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Like many people on here I am a little (see; VERY) bad at updating my Journal. But here be a new post. Not much is new I am trucking on drawing and all that usual thing but one of the big things is I am involved with a kickstarter comic anthology called Monstrosity II www.kickstarter.com/projects/4…

  It is winding down and has already been funded but for higher production value and all those types of stretch goals you can still go over there and throw some money behind it. Whether you have the cash or not it would be great if you could check it out maybe leave a comment. I love getting to interact with people and I am sure the other guys on the project would love to hear from you as well :D Other than that I am posting a new crafting comic page today and will have some new Deep Down stuff out soon so pyou can keep your eye out for that :D

(but totally check out the kickstarter plug plug plug) :D

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Hey Alex! You're a super talented artist & I wish you success in all of your projects! I'm going to go see your kickstarter now... ;)
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Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and coming from some one who has drawing skills means that much more :D I hope your super successful in your working too :) (that kick is kinda old but check it out anywho it was a real fun project to work on :D
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It's good to hear from you again. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that there is a specific song that reminds me of your artistic style: Go West by Pet Shop Boys. I particularly envisioned your style of open-shirt or no-shirt barrel-chested and burly men belting out the chorus in this song. Like...lumberjacks, perhaps. And they are singing very sincerely, throwing out their arms with rays of sunlight bursting from behind them. Anyway, you always post what podcasts or music you listen to when you created things, so I was wondering if you thought that this struck a chord with you. ;)

Good luck with your comic project(s)!
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I didn't respond to this for so long because it is such an epic comment that I didn't know how to appropriately respond. But it really put a smile on my face when I read it :D And as I am Canadian perhaps my maple syrup, bearded lumberjack heritage is coming through in my work :D And it does embody what I am trying to do with my drawings a lot of the time, to get that larger than life joy de vie feel out there and if that resonated with you I am delighted that it did so. So thanks you again for your wonderful comment :D
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Well this is awkward it gives 404 error xD...

This the one rite?:
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I am sure you noticed by now but you are correct I had a bad ink in there and I corrected it so thanks for the heads up :D As belated a thanks as it may indeed be :D
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Well they say better late than never right :D
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