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Talisman for a Pony: Page 26

"Don't worry, we'll be back shortly! ...well, most likely."

If you'll see any mistakes or misspelling, don't hesitate to write them down below in comment section!

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Art and story: Aluxor aka Sirzi
English translation brought to you by True Line translators team!

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The tiger one will end up causing a bit more trouble than the others

and let's pray pinkie doesn't end up getting her hooves any of the talismans that could "enhance her pranks"
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Спасибо за ссылку)
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This is going to be great.
When are you going to continue this comic, please? I really want to know what happen next. 

By the way, did you see the new episode "Royal Problem"? In a dream sequence, we saw what it could be the "Nightmare Moon" of Celestia: Daybreaker. Such design could explore the efects of a pony using the Power of Combustion from the Dragon Talisman. 
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Despite there being new pages, the Next Page link never gets updated.
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I assume, these new pages are on Sirzi's dA?
Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's not like Spike just demonstrated these things are on a hair trigger, right?
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Which took Rarity?
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You can guess. Or alternatively you can read through comment section of page 20.
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I'm lazy, I'd rather wait for the next page.

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Have fun waiting, then! ^__^
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Fantastic Talismans and Where to Find Them...
Spike better hope Rarity doesn't have the Tiger Talisman or this might not be pretty.
Ahm gonna go look for a Popeyes!
*runs at the screen*
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It's dangerous to go alone, take this can of spinach with ya!
*ends up in a street fight with Popeye*
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ANY excuse to go to Rarity's house, eh, Spikey? =P
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Too little Too late, I'm sure they have, lol
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Flower pony + rooster talisman(correct me if it's not the immortality one) = THE HORROR!
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roosters telekenesis,  you want the dog talismen for immortality
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I can't wait for him how he will explain it to Rarity about the talisman.
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