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Impossible? You silly man.

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As mentioned in my lineart description of this piece ([link]) the word 'Impossible' seems to get thrown around a lot in the new Doctor Who series. So, when certain things happen, and we are told that undoing them will be impossible...well, you can't blame a rabid fan girl for retaining a little scrap of hope for certain characters futures, can you?

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It makes me feel squishy and :aww:.

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose...or at least my interpretation thereof.

Drawn with pencil, lineart with cheap ball point pen, colored in Photoshop CS2.

***Edit 1/18/07--The Doctor just kept looking so gaunt and corpse-y to me, so I gave him a bit more warmth and color. I think he looks a bit better now, a little less zombified.

***Edit 7/14/08 -- Told you. :)
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Haha, Gibbs slap him! Yay, for NCIS! I've learned a long time ago that NOTHING is impossible in Doctor Who world. Anything can and WILL happen in that show, it's that bizarre. Plus, true love knows no boundries.
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LOVE THIS!!!!!! :D
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^_^ Aww! Thank you!
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I so agree! Even into the 5th, or 6th? year of the series he keeps saying that word all the time whenever anything happens. You'd think he'd've learnt by now that the word "Impossible" has no meaning? I keep wanting to Gibbs-slap him and say "Stop saying that! You should know that if anything is 'impossible' then it's GUARANTEED to be true!"
Maybe in his mind the word is just synonym for "unexpected" or "surprising."

But you have a much more creative, and pretty, way of expressing the idea :)
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I know! It drove me crazy!
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You're welcome! I love it :)
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That is a great pic
When Did You Get Involved!?!
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Official news has already, at least from what I've read, confirmed that Rose will appear at some point in the upcoming season 4 of the new series.
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I heard that too! I'm so excited and really wondering what they are going to do with it!
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Impossible is nothing. Exspecially on Doctor who.
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Six impossible things before breakfast, right? :D
Love this pic! *faves* I was in need of some Doctor/Rose fluff.
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Dr/rose fluff is always necessary.
I'm glad you like it. :)
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I like how this has your style but you still can see it's them. ♥
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:) thank you very much!
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WOO! Cute face on Rose!
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thanks so much! :aww:
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