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U.S.S. Titan Bridge Schematics

By stourangeau
I finally decided to do up the Bridge Schematics for the U.S.S.Titan. I know I posted a WIP shot Earlier today, but I deleted it for this Final version. Hopefully this will help with you Titan fans out there.

Sean P. Tourangeau
Designer U.S.S.Titan

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Hi... :-)
just wanna ask... is this bridge concept only based on your ideas, or is this bridge and schmetics based on something more... i now only about the few words in the first novel and the bridge was seen in one comics... IDW's TNG comic: Star Trek The Next Generation Hive (…). Do you have more official sources? By the way... i have made a bridge cutaway of a Luna class ship inspired by your work and the IDW's TNG comic: Star Trek The Next Generation Hive. Hope you like it... ;-) (USS Triton - Bridge)
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The bridge is based on my ideas and how described in the books. The bridge in Hive is based off of my design. The Artist decided to go with my design since I designed the ship
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Thanks :-)
And one more question... the collor scheme of the bridge you have is more gray/metalic, than the one from the Hive is braun? So he decided use your design, but with other color scheme or is it just because of the Red alert...?
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I was thinking Read Alert, but it didn't matter to me that much
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Just purchased the model of the Titan by Eaglemoss!

It's amazing having something physical to hold and look at, and the information in the magazine...WOW!!
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Still haven't received mine yet.  Glad you like it though
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A comic shop near where I live kindly orders the models for me (I only pay when they arrive)!  The XL version of the Enterprise-E arrived along with the Titan.

At the moment I'm keeping the Titan in it's box safe and sound, free from dust and possibility of damage.  When the display cabinet I ordered arrived, then it will go out!
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:iconthinkingplz: Hmmm... problem I've always wondered about Star Trek: no exit except the turbolifts.
what do you do in case of a fire?
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Excellent job.  How about making a complete plan of the ship, deck by deck (hint, astrometrics is similar to the Enterprise-D's)?

Titan Update:
Just started reading the new Titan novel "Sight Unseen".  Riker, now an Admiral, has promoted his First Officer Christine Vale to Captain of the USS Titan (Riker was promoted by Admiral Akaar in "The Fall" book saga).  The new First Officer is a woman, though she isn't very popular as she has made some bad career judgments in the past, and Titan is being kept close to home (someone in Starfleet is watching the crew).
Admiral Riker has stayed aboard, making Titan his flagship (he now has an office on another deck), and Titan herself has had upgrades of major systems (a crewman actually got lost, so do the upgrades include the internal layout?).
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I signed the petition and I love the USS Titan design and would love to add it to my collection.
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I am not a artist in this medium so I can not critique it, other then to say that it is quite good work. I am somewhat confused though by the ship's name. Is this the USS TITAN Will Riker has been assigned to command at the end of the movie Star Trek INSURRECTION?
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Yes, and I am the Designer of the Titan.  I won the Design the Titan Contest that Simon & Schuster held in 2005. 
I'm impressed with your overall effort.  Bridge design for a Star Trek vessel is something of an art form in itself.  If I have any questions then they involve what could be considered minor details.  I'll leave it up to you to judge.

1. Tech13 raised a point which I wish to echo.  I would think that having the Science stations in one location would be much more efficient, along with having the Engineering/Life support stations in one specific area.

2. Somewhat related to the above: why two Tactical positions?  Why not make Tactical II a dedicated Science officer station?

3. This is just a personal preference, you understand.  But couldn't Ops and Conn have a bit more space between their stations?

I would be interested in your reply and, once again, my hat's off to you for coming up with this concept (which certainly makes more sense than the hodgepodge bridge designs of later Enterprise concepts, as shown in films such as "First Contact", "Insurrection" and "Nemesis").
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Magnificent work. I may not produce ST related art, but I certainly admire those who can pull it off successfully.
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Great work, but one question.  Shouldn't Environment control be near Engineering?  If you have an issue on one deck (for whatever reason), shouldn't the repair teams be coordinated near one another instead of across the bridge?
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Gorgeous! One important point, though: the correct quote is "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" (not "Ways"). Keep up the good work!
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Never mind I scroled down.
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Where's the head for the main bridge? Don't tell me Riker is the only one that has to pee.
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Very nice work , but I'm sure you've heard that before. You have really captured the architectural look of TNG!
Just a question, but why would Science II be split off from the other Science stations? I'd think it made more sense to switch it with Environmental.
But that's more a matter of preference. Great design overall and great Bridge specifically. LOVE the return to exploration. Hated the Sovereign version of the Enterprise, lol.
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Isnt the Titan the ship Riker was assigned to command after his service on the Enterprise-E
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