangerataru:
Art by :iconurusaiwrangler:
Just did a quick search on pokemon numbers: Primarina has finally hit 10,000 pics on DA.  I'd be happy...except Mimikyu is near 30K.

(oh and to keep it in perspective, over 533K Pikachu and 70K Gardevoir pics are on DA too)
A Room Not Made For Giraffes - chibibiscuit
One of the best "macro" artists I've been following for a while is :iconchibibiscuit:, who does a lot of adorable SFW pics of tall girls/ponies/anthros.  I haven't really done much GTS-style stuff but I figured to do something similar with my giraffe girl Hilda...and surprisingly not only is this his first giraffe pic but his first muscle pic as well!  I think I opened opportunities and I think it all turned out great...not for Hilda but then again she isn't her typical 12-foot self here.

Hilda B. Hoffman/Twigal, created by :iconstrangerataru:
Art by :iconchibibiscuit:
Well I had my Shamrock Shake for the season...and it's not even a month before St. Patricks!  Funny thing: the "mint flavor" is just "green stuff" poured into vanilla soft serve and swirled in; it isn't even universally green!  For all we know, it's just mint-flavored Hyde formula...

Quinn: Don't even think about it, Ataru.
Hydie: Top o' the mornin!

(Luckily I have Heather, Galadriel and Reagan...)

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(The commercial begins with Ivy typing into her computer something, her claws clicking as she types)

Ivy: Valentines Day: a hard day to be a werewolf.  This is the sort of day that people assume that is all romantic, all blood and chocolate.  But...

(A window comes on, showing Cindy but wearing heart pasties over her nipples)

Cindy: (on screen) I'm so boooooooooooored!

(Ivy is freaked out)

Ivy: Um...Cindy...if you're bored then...

Cindy: Oh, these?  Yeah...Lenore asked me to do her show tonight and to just make up a guise for a big buxom Valentines day werewolf that wants to entertain everyone.

Ivy: And what the heck is Lenore doing?

Cindy: Well she claimed she was having a tutor lesson with that girl who is into rugby...

Ivy: Oh yeah I remember her.  Very butch in appearance; scar on her cheek, no breasts, just "hard pectorals".  Sure she's not transgendered?

Cindy: Well Lenore said she's all girl somehow...

Ivy: (to herself) Somehow?

(The screen pings and De'sirae, also as a werewolf, pops in)

De'sirae: That reminds me: I got this video recently called "My Science Experiment" and it's quite...interesting.

Ivy: How the heck did you get something like that from Lenore?

De'sirae: Oh it wasn't from Lenore; it's from...well, she was so obsessed in showing this off to me and I can't stay no to scandale!  It's in my nature, I'm sorry!

(She opens the video and it shows a supremely buxom light-blue wolvette in the girliest of appearances playing submissive as Lenore rubs her immense, body-size breasts; her muscularity bigger but nowhere the size of the massive pink wolf!  She looks extremely feminine with poofy hair done up, with only her scar showing that it was the rugby player.  As the two howl, Ivy sighs)

Ivy: Turn it off, I get it; she already told me she was a lesbian...

(De'sirae turns it off as Cindy gets shocked)

Cindy: Wait...she's into girls!?

Ivy: We had a bit of a thing this one time and she blurted it out.  I just didn't expect her to be into voyeurism.

De'sirae: The funny thing is my friend Monique was trying to get her into some guys for some times so...

Cindy: It's just really scandalous.

Ivy: I just wonder if she'll kill us all for this sort of thing.

De'sirae: As said: Monique gave it to me so if anyone gets hurt, it's that overly buxom sista.

(The three contemplate as the caption comes on)




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