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You can now follow me @petrstovik on instagram i guess, or don't, no pressure.
I post wips and my cute puppy dog from time to time.
...also my dumb face probably.
So the werewolf themed board game I've been doing art on and off for, for over a year is finally on Kickstarer now:…
back it up if you can, it's going to be awesome! Me and few other artists made some pretty cool arts for it and there's still a lot more to come.

The page has some unfinished art, but the finished product will be much more polished and awesome, I'm making sure of that i promise!


Black Forest is a board game that involves worker placement, card drafting, and a hidden traitor.  Players are ostensibly working together to improve their village in the hills of Black Forest Germany, and prepare for the harvest every spring and autumn.  However, one player is secretly controlling werewolves, working against the other players. 
In Black Forest, each player has a number of Villager tokens, used to take actions on the various tiles that comprise the village.  These actions are executed in the Day phase.  Afterward, players draft cards from the Night deck, to determine who is attacked by the werewolves. 

Hi everyone!

I'm not really into blogging, but i thought i should thank everyone for the comments, faves and stuff. I read all of them! I might not have much time to reply often, and i feel like replying with simple ''thankses'' and smiles is pretty boring. Plus I'm afraid I'm no literature whizz to put something well thought in my reply. So i choose not to reply at all!..wait, that's worse. But really, your comments keep me going so um, thanks =)