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U.S.S.Titan Printers Proof

Here is a copy of the Printers Proof for the Interior Foldout in
the Sword of Damocles that Marco over at Simon and Schuster sent to me.

I still feels weird to see my name on a internationally published title.
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I got the book @Borders and I haven't read it yet but am so excited!!!
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My character is on 108 or so. They wrote me into the book.
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Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is this your actual own illustration? It looks different the way it is coloured compared to other ones I have seen you publish on here
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That is the actual unfolder printers proof from the Printer that Pocket Books sent me.
Yes it is my illustration but they put the call outs on it. I scanned it in from my scanner so the colors may be a little off.

Also I did a updated color schematic when they built the 6ft model a little while back
The colors on that are a little brighter.


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Nice to finally see the Titan fully ortho'd!!!!!!!!
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I remember that contest. My dad made a few attempts at designing a starfleet vessel for it, although he never bothered to enter.

I envy anybody at all who can do this, because I suck at it. XD

Congradulations and good job, even if this was a while ago, haha
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You've created one of the best fan created ships ever Sean :D

I hope the Luna class will be playable in Star Trek Online :excited:
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Actually it is, I have been told that it is a ship available when you reach higher ranks.
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:w00t: Thanks for letting me know :D

So, your design has been on book covers, a fold out poster, at a Star Trek exibition, and now in an internationally playable online game. That just leaves the model kit, the lights and sounds replica, and appearance in a tv series or film :D
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Keeping Finger Crossed.
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Wow that was you I bought that book just because that was in it. Congrats!!!!
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Yep that was me. I am glad you like her.
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She's a beautiful ship. ^_^
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You're welcome.^_^
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Hehe, can't beleive your name is on a book? How about it being a character in the book? Look careful! You're in there! *Nods*
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yep it is fun being a little part of the Trek Universe. I would love to see her on screen, but I really doubt that that will every happen.
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I just finished reading Sword of Damocles... and all I gotta say is... Congratulations, Dr. Tourangeau.
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OHhhh, very cool to see some set specs for the ships. :D
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