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USS Galen

Here is my latest finished custom ship order. This one was ordered by Glenn Judd and is my first jump into the Orville Universe when it comes to ships.
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Very nice ship
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Why doesn't anyone notice that the Union's logo/seal/crest thingy.... is a drawing of a but... with an interesting... uhm,.. hole...
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 This ship looks like one of the bigger Cruisers in the Planetary Union's fleet. It look very nice and it would be great if you can make more ships from that series :nod: .
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Sweet! I have yet to watch the Orville but I have been hearing very good things.
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Great work as always 😊
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Awesome!  'The Orville' is lightyears better than 'ST: DISCOVERY'.
But isn't that a measurement of distance, not time?
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Yes, but distance shows how far apart they are in measurement, and it quality and joy in watching one over the other.  I can't get into Discovery.  It' "Feels" off, like it's is not really part of MY Star Trek, that I know and grew up with.  The Orville seems to have captured that Gene Roddenberry "Magic" lacking in Discovery.  The Orville is like TNG in the late 80s and early 90s except they do not any Transporter technology.  They have to rely on Shuttles to get down to planets and then hide the shuttle out of sight and walk for a good distance to not disrupt native civilizations that they wish to not contaminate.  I stand by my statement... The Orville is LIGHTYEARS BEYOND Discovery in watchability and even to view it in reruns like the old TOS Trek and ST: TNG. episodes.  My favorite 'Trek series' was DEEP SPACE 9 for the psychodrama and it had its own epicness to it But I Love All of the series (until Discovery).  
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Its also an "expression of admiration" when describing a sci-fi series or film, and I agree The Orville IS a hellava LOT better then Discovery!
I like both shows equally. I really can't choose.
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Ditto. Orville isn’t Trek but I like it. Choosing isn’t necessary.
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