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My Bio
Currently I am making a comic with Anderjak and cginator. It's a medieval lesbian love story, which you can see layouts for in my gallery and the finished pages in my favorites/Anderjak's page. I am also working on the art direction for Liberi Gothica, a pen and paper rpg about children gaining horrible magic powers and eating souls to survive. Hyuga-Akimoto is also on the project, and is going to be responsible for alot of the visuals and fluff. If you like my stuff, you should check out all of my partners, they are all badass in ways I can barely describe.

I have a love of the comics, both from east and west, I think it's probably the most amazing medium to tell a story. Suck on that, Film!

Okay, I like movies too, but come on... comics are Godly. I hit up /tg/ with a drawthread when I need practice and random ideas, and have just been trying to KEEP CREATING.

Current Residence: Illinois

Favourite Movies
"Too bad she won't live. But then again... who does?"
Favourite Gaming Platform
Dreamcast, though I rock my 360 more these days.
Other Interests
Comics, games, anime, etc
I also have a tumblr, which I'm actually posting art on these days: Same stuff you see here, so far, but figured I'd share it.
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Working on comics. Probably will still post a stand alone pic from time to time, but it's time I got real serious about this. I'm more confident now than I've been in years, so it's time.
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I've done all the work I've been putting off for Flowers in Bloom this week, and hope to find time for more soon.  I think it's finally organized and ready to proceed.  If I can keep a good pace, I'll have a lot of scripting and layouts done sooner rather than later. Sent a message out to a bit of the Liberi Gothica gang, I'll try to fulfill my duties to them if possible.  I accept there isn't much I can do for it alone though, so I'm hoping everyone swings back into it. Personal projects are few and far between, though they still are in my thoughts.  I'm probably moving in a month or so, and that means a LOT of crap in my life is going to
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You and Gnome's birthdays are on the same day, according to this machine.

The hell?
I have some theories on that... they all involve time travel and cloning.
New LG book, check the forum!
Real sorry I haven't hit the forum in a long while. I work the retail, busy and tired everyday, I'll try to check it soon though.
In the digital flesh.
What is your opinion on quest threads