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In which we meet Our Hero, as he begins his journey out of the shadows on a voyage of self-discovery, bringing the fight to the bad guys and gals of the world! This is a modern-day pulp, saluting such legends as The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, and the rest of those glorious, golden heroes of yesteryear, but in a more futuristic context. I'm stuffing a lot under one umbrella, but it's a big umbrella, so you can expect, horror, science fiction, supervillains, crime/noir, and all sorts of things.

Also, in my Original Lost In Space B9 Robot impersonation voice:

There is adult language and content in this series, including some "naughty" language, the occasional adult situation, mention of certain portions of the human anatomy, and so forth. There will be some smooching, M/M, M/F, F/F, but no descriptions of actual sexual intercourse, though some of that may crop up - I'm not a prude, but this is not, nor is it intended to be, porn. This is (I hope) a cracking good story for grown-ups with grown-up sensibilities. If ANY of that conflicts with what you consider Good Taste, you are welcome to run along and read something else. If you stick it out, though, I do hope you'll enjoy it. I have plans for Deacon and his friends (and enemies; sinister laugh goes here), and hope you all will, as well.

Finally, this opening salvo is dedicated to my good friends and pre-readers, who have been extraordinarily patient in waiting for the century it took me to get this rolling and posted. Most prominent in that Rogues Gallery are: RooLovesTheDutch, WhiteRavenLord, and SharksWithSunglasses. I love you guys and thank you for your time, attention, patience, and assistance.

Unca Str8ty

Published:   |  Mature
© 2018 - 2021 Str8tjkt
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Well .... I love this already. Each character is so unique and Blossom my favorite so far. Hehee. Mr. Brent is so me!! This is worthy of installments. I can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing invite with me

Str8tjkt's avatar

It just seemed somehow wrong not to invite you in for a reading - and since I thought I already had... Well, I'm delighted that you're enjoying it! :heart:

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Well, since I received an invitation, I figured I'd read. :3 I like the setup here, so I'll definitely be prodding along with Part 2.
Str8tjkt's avatar
Excellent! Thanks for stopping by and checking it out! :love:
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AWEEEEIIIII!!!! :o :o :o :o Crapcakes this is sooooooo amazing! Mega awetastic work Str8ty! :D :D

Looks like while I was M.I.A. from DA I missed the debut of a brand new, bad ass super hero AND a new, elite level G.I.D writer! Welcome to the club guys. I think you've both finally arrived!  :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: 
Str8tjkt's avatar
Bubie! Where ya been?! I was really getting worried, you are so going over my knee, if this ever happens again!

But I'm glad you like the story - :love: But honestly, he's not actually a superhero, and he will deny it pretty vehemently, bot the super part and the hero part. It's an honest mistake, and I can see how you arrived there, but... No. No super. No hero.

How are things going in the Panda-verse? :heart: I've missed you bigly!
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What an unexpectedly pleasant literary surprise this turned out to be. It's a well constructed, highly atmospheric and deeply engaging first person story that's character driven, literally oozing with action and suspense and has intrigue and wicked humor to toss around by the bucket full. I don't know where this or it's mysterious and gifted author came from but I'm very glad I stumbled onto it and you in tapegod02's favorites section.

Now onto Part 2.
Str8tjkt's avatar
Please - you're going to turn my pretty head! Seriously, thanks so much! As I mentioned elsewhere around here, I announced this (I hope) series a smidge over a year ago, so it's been brewing for a while - so I cannot tell you how relieved I am that people seem to be enjoying it. I'm trying to write the kind of story I'd like to read, but I suppose, at bottom, that's what every writer does. If I'm succeeding, so much the better! Mother said I came from Heaven - but then Mother drank rather heavily... I look forward to your thoughts on part 2!
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Pretty strong start.  I find the amnesia angle a bit cliche, but you've definitely got me interested in where this is going.
Str8tjkt's avatar
Cool - thanks! There's a little more to it than amnesia, but that's for later... :evillaugh: I appreciate you checking out the story!
hauntedbluegummibear's avatar
Sir. You had my curiosity. But now you have my attention. Consider yourself very enthusiastically followed and favorited. 
It's good to see some new blood around here in the bondage writing community. Even more so when it's someone as obviously gifted as you. I'm very much looking forward to enjoying your future works. Thank you for sharing.  
Str8tjkt's avatar
Thank you, it's very kind of you to say! It's been a while since I announced the series, I just hope everyone who's been waiting so patiently feels like it was worth the wait. Thanks for watching and for the fave!
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Bravo! Você fez um trabalho muito bom aqui, meu amigo. Fico feliz que um certo dançarino que ambos conhecemos tenha me dito que eu deveria lê-lo. É muito interessante e tem muito suspense e mal posso esperar para ver o que acontece a seguir. :D
Str8tjkt's avatar
Uma dançarina, você diz? Hmm ... Quem poderia ser, eu me pergunto ... Estou feliz que você tenha gostado. Meu objetivo é postar parcelas a cada duas semanas - eu farei o meu melhor para tentar manter a qualidade!
skifi's avatar
I know we barely know each other, but I wanted to check your story, and it’s awesome :D And please hurry up with new chapters, because I’m craving for more!!
Str8tjkt's avatar
Thanks for giving it your time and attention! I should be posting new installments every 2 weeks - that's the plan, at least... :)
sharkwithsunglasses's avatar
u actualy finished it! 
and b4 I graduated too. lolz
confirmed! da writing block is over!

an wtf guy?
why were u even stressin all those months over your writing being on fleek?
BITCH dis is str8 up FIRE AF bruh!
were u tryin 2 hustle us or sum shit? lolz

put it 2 like dis guy,
dis is tha best way I can let u kno wut I think of it.
i prolly aint gunna wait 1 or 2 fuckin years 4 anything.
besides maybe a new season of g.o.t, a new lotr movie or getting my drivers license.
but this story,
i'll admit it bruh.
it wuz worth tha wait. :thumbsup: 
now don't make me fuckin wait 2 moar years 2 read sme moar of it.
aiight? ;P

Str8tjkt's avatar
Glad to hear you enjoyed it, bro! I've been fighting through a block for nearly a decade, so there was some stress riding me. I think, as it moves along, it'll become (I hope) a little more obvious why it needed so long to brew in my head. There's a lot goin' on, as you'll see. I want to post weekly, but I think every two weeks is a little more realistic - I'm a little ahead of it, now, and that'll give me time to keep caught up. No hustle - I'm not sure how to set up a Patreon or whatever, so... I'm just kinda hoping some of the great artists, around DA, might be interested in doing an illustration or two, once in a while. I think the only way I'm gonna see coin out of this is to finish it and find a publisher or something. Someone else has suggested comics or a movie, as well as a book publication. I got some plans for this. :) And thanks again for your patience!
kangaroojackson5's avatar
Yaaaas! You should legit be so proud of this dude. Only one chapter in and it's already fire and slayin my senses. Your writing style in lit, the story is addictive af and so far every character is a hundo P interesting. It's already like one of my favorite stories on DeviantArt and you can sign me up for moar asap btw because I'm team Deacon all the way over here! 😄
Str8tjkt's avatar
Oh, I am! And thank you for being a part of it - and for putting it in your favorites! All three of you! :XD:
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