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Burned farm

By Str4wb
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When old Resident Evil style come into real life. Inside we have found burned child's shoes, only the left ones. Unfortunately, no one-legged ghostly child tried to kill us...maybe because no one died in this house during the fire.
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Jun 1, 2018, 7:10:10 PM
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the ghosts are waiting 
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scary creepy ghost child n adult .
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Wow! Where is this at?
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Excellent portrayal of ruins.  Great lighting and contrast.
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what a cool place!
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That is definitely an image that evokes feelings!
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Cool and creepy, looks like that house would be in a post-apocalypse like in The Walking Dead or Z Nation.
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Eh?! Is there someone inside?
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Tried to kill you?
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Visiting creepy building is fun, but now it's just visiting dangerous places more than frightening ones.
If a ghost came like "hey, guess what ? Ghosts exists my friend, and I want to kill you", it could spice things up ! All I could find until now was boars, but I still have hope. Our ancestors were seeing spirits under every rocks, in a lifetime I'm sure I can find one.
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ok, keep me updated with your quest.
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Very awesome photo! I need to draw stuff like this!
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Thanks :D
The urbex part of DA have tons of awesome pics, I've never seen drawings of this but it could be really awesome !
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What's that you say. Go in there and have a look around. Are you out of your freaking mind!

It takes talent to make a place like this look creepy in the daylight. Bravo!
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I had a look around, but the fire was efficient on this house so nothing really nice to see inside. Just dangerous walls.
Thanks a lot :D Photoshop helped a bit to create this atmosphere, the original pic was still creepy but way more common. I'll post it later today
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Oh yeah, It does have a Resident Evil style to it. I love the camera angle by the way, it captures the building nicely, and the lighting is just right. The building really stands out from everything else, mainly the middle section. Maybe the people that lived there weren't able to grab the shoes in time, or I assume most of their belongings. They most likely went back afterwards to salvage what they could, and those that came across the house could have taken some things, or the wind simply carried other things out, who knows. They could have also left the things they didn't need behind. Going inside a burnt down house can be pretty dangerous, so I hope no one got hurt when you went inside.
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Thanks a lot :D
Yeah, I couldn't find lot about the incident (except that no one died) but I think that's what happened, it was very empty (I've seen burned houses still full of everything). Yet it was very amusing to see left shoes everywhere.
And no issues, only small cuts. Being careful is the first rule when you go in such places, or the walls will fall on you, so I take care. And this one had no roof, no floors, just walls standing around because...the wind were not strong enough ? xD So we were extra careful.
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Very nice light captured here, love the textures too :)
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Love the way the light lays along the grass, and the windows...kinda someone is in there.
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