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Blades to Protect
I got this idea while playing the game and had to write it down
Disclaimer- I don't own Skies of Arcadia
" Where there is light, there is...darkness. Sword of the Dark Moon!" Ramreiz chanted as he struck down Aika and Fina.  
Vyse felt a fire erupt within him.
" Bastard!" he shouted as he charged Ramreiz. Ramreiz parried him easily, smirking. " CUTLASS FURY!"
Ramriez blocked each strike as it came. Then he blasted Vyse with a bolt silver energy. Vyse fly backwards slammed into the charred fountain in the middle of the island. The rim collasped and soaked Vyse though. Though it eased his pian somewhat, it made his grip slippery and his swords falling from his grasp. Ramreiz walked over and grabbed both.
" These are fine blades, but you'll never beat me with them."
Then he threw them on the ground and fired two bolts of silver energy. A second later, both blades had snapped in half. Vyse stared in shock, never before had his blades been broken. It was as if a part of him broke.
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Mature content
Chessboards and Fairytales :iconstoryweaver1:Storyweaver1 2 1
Disclamier- I don't own Grandia III
Yuki was flying  over Dragon Valley when Ulf called out to him from Shiba.
" Yuki haven't you heard?" Ulf demanded.
" Heard what?"
" Alfina's getting married!"
" I know it's big. But don't say anything about it to her."
" How come?"
" I think she wanted to tell you herself."  Before Yuki could question the wolf demon further Shiba flew into a cloud and he lost sight of the dragon.  Without a second thought he flew to New Argriff.
Yuki found Alfina on the balcony of her room in New Argriff. Starring off into the distance, she looked quite lovely.  His heart squeezed painfully when he saw the ring on her finger.
" Hey Alfina." The communicator didn't respond. " Alfina!" Alfina jumped in surprise.
" Oh Yuki. Sorry, I didn't hear you come in."
" Got something on your mind?" The look of bliss on Alfina's face ingited a series of emotions within him: Anger, jealousy, regret, to name a few.
" Yes, the ceremony
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Learning to be Human
Learning to be Human
Irene continued to moan in pain as Saya's blood entered her system.The Thorn started to fade, but before anyone could celebrate, it spread rapidly to the rest of her body. One by one, her limbs and head cracked and broke off.  Karmen brandished his yari against Saya.
"You gave her poisoned blood!"
Haji jumped to her defense.
"Wait!"Kai shouted. "Look!"The various pieces reconnected, and the Thorn faded away to nothing. Irene moaned and opened her eyes.
".....Saya."She whispered.
The other schiff were so relieved they dropped their weapons and fell to their knees. Tears streamed down their eyes as they gathered around their sister Irene, the first schiff to survive the Thorn. So great was their happiness that even Karmen didn't mind Kai joining in their circle. Tears were in his eyes too.
"Uhh.... sir?"a Red Shield member asked David. "What do we do now?"
"Grab their weapons."The Second David replied. "Then keep an eye on them. If they make a suspisous mov
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Mature content
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While writing fanfiction I got ideas for my own original fiction. I wrote them down while continuing fanfiction and now I'm writing it exclusively. As of this post I have the bulk of a four part series down.  I call it "Journey to the Chaos" and tentatively call the first book "Trickster Help Service." Its the story of a loser named Eric and the trickster spirit that molds him into a hero. The first step is to take him to another world where monsters and magic are as common as homework and hotdogs. A teaser is available on Fictionpress under the name BWNovelist.  I'll see about putting it here too.
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Writer, not artist. I tried to be an artist in college but by the end of the class I was as skilled as everyone else was at the start. It was a chore. My passion is centered on writing. That's why I visit Deviantart so often. There are so many talented artists here.


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