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My Bio

My name is Steven Anderson. Still discovering my style, I'm looking to expand my skills while helping others do the same.

I started drawing many years ago, primarily in pencil. I realized my aptitude to art when my teacher in junior high asked me to advance to the high school art courses early. But my maturity at the time was low, so early in my career I didn't take criticism well. For several years, I struggled with a desire the create but without a willingness to dedicate time to develop the required skills.

After much lost time, I feel I have acquired enough wisdom to realize where I need to develop and how to truly appreciate my own artwork while being open to constructive criticism. Now to make up for that lost time!

I have works in process that I'm truly proud of now that will be available on Etsy soon, but I'm completely open to suggestions on making them better. My free time is now dedicated to developing my skills further (hours of Youtube and practice, lol) as well as working toward becoming a mentor to new artists.

Favourite Movies
Fearless, Interstellar, The Martian
Tools of the Trade
drafting pencils, lead holders, fine line markers, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Procreate

A New Leaf

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I really wish I had this drive, motivation, and maturity years ago when I had more time to work on my artwork. Recently I've taken up creating an series of related artwork which is available for prints here on DeviantArt, and soon signed prints will be available on etsy. I feel like I'm really beginning to enjoy my craft and starting to discover my style. So much to learn. To help drive my creativity and skills further, I've started daily 30 minute sketches, each using a new digital brush. Right now they're pretty terrible but I'll try to compile and upload them each week. I'm also going to try to give back to this awesome community that ha
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As many have noted by now, I'm working on a video game; an Adventure RPG at that. Apparently it's been in the works longer than I had thought. 4 years now, and it's still going strong. A few snags have come and gone. The primary one being the introduction of Skyrim. I've been playing Skyrim for quite a while now and have about 260 hours of total gameplay between my two characters. Why is this a snag, you ask? It's EPIC!! I had the bar for my game set pretty high. I was aiming to topple every RPG that exists today, that is until Skyrim was release and blew my game out of the water. That being said, all it has done is encouraged me to develop
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New Question: My game currently has 2 additional, full-length storylines you can unlock. Should I include alternate endings for each as well??

8 votes
Of Course!! The more that merrier.
Yes, but only if they influence the alternate endings of the sequel, as well. ;)
Nah, 3 storylines for one game is enough.
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Thanks for the fave 😁

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Thanks for the fave and llama :)

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