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May 18, 2011
=StrangeProgram's work totally bowled me over. His gallery of abstract artworks sometimes mixed with 3D elements is matchless and inspiring. Spiralling is one of his most colorful designs, with lively flowing forms and a cheerful atmosphere.
Featured by Lilyas
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Thanks so much for the DD! :)
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Lady-of-the-Shield's avatar
Incredible! Awesome work
linz3's avatar
gorgeous and mesmerizing
available in 1920 x 1200? would love it as a wallpaper?
1niquity's avatar
I love it. :) really great colors.
LexySama's avatar
Hi! First of all this is a GREAT PIECE! I just wanted to let you know that I'm an admin of this bleach group, and that while I was trying to drag this piece to my favorites, it went straight to my send to group button and sent it to my group. Please ignore any messages about this group being added as a favorite, it was an accident and I hope that you will understand and have no hard feelings! ^^;
lePoisson-Rouge's avatar
It reminds me of a butterfly.
Zorrowl's avatar
Hmm... I see a monarch butterfly~! But at the end of its wings it goes into a rainbow~! <3 Great job~!
shadowluver21's avatar
SPrialing in confusion, emotion, fear, in my own life. So many things that haunt me, spiralling out of control, SOMEONE! Help m-. . .
awestphal's avatar
Whoa thats kewll :3
so..freakin...awesome. looks like a subway on acid!
tune4jack's avatar
It's like multiflavoured ice cream with chocolate syrup.
madnezz344's avatar
1Ai-Chan7's avatar
LOve the colors :D
TheButterfly's avatar
I feel better, looking at this. It makes my heart hurt less. It is really pretty.

Congrats on the dd!
MrGrumpyGrape's avatar
I love the beautifully vivid colors~
And I may be wrong but I'm picturing a butterfly out of this,and if it is and even if it isn't,
this is amazingly creative and aww inspireing~
Just-A-Random-Chick's avatar
So many colors! And movement!!
MilDeath's avatar
Love this! I wish I remembered and learned more from my digital art classes at school.
the colors made my heartbeat turn into dubstep & I died
Jace-Z's avatar
I have no idea what this is BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL
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