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Published: February 15, 2005
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Man look what happens when a good colorist gets a hold of your work. I gave my inked drawin to this dude and he friggin went to town on it. If you don;t know him check him out NOW!

and if you do know his stuff you have probably already seen it. (cuse he uploaded it first)

For a battle over at Ledheavy
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Ganondorf: "The wind... is blowing..."
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:D Such a cool ending to windwaker :D
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NenileinHobbyist General Artist
I love it!
No matter how many time this scene get's reinterpretated, it stays awesome and one of the best Final Bosses in Video Game History!

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I was super shocked at how badass that last attack was, especially seeing as it was Nintendo and a zelda game. I really didn't expect link to go right for ze brains :)
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NenileinHobbyist General Artist
Jup, when I first saw this scene I was all like:

"O.o... I'm so freakin' glad I didn't play this game when I was 10..."

I mean, OK, it being a Nintendo game wouldn't have thrown me off, but Zelda was always like, you know... Link slashes a few times and the enemy goes POOF. No blood, no wounds, no nothing.

And then suddenly, in The Wind Waker, of all games, Ganondorf gets the most explizit wound possible! THE STABBING WOUND! ><

And there I was thinking Aerith's death or Sora's(termporary) death in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were brutal...

But no, brain-stabbing is way, way, WAY worse than back-stabbing and chest-selfimpalement.

Exspecially given that a 12 years old boy is the one doing the stabbing. ><

God, it was awesome...
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hahaha indeed even the slash, backslash, stab in the face of Ocarina of time does not approach the wind waker ganon finishing move :)
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JWiesnerProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, that looks cool. I love the flexible poses of them, the coloring style and the expressions. Also, the background adds much to the mood.
Nice work!
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Thanks I am glad ya liked it but ya totally have to give seeds major props on this one his colouring really made it what it is :D
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Viperchief169Professional Traditional Artist
Thats awesome, loved the ending to this game. The colors came out great. Nice work.
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Thanks this was lots of fun and see'ing the way that rocked the colours made my day. Thanks for the comments man.
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HakuramenHobbyist General Artist
Damn. That is one slick piece of artwork. I should probably try and beat that game now.
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Thanks, I liked the game, but the ending let me down a bit story wise. Stupid teefy king of hyrule.
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freaking awesome coloring style!
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vashperadoProfessional Filmographer
^_^ wow, so clean!
Nice job, buddy! I like this style!!
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jmart-artProfessional General Artist
this is awesome!!!!!!!! Windwaker Rules !!!!
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very verry very hot
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whoa. that's awesome. O_o
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this is for the battle right?

yup were boned
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LightBombMikeProfessional Filmographer
your two styles really meshed well together man... excellent work on both your parts!
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hm, looks like he really shouldn't have turned his back on the little fellows;p

very nicely done drawing -- and the coloring is superb
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beautiful, good colored
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