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Swiggedy Swag Ur a Pegacorn

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What do you guys think of the EQG movie?
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsaysplz:You did something today that's never been done before. Something even a great unicorn like Star Swirl the Bearded was not able to do, because he did not understand swiggedy swag like you do.
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Best comment ever...=w=
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gogeta17Hobbyist General Artist
my reaction to eqg preview: (starts rolling on the ground in despair) WE NEED YOU NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, SEASON 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PotionLilyHobbyist Digital Artist
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Swiggity swag, you'll live to be an old hag!
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KlonderStudent Artisan Crafter
EQG movie: rushed, probably the main reason that season 3 was short, and maybe a marketing move, but I think it'll be worth watching. I was once wrong about a MLP cartoon being this awesome, and I hope that I'm wrong again about this movie.
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ahumeniyHobbyist Digital Artist
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It's a Unisis. (Also known as the Alicorn.
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Pic: Simple and cute! ^w^
EQG movie: I'm excited as hell!! Totally going to watch it.
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Came for the title, stayed for the cuteness. Good work :D

Also I'm super stoked to see EqG!
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GiromCalicaHobbyist General Artist
We need more of her. Moar.
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CuprumRusStudent General Artist
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The first time I've ever seen someone call her a pegacorn instead of an alicorn. Good job.
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Awesome drawing! I love the style! :D
To answer your question, I'm actually looking forward to the movie. The trailer raised my interest, as well as knowing the fine folks at DHX had worked on it.
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Twi looks really cute! As for the movie, I'm not super excited about it. It kinda seems like its just another highschool drama cartoon with pony characters turned into monster high ripoffs. I'm still gonna try to see it when it comes out, I'm just not optimistic about how good it'll be.
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ScarabsCornerHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Nice Style! I Like it
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