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- World Gaze -

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Published: January 26, 2019
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"...The world carves into shape based on the consequences of today.

    Where will you lead it to?"

Press "spacebar" to toggle its appearance.

Another pixel project! Initially, it was meant to function in a way that the appearance of this animation changes based on your device's time that you're viewing it, but because my flash ran into technical problems and bugs from doing so, that was a little disheartening to me.
On the bright side, taking this alternate way would let you view these three appearances in one go: twilight, night and day.

Back at it again with cityscapes, haha.

Music credit: "Blueshift" by LawnReality. Check 'em out!
Starla | Elanolia © StR-Lite.
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Pompom-PomowoHobbyist General Artist
... hhh...
Okay, I... I honestly don't know how to properly type out everything I like about this animation.
I'm blown away and want to gush about it so so much...
Yet I lack the words to fully describe how wonderful and unique this work of art truly is...

But... I'll try to do so anyways, because I think that this magnificent animation deserves all the love and appreciation in the world.

Like I said, this animation as a whole is... Just insanely well-done.
It's such a masterpiece, amazing and beautiful, magical and captivating... It's truly unique and one of a kind.
The combination of the setting, the character and their pose, the music, heck even the small details in the background...
They all work together perfectly and create a wonderful, somewhat serene atmosphere.

Tbh, when I witnessed the first thing from this animation (the music and windy sounds), I was immediately intrigued.
It might not be a song that you created, but I have the feeling that it was the perfect choice for it.
The song has such a relaxing yet... Mystical vibe?
It sounds soothing and calming, yet it also invites the viewer to dive into the world you created.
It's just... An amazing choice, really~ uwu

I also wanna gush about the visuals of this animation too, because... They're just so incredible???
The background is just amazing. The city gives off such a wonderful futuristic vibe...
Tbh, I caught myself imagining what it would look like on the ground...~
Also, the crazy amount of detail is astonishing. From the flickering of the lights during daytime
to the little street lamps that glow at night... It all adds so much to the setting and everything's truly amazing to watch.

I also wanna point out how amazing your character looks~?
Their pose, their expression, it all adds towards the serene atmosphere I mentioned before...
Also, the movement of their hair and scarf is so fluid and well-done I'm. hhh

And... The different times of the day. That's just insane hhh
I was surprised when I saw the little instruction in the description, but...
Oh heckie, I swear, when I saw that the daytime changed I was blown away.

Overall I'm truly amazed, intrigued and blown away by this wonderful masterpiece.
It's full of details and the atmosphere it creates is amazingly soothing.
An amazing and incredible piece of art... Ye, that's what it is~
T-Thank you for sharing this here... Thank you so much~ uwu

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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
To be fair, it was a project that I had worked on for a long time. Still unfortunate that the device time thing wouldn't work, but I guess this one's better that way. xD
But yee, the dream-like vibe is certainly what I'm going for! ;v; Seriously, much thanks! :heart:
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Jalin-Atsuko-LingHobbyist Digital Artist
I legit just found you through a group and i am shook! THIS IS INSANELY AMAZING!!!!!!
StR-Lite's avatar
StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Ayye, why thank you very much! ^^
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Cosmic-RasenganHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
OH MY GOSHHHHHHH LITE!!!!!!! Love Tards  THIS IS LITERALLY INSANELY INCREDIBLE, GOLLY GOODNESS!!! Heart Beat  What must I do to get something as incredibly beautiful as this?! JUST SAY THE WORDDDDD! I'm only kidding, I know you don't do requests. But STILL, this is gorgeous, HELP!! I'm so late when it comes to throwing out a comment for this, but I decided to have a quick browse of your gallery note to self: DO IT MORE OFTEN and I decided to click on this particular image in your gallery and then this popped up, and suddenly, I found myself experiencing all sorts of feels. I was quickly inundated. feels - no-face emote Thanks for the warning? XD Nah but in all honesty, THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Kaori Crying Icon I feel like the most appropriate way to react to this is just cry. Because it's really touching, you hear me?! I can't get over this, I don't know what to say because I'm at a loss for words. But none the less, I'M GOING TO ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN THE BEAUTY OF THIS LITTLE MASTERPIECE THE GOOD OLD AZURE-E WAY! And I know you've had a bunch of those before. XD I'M NOT SORRY EITHER, YOU DESERVE ALL THE PRAISES AND MORE! Okay, but seriously, where to begin? When there's so much beauty to take in? Let's start with THE MUSIC!! I know, you can't exactly take credit for it, but the music is so fitting and beautiful, no wonder it inspired you to do this animation! This is the type of music I can listen to for hours on end and never get sick of it. Miraculous Ladybug - Marinette - Icon And right now as I'm typing this out and listening to the soothing, relaxing, somewhat apprehensive music, it makes me happy that it goes so well with the whole concept of the animation. And the wind as a background sound really brings the whole atmosphere to life. You're really amazing at piecing two things together and making them work beautifully. And now let's just squeal at the whole ANIMATION BIT!!! naruto gif  Sakura  Haruno Okay, but NO ONE ASKED YOU TO BE THIS INCREDIBLE LITE!! WHY LITE, WHY?! Why must you completely nail everything you put your mind to? I mean, I know this would have taken you YEARS to complete, and you've defiantly been practicing and practicing to get to the level you are now, but I'm still in awe! Wayyyyy too much awe!! :heart: I can't get over the MASS AMOUNT OF DETAIL YOU HAVE GOING ON HERE. It's taking me a long time to type this out because I keep going back to your piece! I'm LOVING how you did it all pixilated, with the crazy amount of detail and tiny effects! Like, the movement of the clouds in the background gives it such a relaxing vibe, and the lights flashing on the buildings are wonderful! So captivating! And let's not forget to mention how amazing Starla looks! The scarf is so wonderful and elegant, it's BEAUTIFUL how you've captured its embrace in the wind!! And the way her hair moves is sooooo pretty and defiantly realistic! Starla's overall pose is so nice! I love how she's looking from above with those eyes looking down on such a huge city, but from her perspective, it wouldn't be that big. I also can't get over THAT YOU ADDED DIFFERENT SCENARIOS! One is a beautiful, sunny day, the next is evening and the final one is night. IT SURPRISED ME SO MUCH at first when I figured out I could actually do that. XD But ever scenario is shaded to perfection, and it's all just perfect in my eyes! Lite, I'm so proud of how far you've come with your animation! You have exceeded above and beyond with it and I couldn't be more proud seeing it develop and grow into what it is today. I know I don't comment all the time but EVERYTHING in your gallery is so unique and wonderful, you're so amazing!! Amazing work again Lite, thank you for sharing your talent with us. Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 
StR-Lite's avatar
StR-LiteHobbyist Artist


I feel bad for not replying back to this huge comment but DUDE! I've been reading this over multiple times before I could try to formulate my words to this xD Thank you so much, Gliss!!

Man, great pieces really do stem from the music you listen first, so they're definitely the inspiration to look for if you wanna make something. xD That's what happened to me when I stumbled that artist's music, and I imagine this sort of landscape that's meant to be very dreamlike in manner. >u> I'm glad to hear I captured it!

But in all, THANK YOU ONCE MORE, FRIEEND! This does take me a while, and having this lovely comment from you was absolute! ;v; :star: I feel bad for not doing as much flash animations as I hoped, jskngjdklsjfdf---

I hope you've been doing well though! Nice to see you back! xD

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Nice work on this animation! Yeah definitely keep doing more and more animations alright? Who knows your work might be on Sakugabooru someday.
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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
I was wondering what Sakugabooru was until I realized it's another posting site to share art around, hue.

But thanks! Black Sparkle 1 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
To be fair, people have uploaded web animation before and sometimes even now.… So it's okay.
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alexita-starsStudent Digital Artist
I liked how the animation was <3
the movements, the music,it is great * 
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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Much thanks! Black Sparkle 2 
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GodzillaJAPANHobbyist Digital Artist
LOVE IT! Love 
The soundtrack is great for art.
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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Thank you! :aww:
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AshCatArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is gorgeous 
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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Why thank you!
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heathah-heathahHobbyist General Artist
*wh e E ZEE *





*promptly cries a river*
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StR-LiteHobbyist Artist

I can only wish that the device time change thing would've worked instead quq Thankies, Heather! :heart:
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Very very mesemerizing job on the vibrant colors and cityscape detailing,not to mention the very cartoony feel,it almost gives off a Freedom Planet-esque vibe to it IMO :thumbsup:
StR-Lite's avatar
StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Thanks! Freedom Planet has some great spritesheets, you can say I was partially inspired by it.
Tonythunder's avatar
no prob and I can tell! ;)
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sonicsilver12Student Filmographer
This is all sorts of magical *^* <3
StR-Lite's avatar
StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Danke Esmee <3
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IrysdalHobbyist Digital Artist
Alright, okay, I have to admit that this is one of the coolest things I have been given the opportunity to witness on this site in a very long time.

The gorgeous pixel art animation is simply breath taking, but also the calm yet mystifying atmosphere the music builds along with it takes it even beyond. (I'm definitively checking more of their songs later, thanks for the indirect recomendation)
Not only that but there are 3 DIFFERENT time periods which changes the whole feel of the piece altogether! Love 
Having it change depending on time device would've been a really neat touch, too bad it didn't work out, but least we can see all 3 at our leisure! ♥

I'm... At a loss for words. I very rarely check my inbox these days but I am definitively glad that I did tonight, or else I would have missed out on such an incredible upload.
Thanks a lot for your inspiring work!!
StR-Lite's avatar
StR-LiteHobbyist Artist
Woooah, thank you for your splendid comment there! ;__; :heart: I truly mean it!

You should check out the other songs they made! A lot of their works are cinematic, which can really invoke your imagination and thus get some inspiration from there. The credit should really go to this artist. xD
The coding I attempted for the time device change would've been something that actually worked, but unfortunately, it made some of the image components not be able to appear in this flash in its final result. It was a bummer, but nonetheless, it was a fun idea that I'll keep in mind for next time. ^^

Once again, thank you lots! :aww: And thank you for the journal mention as well!
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