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Crafting 1.4 Page 18

By stplmstr
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Crafting update and with colour ! :D Go and thank :iconmabelma: buddy guy helped me out with getting the colours done :D

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StchdInk's avatar
And he sticks the dismount. That's a 10 from this judge.
stplmstr's avatar
He is going to lose points for not pointing his toes but it was a great preformance none the less Jim. :)
inisipis's avatar
Awesome page. Nice use of the succession panels.
stplmstr's avatar
Thanks I am glad you liked it :D I was a bit woried that I might have had the panel balance between what was going on in the bigger panel to the smaller ones so that is something I will have to keep my eye on :D
Deamorte's avatar
Cant wait for more :D
stplmstr's avatar
Delighted to hear it :D I hope future pages wont disappoint :)
Deamorte's avatar
None have yet! I eagerly await the next part.
MightyBOBcnc's avatar
Yay! More Crafting updates makes me happy! :D
stplmstr's avatar
Your being happy about the update makes me happy so we have a hell of a cycle going on :D
MidNight-Vixen's avatar
w00t! he/she lived!! :D
stplmstr's avatar
Indeed :D After the skellies, zombies and falling at least there was a little bit of luck to be had ;)
MidNight-Vixen's avatar
w00t! wait? how much health he/she has? :O QUICK EAT SOMETHING!!
Swallow-of-Fire8091's avatar
*trying not to be mean* 

look ok at the other comics. 
MidNight-Vixen's avatar
not to be mean... but are you the artist of this comic?

i do remember (i think) asking for the sex of this character and the artist said it's a he or she, it's how you look at it... thank you have a nice day!
Porecomesis's avatar
Being able to survive a hit like that with all of your limbs intact... a miracle, no doubt.
stplmstr's avatar
The MC did get his block up in time so that probably helped :)
Porecomesis's avatar
How awfully lucky.
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