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Father knows best

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Christine had enjoyed asserting so much power over her daughter, demonstrating that her bodily autonomy was a privilege which could be revoked when necessary. She was furious when she found herself in need of far more care than her daughter, unable to make a sound beyond heavy angry breathing, unable to use any part of her arms or hands, unable to eat or drink anything without help. At least Lilith could eat or drink on her own if it were absolutely necessary -- Christine had no hope of attaching a feeding tube to the mouthpiece embedded into her cast.

The new live-in aide escorted her and Lilith to the bathroom that evening, and left the two of them alone after brushing Lilith's teeth and washing her face. Christine stared at herself in the mirror, unable to believe that she had been forced into this situation, and she was surprised as her daughter walked up behind her to give her a "hug". She felt a *clunk* as Lilith repositioned and accidentally hit the cast over her left wrist into the bottom of the cast covering her own left upper arm, and she saw Lilith point at the cast over her abdomen.

"I didn't agree with you at the time, but now I'm convinced -- Father does know best. This suits you."

Christine glared at the cast encasing her upper body, and strained to move something inside her rigid shell.

"I think I'll enjoy not having to listen to you anymore. And I don't know if you heard, but Father said he's never letting you out of this, that your 'vow of silence and chastity' is permanent 😈"


Thus concludes this short spinoff with Christine and Lilith, at least for now 😄

This is rather twisted, but it's what I'd expect from a family that is so connected to this university and a trustee who was involved with establishing the program that Amanda is going through. I do feel bad for both of these women, but more so for Lilith -- she didn't choose her parents, but Christine knew exactly who she was marrying!
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What happened to the story text? None of your series have story text anymore.