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This group is to showcase dark/alternative subcultures such as Gothic [and all its branches], Punk [and all its branches], Cyber, Raver, Emo, Scene, Steampunk, Lolita, Visual Kei, Harajuku, Rivethead, Metalhead, Rocker, etc.

Original characters, original photography, portraits and self portraits, alternative fashion photography and designs, it all belongs here!
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Jun 21, 2010


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1,177 Members
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[RULES - please read! ]

Before you join and submit please read over the rules first. It saves everyone stress and time.


[General Rules]
:bulletred: Original characters: No anthros/furries/animals please. Kemonomimi and humanoid creatures are allowed.
Basically anything that resembles a human, but may have fangs, wings, claws, horns, tails, animal ears/tails only, unnatural colors of skin, things like that. But no fur/scales on the body, no paws, and no muzzles/snouts/beaks.

:bulletred: Original Works ONLY!
No fanart under any circumstances! [Unless it's someone else's alternative original character.] And no fandom characters.

:bulletred: Males and females are allowed here! Also gay/lesbian and straight couples are allowed!

:bulletred: :star:Polished/finished works only! No sketchy doodles, or pictures with a little bit of shading on them please! Also, if you are submitting traditional artwork, please scan the drawing, or take a quality photo of the image.

:bulletred: :star:Photography: If it is a grainy, uncropped, "MySpace angle" picture of you and your friends it will NOT be accepted no matter how alternative you and/or your friends may be. We want quality work to be posted here.

:bulletred: :star: Photography: No cosplay. If it's a fashion photo, it can be inspired by a style or fashion icon, but no cosplay photographs will be accepted.

:bulletred: :star:Literature: If you have a long series, please do not send it here all at once.

:bulletred: :star:Pixel art: No traced/referenced bases, that is copyright infringement. Yes, even if you give credit to the original image, unless the image is stock. Make sure the bases that you are using or making are original.

:bulletred: NO HATERS!
No sexists, racists, homophobes, etc. [Therefore NO art displaying sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.]
If you cause drama you will be deleted and banned from the group. We want a nice environment here where members can feel free to participate in the group without the fear of being flamed or trolled.

:bulletred: Click on “JOIN OUR GROUP” up at the top of the page.

:bulletred: Once you’ve sent your request to join it will either be accepted or denied, most of the time it's accepted.

:bulletred: No more than 5 deviations per day.

:bulletred: :star:The folders are broken up by subculture, and literature has its own folder. PLEASE make sure you have submitted your deviation to the right folder or it will be denied.

:bulletred: Once you’ve sent your submission it will either be accepted or declined. If it does get declined that means a rule has been broken, whether it be one of ours or one of dA's rules.

:bulletred: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
:bulletblack: :new: Attention Strange-ness mambers! Our affiliate group FrightClub is hosting a Halloween themed contest~! FrightClub is a group dedicated to horror-themed photography, film, cosmetic application and costumes. Their contest is called the "My Halloween" contest, and it's all about your own personal interpretation, experience, or feelings regarding Halloween. There's a TON of awesome prizes for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners of their contest, including things like points, blog features, journal features, and more. & The first place winner will also be featured on our page~! So if you're interested, or just want to learn more, be sure to check out all of the details at their contest blog here:…

---> syd-vicious29
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:bulletgreen: [Be sure to check out our awesome affiliates!] :bulletgreen:


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