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Patterns: Damask Wallpaper

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© StrangeClaire
*It's for personal use ONLY! NO commercial use!!!*
*Don't re-distributed it as your own!*
*If you use it, credits are required!!!*

Thanks... :heart:

» Photoshop Design Tools 2011
» U R deliciuos:layout by ~MsKatz
» Ayesha Lady of Ispahan by ~Zulma-san
» Webdesign for by ~kenaz-media
» queen sera by ~queenvampire22
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thanks for sharing!
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Hey :D Someone made a tutorial while using this, it's such a great tutorial xD…
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Useful tut!!!! Thanks for sharing and for the credits!!! <3
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Thank you advanced :)
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А где скачать????
Icredible Patterns!
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Great Thanks !!!
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Hi!! Am I able to use these for the background for a biz card, in a Altered Art format?? Thanks

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Sure you can!!! Remember credits, please...and don't forget to let me see your work...thanks a lot! <3
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Pretty, pretty!
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thank hyuu! *o*
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awesome!!! beautiful... thank you...
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Danki. Thanks a lot.
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Exquisite paisleyness - a fave of course :wave:
You may be interested to know that #Paisley-Power lineart and stock resources are now open to admissions from non-members, though we`d love to have you join
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I love the jpg's of these, but how do I use them in Photoshop C3 without a .PAT file?
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