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Mirror Saavik - kclcmdr

By stourangeau
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Here is my latest full color commission.

This is a Kirstie Alley version of a Mirror Universe Saavik.

Illustration Adobe Illustrator
by Sean Tourangeau 2009
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This is a fantastic piece! The Mirror Universe of Star Trek has always draw me and I've always wanted to see more done with characters from that side... While there are not many episodes there is fan art. This is one of my favorite pieces that you've done... You have managed to make her look Vulcan and yet fierce without compromising theemotionless look of a Vulcan. I found the choice of weapons that you gave her to be quite interesting and suitable, the sword and the dagger. I love houw you've brought in the Movie Era uniform details such as the rank symbols. You managed to creat a new uniform without loosing the feel of the origional Mirror Universe uniforms! Great Job!!!
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A lot of you probably already know this, but the original script for The Undiscovered Country used Saavik instead of Valeris.  It still shows in Spock's reaction to Valeris's betrayal.  He's FURIOUS in that Sickbay scene.
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Gosh I have a crush on her!
According to the book Vulcan's Heart Saavik eventually became Spock's wife. Does that happen in the mirror universe too?
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I don't you know their child's name, and what happened to it?  Allegedly, Saavik stayed on Vulcan because she became pregnant.
Hmm well, i forgot the name but i think it was a son.
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will you be doing other toon from like startrek online ?
is there a price to do other people toon like this?namely my toon from STO ,i would sent pitcher of the for you too do, my ship name is u.s.s interprise ncc-1071,im talking to dimonad slect now an hope too put you toon drawing in to figures.
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I always preferred Kristie's Saavik. :)
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No No NO, if you ever read The making of WoK, you'd find out that she was a real snot on the set, but the contracts were signed and they had to use her.
That cow wouldn't let them touch her eyebrows no matter who or what told her that they grow back.
No, Robin Curtis would have been a much better Saavik, right from the start, the cast didn't want K.A. back for the third or fourth movies. 
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That was my opinion five years ago, no need to get angry. Honestly, I don't remember where my comment stemmed from, other than being irritated when I was younger that the actress had been changed from the "original" but I agree now that Robin Curtis did better.  I don't remember reading about how KA acted on set, and it's been a decade or so since I read Shatner's ST Movie Memories.
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Did I sound angry? Sorry, I just felt that Robin Curtis got such a raw deal back then, the problem was with the studio, that's why K.A. got the Cheers gig part way through it's run.
Something about contracts that I  didn't understand back in the 80s, and two more movies other than ST, K.A. must have had a helluva talent agency working her corner.
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You sounded a little perturbed but I'm not the best at gauging reactions either. ;)
Awesome idea! I do love the mirror universe...
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That's a beautiful Saavik! :)
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when will you be doing ng/voy
rand/nurse chaple
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I already did a Rand and Chapel, they were commissions.
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Great illustration! Love the design too. =)
One dangerous space chick.

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This is how I like the "Little Cat" Meowww!
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