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The Mysterious Mr. Enter

Oh man, I've been marathoning this guy for an entire week, I LOVE him.

It's no secret that I adore certain Youtube critics, and MysteriousMrEnter has become one of them the past couple of weeks. I enjoy listening to his reviews, and I even take note from his advice for when something works in writing, and when something doesn't. His tone of voice and fast paced speaking are very different compared to other critics I've listened to, and his sense of humor is golden. I don't just giggle whenever he says/does something funny, I laugh to the point of tears. My favorite of his Animated Atrocities has to be either Tentacolino or Hunchback of Notre Dame II, I feel like his sense of humor really shines in these episodes.
I also love how he'll rereview his past reviews, feeling like his past reviews were either misinformed or came across too angry sounding. And man oh man do I love his Admirable Animations. I felt like crying when I saw his very first review of The Last of the Star Makers episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, because for the longest time that was my favorite episode of the entire show, and I was so happy that I wasn't the only one that found it beautiful.

If you're interested, definitely check his Youtube channel out:…

P.S. He's also a deviant. =)

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After watching many of his videos for a long while, my respect for Mr. Enter steadily grows more and more. (also I've been seeing him in some of my dreams in the past few months...) I love how he looks in your style! :aww:
If people love him or hate him you have to respect his work
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Enjoy his work if you want. Never gonna tell you you can't, or even you shouldn't. You do you.

He's still doing doctoral analysis of kids entertainment from the perspective of an asexual adult. Whenever he makes some kind of dead-serious observation like "kids are like x" or "kids shows need more y", I can't help rolling my eyes at least a little. I can definitely times I don't respect his work.
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I like Enter and my favorite Animated Atrocity has to be Squid's Visit mainly when he says "Get in my van Squidward. It's been so long!" I was crying because it was so funny.
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I like mr enter hes cool
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Most of his review consist of complaining and nitpicking until it's bare bone especially if he doesn't like it, am I right?
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Mr. Enter looks adorable in your style!!! He's also one of my favorite youtubers :) 
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Animated Atrocities face = His reaction to the Drawn Together Movie.
ShilohKinz2013's avatar
Or his reaction to the R&S Adult Party Cartoon
kevinthesponge41's avatar
No no we all know he is never happy
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This sums him up pretty well. His aghast face makes me think he just saw Ren Seeks Help.
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I love how you drew happy mrenter
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We need more actual fanart like this!
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Mr. Enter definitely deserves more fanart! o^o
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You portayed him well.
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*Aggressively agrees*

My friend showed my his channel when and told me to look at his bread winners review. That was a year and a half ago (i think) and I'm still on his channel!
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I just watched, like, ten of his videos today. He's awesome.
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Omg isn't he though? I've pretty much finished all of his Admirable Animations and almost all his Animated Atrocities, so I've been scavenging through his old MLP videos just to watch more of him (I'm not into MLP but that's how much I adore him right now).
BlueMaxwell's avatar
imo his MLP reviews are the best 
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Haha, nice! Yeah, I found him kind of whiny at first, but he's got wonderful reviews. My favorite of his videos has to be the Top 20 Opening Themes!
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I first found him on DA through something he wrote that regarded Asperger's Syndrome. As someone who also has the same disorder, I was interested to see what he had to say. What interested me the most was him saying he finds his disorder handy in his reviews, and it peaked my curiosity to see what kind of things he reviews. The first one I saw was his top 10 worst cartoons of the 2000s, and it made me realize that the cartoons on tv during my angsty preteen years weren't just bad in my eyes because I was favorably into anime at the time and super stubborn about it, but they were bad in general. His fast paced talking made me feel a little iffy at first, and how he tends to raise his voice which bothers me a touch (loud sounds more often than not make me feel uneasy in general), but once I saw his Tentacolino review, I knew he was worth watching as I struggled for breath while laughing super hard.
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Oh, that's so sweet! I certainly don't have quite as personal a connection but I always look forward to his reviews. I need to watch Tentacolino!
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You should (maybe not the actual movie, but definitely his review). It's one of my favorites of Mr. Enter's Animated Atrocities.
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