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Chaos Warrior

Amongst the Northmen there are those who feel the pull of Chaos stronger than others. Such gifted men and women are said to tread the path of the gods, and head in search of glory, power and, ultimately immortality. Warriors of Chaos are excellent fighters, usually raised from strong Northman stock, their skills honed over the years by constant battle amongst themselves and against other races. They are held in fear and awe by the tribes of the north, and have great respect and authority amongst the tribes.
It is generally held that when anyone seeks to ascend the ranks of the Chaos Warriors they must make a pilgrimage to a perspective Chaos gods shrine in the Wastes to forfeit their soul and receive the Chaos armour that will be welded to their body. The armour is rumoured to be produced in dark forges scattered across the realm that were the product of ancient civlizations lost to the expansion of the Chaos Wastes, most notably Karag Dum of the Dwarfs.

It is also more than possible that Chaos Warriors can be fallen knights and soldiers of the Empire or Bretonnia or any other human civilization. Archaon, Lord of the End Times, himself was a former Witch hunter who went mad and submitted his soul to Chaos. Of the shrines where followers become Chaos Warriors, only Tzeentch's shrine, located under the Mountains of Madness in the crystal caves of Nul is canonicaly acknowledged, though there may be others devouted to the Changer of Ways.

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