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WOW November is here....I currently only have two commissions on my To Do list, so now is the time to order a Custom Character or Starship Schematic

SOOOOOOOO...........I am as always open to commission, so if you are in the market for a piece of custom art shoot me a note or send a email at and I will get back to you. Be aware that I will get to them as I can (usually touch them one or twice a week) baring my day job taking up more time.
I thank you for your patience, and your business.  Please feel free to contact me and we can talk about your ideas.

Payment via Paypal.
NOTE OR EMAIL ME the following:

If you email me use If you note me I will get back as soon as I can.

1. Medium: pencil or pen
2. format: Bust up or Knee up
3. Sketch or full color
4. For a character please supply reference image/s of desired Character
5. For a  vehicle supply info on what you are looking for and how many views and any reference images you may have.
6. Group shot or solo character image.
7. If a scene please describe what you want in the background.
8. Patch designs please include tagline info.

I am Accepting Star Trek Ship commissions.  Below are the first two set of ship slots.  I am opening up a third set of Slots so if interested please note or email me to get on the list


1.  Taken by CW Thompson - TOS ERA Dreadnaught U.S.S.North Carolina  - DONE
U.S.S. North Carolina by stourangeau
2.  Taken By Ray9012 - modified Miranda Class - DONE
U.S.S. Endurance by stourangeau
3.  Taken By CW Thompson  - Nebula Class -
USS Albemarle - DONE
USS Albemarle by stourangeau
4.  Taken by Art Braune - TOS Klingon Battlecruiser -
Atolm inspired -DONE
Klingon Battlecruiser - Atolm Inspired by stourangeau
Taken by Art Braune - TOS Klingon Sarcophgus - Atolm inspired -DONE
Klingon Pre TOS Sarcophgus Ship Grid by stourangeau
6.  Taken by MirrorKhaos - Crossfield Class USS Brancker NCC-1037 -DONE

U.S.S.Bancker NCC-1037 by stourangeau
Just added
7. Taken by DarthKrawl - A TMP refit of my Forrest class starship -DONE
USS Hadfield NCC-1041 Refit by stourangeau
8. Taken by CW Thompson - Excelsior Class starship -
USS Raleigh - DONE
U.S.S.Raleigh NCC-2107-CL by stourangeau


1.  TAKEN by CW Thompson - Sovereign Class Starship - DONE
U.S.S. Cameron by stourangeau 
TAKEN by CW Thompson - TOS era ship -DONE
U.S.S. Melbourne by stourangeau
3.  Taken by Art Braune - Klingon ship - Armored Cruiser - Atolm inspired -DONE
4.  Taken by Art Braune - Klingon ship - Atolm inspired -DONE
5.  Taken by NewPlanComics6 - His own design the USS Yamato (NCC-91992) - Done
U.S.S.Yamato 1 by stourangeau  U.S.S.Yamato Multi Vector Mode by stourangeau

6.   Taken by ThePauleric - Enterprise Era Destroyer - DONE

Echo Class Heavy Destroyer by stourangeau

List 3 Taking orders

1. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon ship - Atolm inspired - DONE
2. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon ship - Atolm inspired - DONE
3. Taken By Glenn Judd - Imperial starship ISS Zatoichi. NCC-6200 based off of Rick Sternbach's early Voyager designs - DONE
4. Taken by Austin Wade - UNSC shield ship (Non Trek) - DONE
5. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon BATTLEBARDGE - Atolm inspired -DONE
6. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon TOS BOP - Atolm inspired - DONE
7. Taken by Justin Banner - Post Enterprise Era Warp 7 starship -DONE

8. Taken by MirrorKhaos - Ariane Class Heavy Scout - UES Argo - NX-114 - DONE
9. Taken by MirrorKhaos - USS Temeraice - NCC-373 - DONE
10. Taken by MirrorKhaos - Einstein (Kelvin) Class Light Cruiser - USS Argo - NCC-0517 -DONE
11. Taken by Glenn Judd - USS Galen...LCV - 520 (Orville Universe) - DONE
12. Taken by Jonathan McDermott  - Dragoon-class Torpedo Patroller - DONE

ROUND 5 NOW taking requests/orders
1. Taken by Ian Robinson - USS Tal-War NCC-80872 Akira Class - DONE
2. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon Ship - Atolm inspired
3. Taken by Art Braune - Klingon Ship - Atolm inspired
(More may come if I get enough orders)

Thanks again in advance for your orders and support
Sean P. Tourangeau


Rates 2018 by stourangeau

Burning Earth Productions Modelsheet
Burning Earth Productions - June Ophian Modelsheet by stourangeau

U.S.S. Temeraice
U.S.S. Temeraice by stourangeau

USS Galen by stourangeau
USS Tal War by stourangeau

USS ARMIGER by stourangeau

More to come as I complete them....

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  • Watching: New Magnum P.I., This Is Us, Big Bang and so much
  • Playing: PS4
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monkeysuncle30 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2018
I’ve thought about asking for a ship commission to be done but I don’t have the money for your prices. I’m sorry. Just know that I really enjoy your art work. 
SheTheTDE Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll get one when you're doing ships again.
stourangeau Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Well I have opened a limited amount of Slots for Starship commissions.  they are 100.00 and I require half up front
SheTheTDE Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
will have to pass again. I'm having yet another issue with my paypal that I need to figure out
stourangeau Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I am doing ship just not Trek anymore. 
SheTheTDE Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ok I'll have to have a think and prepare my references. Might still wait for a future batch of commissions, will have to see.
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