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RnM: To Tame a Beast Ch. 5As Robot, Monster, and Globitha went outside, they searched for a sewer grate, to find Globitha’s new friend, Monstywise. Robot and Monster were dubious about Monstywise’s presence, and they worried that Globitha would get hurt, or worse, but the young Organic insisted that the sewer creature’s intentions are non-violent. Globitha approached the nearest grate, and coaxed, “Monsty…? “It’s me.” she went on. As a pair of yellow eyes looked back at her, Globitha smiled, gently, “Hi, Monsty.”“Hello, Globitha.” Monstywise greeted, before noticing the boys, and growing fearful.“Don’t worry, Monsty, they won’t hurt you.” Globitha reassured him. “I won’t let them, so it’s okay to come out.”Monstywise took a deep breath, opened up the sewer grate, and rose up from the sewers, making Robot and Monster step back, a bit. Globitha, on the other hand, got closer to him, and smiled, sweetly. “Y-You say you weren’t scared of him, Globitha?” Robot asked.“Not one bit.” Globitha answered, as Monstywise held her in his arms.“I was a little disappointed, at first,” Monstywise added. “But she made me realize that I needed a friend.”“A ‘little’ disappointed?” Globitha smirked, slightly.“Okay, a lot disappointed.” Monstywise admitted. “He was bawling like a baby.” Globitha corrected.“Was not.” Monstywise blushed.“Was too.” Globitha giggled, back.“Uh…?” Monster gulped.“But he’s still a good friend.” Globitha smiled, hugging her new friend.Monster cautiously approached them, but Monstywise flinched, remembering what happened, last time he met the boys. “Um, look,” Monster stammered. “I’m not angry, right now.”“Monster,” Globitha frowned, slightly. “You’re scaring him.”“But I’m not gonna hurt him,” Monster shook his head. “As long as he doesn’t try anything funny.”“He won’t,” Globitha insisted. “Give him a chance, guys.”“Okay…?” Robot gulped.Monster took a deep breath, held his paw out, and said, “Monstywise.” Monstywise did the same, but his hand was trembling, and when Monster took his hand, he gulped, but he peeked out, hoping he was doing it right. “See?” Monster continued, gently.“Nothing to worry about.” Globitha added, gently patting Monstywise’s cheek.“Unbelievable…!” Robot gasped, to himself, before slowly rolling up to Monstywise, as well.“And now, with my help,” Globitha smiled, proudly, as Monstywise gently set her down. “He’s getting better.”“Well, you say he’s eating bacon, now?” Robot asked.“Yep.” Globitha nodded.“Hmm,” Monster mused. “I guess I can give him a chance.”“And he didn’t feed on fear?” Robot asked, again. “Not much, today,” Monstywise shook his head. “I mostly had bacon.”“Well, that’s a start, I guess…?” Robot nodded.“A very good start.” Monster smiled, a bit.“But why are you still in the sewers, here?” Robot asked. “Well, for one thing, it’s roomy,” Monstywise explained. “And another thing, I still freak people out, so I just take refuge in there.”“Oh, I’m sorry.” Monster frowned, in sympathy.“Monstywise, not everyone is scared of you.” Robot reminded him, smiling, a bit. At that, Monstywise looked down at Globitha, who held his finger, and added, “We’ll still help out.”After a while, the group led Monstywise through the streets of the city, but, as expected, some bystanders jumped back, in shock. “It may take a while,” Globitha whispered, to the sewer creature. “But you’ll be accepted, soon.”“I hope so…” Monstywise frowned, slightly.“Hmm, why don’t you stay with us, tonight?” Monster suggested.“Well, it may take a while to get used to your presence,” Robot added. “But, since Globitha proved you to be trustworthy, I don’t see why not?”“Really?” Monstywise perked up. “Well, I suppose I could.”At the apartment, Globitha bade Monstywise goodnight, and hugged him, before smiling, “See you, tomorrow.”“Thank you, Globitha, for everything.” Monstywise smiled, back, hugging her, as well. Robot looked at the sewer creature’s face, and noticed his eyes slowly change from yellow to a light blue color. He gasped, in amazement, for he never saw anything like that, before.In the apartment, Monstywise observed, as he stretched and cracked his back, “Hmm, a lot roomier than I thought it would be.”“Uh, where should we let you sleep?” Robot asked. “I’ll sleep on the floor.” Monstywise replied.“Are you sure you won’t need anything?” Monster offered.“Nothing but bacon, fellas.” Monstywise answered. “Oh, we got that covered, no problem!” Monster smiled, rushing to the kitchen, and grabbing some leftover bacon. “Dig in, Monstywise.”“Don’t mind if I do.” Monstywise smiled, licking his lips, and wolfing down the bacon, in a flash. “Oh yeah, this is much better!”“Whoa…!” Robot gasped, amazed at their guest’s appetite.“I’m proud of Globitha!” Monster smiled.“So am I…” Robot agreed, still wide-eyed, as Monstywise licked the plate clean.“Oh yeah, that hit the spot.” Monstywise burped.“I’m glad you found something different to eat.” Monster smiled, again.“I’ll say,” Monstywise sighed. “People don’t get scared, like they used to…”“That’s not entirely true, Monstywise,” Robot piped up. “You just have to find the right people.”“That’s true.” Monstywise sighed, again. “Well, I’m glad that it’s just the three of us.” Monster smiled.Monstywise suddenly perked up, and sneered, “There’s someone else here…”“How do you know?” Robot asked.“I can sense fear, remember?” Monstywise reminded him, before smelling the air. “Hmm, kitchen, left of the oven, bottom drawer.”“Ogo…” Robot groaned, in irritation.“Shall I get rid of him, for you?” Monstywise offered.“N-No, no, we’ll handle this.” Robot gently refused, before calling out their nosy neighbor. “Ogo, we know you’re in there!”Almost instantly, Ogo popped out from his hiding place, and sighed, “Okay, you got me-... “Eep!” he gasped, as he saw Monstywise, grinning back at him, with his sharp teeth.“Before you ask, Ogo,” Robot sighed. “No, he’s not gonna hurt anybody.”“Yeah, don’t worry,” Monstywise added, revealing the empty plate. “I’ve already had my dinner.”“Oh.” Ogo sighed in relief.“Now, get out of here, kid.” Monstywise continued, with a glare.“Y-Yes, sir!” Ogo nodded, before finally zooming out of the apartment.At Ogo’s exit, Monstywise smirked, to Robot and Monster, before picking his teeth, “You’re welcome.”“Hmm, maybe having you around won’t be so bad, after all.” Robot smiled.About an hour later, Monster grabbed a spare pillow from the closet, and Monstywise observed, “Say, Globitha has something like that.”“It’s a pillow,” Monster explained. “It’ll help support your head, while you sleep.”“W-Well, you don’t have to go through so much trouble.” Monstywise stammered, a bit.“I know,” Monster replied, setting the pillow on the floor. “I’m doing this, because I want to.”“Well, if you insist.” Monstywise sighed, before sitting on the floor, and resting his head on the pillow. Almost instantly, he snuggled up, with the pillow, and purred, “Ooh, this feels nice.”“I didn’t know he could purr…?” Robot gasped, softly, to Monster.“Me neither, but he seems pretty happy.” Monster smiled, back. Robot turned back to the purring Monstywise, and sighed, “Well, goodnight, Monstywise.” “Sweet dreams.” Monster added, before he and Robot went to their bedroom. “I’m glad he’s starting to change, Robot.”“I’m surprised that Globitha wasn’t scared of him.” Robot mused.“I think I’ll ask her, tomorrow.” Monster vowed.“Sure,” Robot nodded, getting into bed. “Goodnight, Monster.” “Goodnight, Robot.” Monster replied, also getting into bed, and turning off the light. Robot was still baffled at how Monstywise was tamed, so quickly, but he still planned to learn a bit more about the sewer creature, and help him get accepted into society. He knew that Monster tamed a beast, before, but he wondered if he could help, this time.
RnM: To Tame a Beast Ch. 4Meanwhile, in an apartment, a few blocks away, Monster Krumholtz and Robot DeFault just finished dinner, when Monster remembered something. “So, Globitha has made a new friend.” he recalled.“Oh really?” Robot asked. “Yep,” Monster nodded. “An imaginary friend.”“Ah.” Robot nodded, back, giving a funny look.“She said that he looks like me,” Monster remembered. “And he’s very big.”“Sounds kinda suspicious, to me…” Robot sneered, slightly.“What do you mean?” Monster asked.“Monster, do you happen to remember the last time we encountered someone who looked like you?” Robot asked, back.Monster did, in fact, remember what happened, before, and a shiver ran up and down his spine, as he gulped, “I do…”“That’s why I’m suspicious.” Robot replied. “No…” Monster gasped, shaking his head. “No, that’s impossible, we got rid of him…”“He always finds a way to return…” Robot gulped.A few minutes later, the two arrived at Monster’s father, Lev’s, house, and knocked on the door. “Oh, Robot, Monster,” Lev gasped. “What brings you boys here?”“Hi, Dad,” Monster replied, quickly. “Where’s Globitha?”“Upstairs, in her room, why?” Lev asked.“We just need to talk to her, that’s all.” Robot explained.“Okay, I’ll call her down, then.” Lev nodded, before calling his daughter. “Globitha?”“Coming!” Globitha called, back, before going downstairs, and greeting her brother and his friend. “Robot! “Monster!” she smiled, rushing up to them, and hugging them.“Hi, Globitha.” Monster greeted. “What are you doing here?” Globitha asked.“We need to talk to you.” Robot explained. “Okay, what is it?” Globitha asked, again.“Uh, why don’t we talk this over, in your room?” Monster suggested.“Okay…?” Globitha replied, a little confused, but leading the boys upstairs, anyway.Robot and Monster were relieved to find the room empty, but they still wanted answers. “What do you want to talk about?” Globitha asked, closing the door.“Well, it’s about that ‘imaginary friend’ of yours...” Monster began.“What’s wrong?” Globitha asked, again.“Globitha,” Robot added, making the little Organic freeze. “Is your ‘friend’ a clown…?”“Uh… w-well…” Globitha gulped, and stammered. “N-No…”“I’m still suspicious, about that,” Monster frowned. “I’m worried something will try to hurt you.”“Monsty wouldn’t hurt me!” Globitha retorted, before covering her mouth, in fear.“What…?” Robot asked.“N-Nothing!” Globitha insisted, shaking her head.“Globitha…” Robot warned. “Does this ‘Monsty’ wear an old clown outfit?”“W-Well…” Globitha gulped, before looking to her feet. “Y-Yes…”“I knew it…” Robot glared, before turning to his best friend. “Let’s go, Monster.”“No!” Globitha gasped, grabbing their arms, and pulling them back. “Don’t hurt him, please! “Please don’t hurt my friend…!” she pleaded. “H-He didn’t hurt anyone else…! “He didn’t even hurt me…” she went on.“Globitha,” Robot insisted. “You don’t know what that creature is really like…”“He’s not a creature!” Globitha retorted. “He’s a person, just like the rest of us! “Besides, he didn’t even scare me, one bit.” she went on.“But what about other people?” Monster asked. “Don’t you know what he does?”“He told me that he fed on fear,” Globitha remembered. “But he changed his mind, when I gave him bacon.”“It’s tricking you, Globitha.” Robot insisted. “He is not!” Globitha retorted, putting her foot down. “I won’t let you talk about Monsty, that way! “He’s just sad and lonely!” she went on, tearing up. “Please don’t hurt him… he’s my friend… “And, right now,” she sniffled. “He’s probably the only one I have…” At those words, Robot and Monster looked at each other, with concern, wondering if Globitha really meant it. “Please…” the tiny Organic nearly sobbed. Monster hesitated, at first, but he then sighed, “Okay… we won’t hurt him…”“But if he happens to strike anyone else…” Robot warned.“He won’t, I promise,” Globitha insisted, wiping a tear from her eye. “Let me go with you!”“Oh…” Robot sighed. “All right…”“Thank you.” Globitha nodded....
RnM: To Tame a Beast Ch. 3A few hours later, as Globitha Krumholtz walked home, her older brother, Monster, escorted her. “So, Globitha,” Monster began. “How was school, today?”“It was all right.” Globitha replied.“That’s good to hear,” Monster smiled, sweetly. “Got any plans?”“Not really,” Globitha shook her head. “I just need to work on my homework.” “Good, and Globitha?” her brother recalled. “Dad told me that he can sometimes hear you talking to someone, is that true?”“Uh…” Globitha gulped, not wanting anyone else to know that she became friends with a sewer creature. “K-Kind of…?”“Oh, you made an imaginary friend?” Monster guessed. “Uh, yeah!” Globitha nodded. “Yeah, I did!”“Aww, how cute,” Monster smiled. “What’s this friend like?”“Well, he’s big,” Globitha explained. “And he kinda looks like you.”“Aww, how sweet.” Monster nearly gushed.Globitha only nodded, before thinking, to herself, “That was close…”“Hope to see you, soon, Globitha.” her brother smiled, once they reached their father’s house.“Tell Robot I said hi.” Globitha waved.“I will.” Monster nodded.Globitha finally entered the house, and greeted her father, Lev, “Hi, Dad.”“Hey, Globitha,” Lev smiled. “How was school, darlin’?”“It was okay.” Globitha sighed.“Globitha,” Lev asked, noticing his daughter sounding a little sad. “Are you okay? “You look a little upset.” he pointed out.“Oh, just a few bullies,” Globitha sighed. “Nothing too bad.”“Bullies?!” Lev gasped.“They didn’t hurt me, Dad.” Globitha explained. “Well, that’s good to know,” Lev frowned. “But why didn’t you tell me, before?” “I didn’t want you to pop, from high blood pressure.” Globitha explained.“Oh, Globitha, you know you can tell me anything.” Lev reassured her, hugging her close. “There’s no need to hide these things.”“Well, I’ll be in my room, doing my homework.” Globitha sighed, hugging him, back.“Okay,” Lev nodded. “Let me know if you need any help, Darlin’.”“I will.” his daughter nodded, back, before going upstairs.As Globitha entered her bedroom, she slowly shut the door, and sighed, sadly. “Something got you down, kiddo?” a familiar voice asked.“Monsty?” Globitha gasped, perking up.Her new friend, Monstywise, appeared before her, and replied, “In the transforming flesh, and don’t lie, I can sense it.”Globitha only sighed, again, as she set her backpack down, “Why won’t those kids stop tormenting me?”“Is that what you didn’t want to mention, before?” Monstywise asked, making Globitha nod. “So, why not talk about it, now?”“Okay…” Globitha sighed, again, now sitting on her bed. “When I was just a baby, my mother contracted horn cancer, but my brother was the most affected, by it… “I…” she went on, as Monstywise sat next to her. “I never got a chance to really meet her… “I wish I could see her, just once.” she finished, tearing up.“Hey, come on,” Monstywise coaxed, lifting her onto his lap. “It’s gonna be okay, besides, I bet she’s probably looking down on you, right now.”“I know,” Globitha sighed, before quietly sobbing. “My dad and Monster always say that, but I still wish I had the chance…”Monstywise didn’t say a word, as he held her close; he felt her sorrow, and thought, as his horns slowly drooped down, “This is a different kind of sadness… almost like how I felt, before…”After a few minutes, Globitha’s sobs subsided, but Monstywise started sobbing, himself, making the little Organic confused. “Monsty?” she asked.“Hmm?” Monstywise asked, perking up.“Are you okay…?” Globitha asked, again. “I…” Monstywise sniffled, wiping a tear from his eye. “I think so…”“Monsty, were you crying, again?” Globitha gasped.“I… yes…” Monstywise admitted. “But I don’t know why…”“Don’t worry, it’s okay to cry, when you feel sad.” Globitha reassured him. “I felt sad, so I cried, and my brother says it’s healthy, for you.” “Oh really?” Monstywise asked. “Maybe that’s why you hide, all the time,” Globitha guessed. “You don’t know how to show your emotions.”“Maybe you’re right.” Monstywise sighed. “So, if you need to…” Globitha reassured him, handing him a box of tissues.“Thanks…” Monstywise sniffled, taking one tissue.“I want to help, Monstywise, and I’ll do anything it takes.” Globitha went on, putting a tiny paw on his shoulder. “Why not talk things out, too?”“I suppose I should…” Monstywise sighed. “I’m a laughing stock, when people outsmart me… I thought, for sure, I’d get more respect, if I scared you…”“You didn’t scare me,” Globitha reminded him. “But I still respect you.”“That’s what I don’t understand…” Monstywise frowned. “I’m supposed to be a fearsome creature that feeds on fear, why would you like me, of all things?”“Because I think you’re lonely, and you don’t have anyone to talk to,” Globitha answered, making Monstywise look down at her with tearful eyes. “I’m willing to give you a chance. “You need it.” she finished, putting a paw on her shoulder. Monstywise didn’t say a word, as he grabbed another tissue, and sniffled. “Come on, Monsty, it’s okay,” Globitha coaxed. “You have a friend, now.”About an hour later, Globitha finished her homework, but Monstywise was still in tears; “That’s the longest I’ve seen anyone cry,” the small Organic observed, as she put her work away. “Are you that lonely?”Monstywise only nodded, wiping away a few more tears, and allowing Globitha to hug him; “I should have been gone, by now…” the strange creature almost sobbed. “‘Gone’?” Globitha asked.“If I don’t feed on fear, for a long period of time,” Monstywise explained. “I disappear…”“Oh.” Globitha nodded.“Y-You’re the only person I’ve ever really opened up to…” Monstywise sniffled, before hugging her, tightly. “Thank you…”“You’re welcome.” Globitha smiled, gently, hugging him, back.A few minutes later, after dinner, Globitha brought some bacon up to her room, and whispered, “Monsty, I got something for you.”“Hmm?” Monstywise perked up, until he saw the bacon. “Ooh, bacon, yummy!”“You probably need it.” Globitha smiled.“Thanks, Globy.” Monstywise smiled, back, licking his lips, and suddenly wolfing the bacon down.“Boy, you have a healthy appetite!” Globitha giggled.“I can’t help it, Globitha,” Monstywise chuckled, licking his lips. “It tastes amazing!”“I think you might like my brother, Monster, and his friends,” Globitha giggled. “They all love bacon.”“Your brother,” Monstywise recalled. “I think I’ve met him, before…?”“Really?” Globitha gasped, excitedly.“Yeah,” Monstywise nodded, remembering a previous encounter. “But our first meeting wasn’t very good…”“What do you mean?” Globitha asked, her smile fading. “You won’t like it,” Monstywise shook his head. “But I tried scaring one of his friends, and he didn’t take it too well…”“Oh, but, when they see that you’re nice,” Globitha suggested. “Maybe they won’t be so scared?”“Um…” Monstywise gulped, not wanting to scare the little girl. “Maybe I better wait a few days…”“Okay.” Globitha nodded, hugging him.“Thanks, Globitha.” Monstywise smiled, in relief, hugging her, back.
RnM: To Tame a Beast Ch. 2The next morning, Globitha Krumholtz slowly woke up, all alone, in her bedroom, but when she looked around, she finally saw a red balloon tied to her bedpost. “How did that get here?” she wondered, aloud, until she remembered her new friend, and smiled. “Monsty. “But where did he go?” she wondered, again.Meanwhile, in the sewers, Monstywise sat on the floor, contemplating what happened, the night, before. “I don’t believe it…” he sighed. “My first potential victim, in weeks, and she isn’t scared of me… “Am I not scary, anymore…?” he worried, before remembering something else. “Well, that ‘bacon’ stuff sure tasted good.” He kept contemplating, until he heard a group of voices from the other side of the sewer, and he grinned, “Mmm, visitors…” He slinked through the sewer pipes, until he saw a group of teenagers, walking through; to get their attention, he let out a deep growl, and most of the teens jumped, in fear. “Perfect.” Monstywise chuckled, licking his lips. “D-Did you guys hear that…?” one of the Organic teens stammered.“Huh?” another Organic teen asked, removing one of his headphones. As a red balloon floated towards the group, the headphone-wearing teen uttered, “Whoa.”The balloon popped, revealing Monstywise, standing in front of them, and the teens screamed, and ran away, making the strange creature laugh, in triumph. “I still got it!” he grinned, baring his sharp teeth, and feeling more energized. “Now, then, who else can I scare?” He slithered through the sewers, until he found a sewage treatment plant worker, and chuckled, “Bingo.” Monstywise then slithered behind him, and breathed, “Hey, old man.”The worker turned around, and shrieked in fear, “W-What are you?!”“Your worst nightmare.” Monstywise grinned, baring his teeth, again.“S-Stand back!” the worker warned, holding out his plunger. “I have a weapon! “Get back!” he went on, before Monstywise busted up, laughing. “Stop that laughing! “You’ll be sorry!” the worker warned, again, before Monstywise finally snapped his teeth at him, making him fall over.“You’re not going anywhere.” Monstywise snarled, picking him up, by a leg.“Let me go!” the worker demanded, as Monstywise licked his lips, and opened his mouth. Just as he was dropped, the worker used his plunger to prevent Monstywise from closing his mouth.“Huh???” the strange creature gasped, struggling to close his jaws, and allowing the worker to scramble away. Monstywise finally broke the plunger in half, and growled, in frustration, “Drat it! “Well,” he sighed, deeply. “At least I’m still scary…” He gathered his bearings, and wondered, again, “Now, where can I find more of that ‘bacon’?”As Monstywise made his way through the sewer system, he smelled the air, and detected the familiar, delicious scent of bacon. “Ooh, I’m getting warmer.” he grinned, licking his lips. He finally found a sewer grate that led to the interior of the restaurant, the Makin’ Bacon, and peeked in. He smelled the air, again, and observed, “Fear, and bacon, an interesting combination.” Monstywise slithered to an adjacent vent, peeked in, and found himself in the restaurant’s refrigerator. “Oh,” he gasped, his eyes widening in amazement. “This is the mother-lode!” He finally got himself inside the refrigerator, and grabbed a few fistfuls of bacon, licking his lips, again. “Oh yeah,” he chuckled, gleefully. “Now we’re talkin’.” As he chowed down, his thoughts returned to Globitha, and how she seemed to like him; “Hmm, why don’t I bring some of this to that Globitha kid?” he mused, grabbing another fistful of bacon. “Eh, why not? “Besides,” he chuckled, stuffing the bacon into his pocket. “She’s a good kid.” As he kept eating the bacon, he got fuller and fuller, and he smiled, “Oh yeah, that hits the spot.” As Monstywise retreated to the sewer grate, the restaurant’s owner, Nessie, entered, and looked around. “Huh, I could’ve sworn I heard something…” she mused, before shrugging. “Eh, must have been nothing.”“That was close.” Monstywise sighed, in relief, as Nessie exited. “Now, to find Globitha.” Monstywise slithered through the sewers, again, hoping to find Globitha Krumholtz, until he finally came across an elementary school. He peeked out from a sewer grate, and found the little Organic, on the playground, by herself. “Ah, there she is,” he smiled. “Now, how to get to her, without attracting attention?” His thoughts were interrupted, when a group of kids approached Globitha; “Hello, what’s this?” Monstywise wondered.“Hey, shorty!” a Mechanical kid greeted, as the other kids surrounded Globitha.“Huh?” Globitha asked.“Yeah, we’re talking to you.” another Organic kid added. “What do you want?” Globitha asked, as the kids got closer. “Come on, I don’t have anything!”“Oh, are you scared?” a second Organic kid mocked. “Who are you gonna call, your mommy?”“For your information,” Globitha corrected, feeling a little intimidated. “My mom has been dead, for years!”“We know, stupid,” the first Organic kid retorted. “You can’t call a ghost for help!”Globitha felt trapped, until she noticed a familiar shape, out the corner of her eye, and smirked, “Hmm, if I were you, I’d look behind you, guys.”“Huh???” a second Mechanical kid asked. “She means me.” Monstywise growled, from behind the group of kids, baring his teeth at them, and making them scream and run away. “Yeah, you’d better run!”“Thank you, Monstywise!” Globitha gasped, in relief, hugging the strange creature’s leg. “Aw, don’t mention it.” Monstywise smiled, slightly, before remembering something. “Oh, by the way, I got something, for you.” Globitha released him from the hug, as he dug some bacon from his pockets, and she gasped, “Aw, Monsty!”“I even snagged a bit, for myself.” Monstywise chuckled.“You’re so silly!” Globitha giggled, taking the gift, and suddenly perking up, at the sound of the school bell ringing. “Oh, I gotta go! “See you later!” she waved, before jogging off to her next class.Monstywise chuckled, softly, as he watched her jog away, “What a cute kid.”
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RnM: The Were-Monster! Ch. 7The next morning, Monster Krumholtz woke up, stretched, and yawned, before looking at the calendar. It was Halloween, and something important was to happen, tonight; after reading a strange spell, Monster somehow cursed himself to transform into a beast-like creature, during a full moon, and he and his best pal, Robot DeFault, planned to break the curse, on Halloween night. “Oh my gosh!” the purple Organic gasped. “Tonight’s the night!”“Gah!” Robot gasped, waking up with a jolt. “I’m up! “I’m up!” he gasped, again.“Oh, s-sorry, Robot…” Monster gulped, trying to calm down. “I’m just a little nervous…”“Don’t worry, Monster,” Robot reassured him. “We’ll get Lizzie to come by at 8:00, tonight, and we’ll make sure everything is on schedule.”“I hope this works…” Monster gulped.“It will, I promise.” Robot vowed, taking Monster’s paws in his claws. “Why don’t we take a walk, after breakfast, huh?”“Okay.” Monster nodded, calming down, a bit.About an hour later, Robot and Monster went out on a morning walk, admiring the Halloween decorations, and the brightly-colored leaves, in the trees. As Monster picked up one leaf, he cheered up, a little, smiling, “Oh, this is pretty!” When he saw a pile of leaves, near a tree, he got a twinkle in his eye, and gasped, “Ooh!”“Monster,” Robot asked, before Monster led him to the leaf pile. “What are you-...? “Whoa!” he yelped.“Come on, Robot, let’s live, a little!” Monster giggled.Robot saw the leaf pile, understood his best friend, and nodded, “On three.” “One, two, three!” they both shouted, jumping into the leaves.“Oh, how I miss this!” Monster laughed, heartily.“Just like old times, huh?” Robot chuckled, back.“You bet!” Monster laughed, again, before “splashing” Robot with some leaves.“H-Hey!” Robot laughed, back.“This is fun!” Monster giggled, tossing more leaves into the air, and watching them flutter to the ground. “Oh, I wish we could do this, all the time!”At that, Robot “splashed” some leaves back at Monster, and laughed, “Got ya, back!”“Oh, Robot, you’re funny!” Monster laughed, back, before lying back on the leaf pile. “Ah, I love this time of year.”“It’s so peaceful, isn’t it?” Robot smiled, also lying back.“Yep,” Monster sighed. “I wish it was always like this.”As they walked around town, for a while longer, they heard some swinging music, coming from an open apartment window. “Hey, what’s that?” Monster wondered.“Wait, isn’t that Lizzie’s apartment?” Robot recalled.“Oh, so it is.” Monster noticed. “I wonder what she’s up to?”When the boys reached the apartment, Monster knocked on the door, and Lizzie answered, on the other side, “It’s open!”With that, Monster opened the door, and greeted, “Hi, Lizzie.”“Oh, hello, boys.” Lizzie replied, holding a pumpkin in her lap.Robot smelled the air, and asked, “Is that-...?”“Pumpkin?” Lizzie finished. “Yes, it is, I’m making some jack-o-lanterns.”“Ooh!” Monster gasped.“I have my costume set out, as well.” Lizzie went on, pointing to her Snow White costume.“It’s very pretty.” Monster smiled.“Thanks,” Lizzie winked. “Wait until you see me in it.”“Can’t wait.” Monster smiled, again, wrapping an arm around her, and kissing the top of her head.“I guess we’ll see you later, Lizzie.” Robot piped up.“Sure thing, guys,” Lizzie nodded. “See you, tonight. “And this will turn around, Monster,” she went on, turning to her boyfriend, and putting a paw on his cheek. “You’ll see.”“I hope so,” Monster sighed, holding her paw. “We’ll see you, later.” When the boys finally left, Monster sighed, “Only seven more hours, until sunset.”“By that time,” Robot vowed. “We’ll gather everyone at the park.”Several hours later, most of the citizens got dressed in their costumes: Robot’s brother, Gart, as a devilish businessman, his little puppy, Biscuit, as a Blinking Light, Robot as Indiana Jones, the Criminal Kingpin, Crikey, as a vintage gangster, Ogo as a masked killer, J.D. as a witch, Spitfire as Carmen Miranda, Perry, the ever-smiling Mechanical, as the Phantom of the Opera, and Lizzie as Snow White. As Gart and Biscuit walked outside, they noticed something rather odd, in the park: a few acquaintances gathered, together, and Monster appeared tense. “And what’s going on, here, I wonder?” Gart mused, before approaching. “Evening, all.”“Uh, Gart,” Robot warned. “You and Biscuit may want to step back.”“Why?” Gart asked.“You’ll see…” Monster whimpered.“And where’s your costume, Monster?” Gart asked, again.“It’s best to give him space.” Monstywise, the sewer creature replied, appearing behind him, and surprising him.“Oh, it’s only you…” Gart sighed in relief.“What’s all the hubbub?” Perry asked.“You’ll see.” Lizzie replied.As the full moon peeked out from behind the clouds, a sharp pain pulsed through Monster’s body, making the purple Organic fall to his knees. “Monster…?” Gart gasped, feeling concerned.“Close your eyes…!” Robot warned, again.As Monster slowly transformed into a beastly form, Perry almost ran off, when Lizzie grabbed his claw, and insisted, “W-Wait, Perry, don’t go!”“Why not…?” Perry asked. When Monster nearly doubled in size, and sprouted a tail, he let out a loud roar, that knocked a few people back, and Perry grunted, as he fell over, “Oof!”As Robot tried to help Monster, Gart suddenly pulled him back, and glared, “Robot, what are you doing?”“Gart, this happened, before.” Robot insisted, yanking his arm back.“I-It has…?” Gart asked.“Wait, that roar…!” Perry gasped, getting to his feet, and looking at the newly-transformed Monster. “That was you?”“Yes, Perry…” Monster nodded, staggering to his feet, as well. “Ow…”“Hang on, buddy,” Robot coaxed, as he and Lizzie went to steady him. “We got you.”“Wait,” Gart perked up. “You can still think clearly…?”“I know this seems crazy,” Robot explained. “But yes, he can.”“G-Good heavens…!” Gart gasped, astonished at Monster’s new size.“Wow, Monster, you’re almost as tall as I am,” Monstywise mused. “And I didn’t think it’d be possible.”“Y-You’re not gonna hurt anyone…” Perry gulped. “Are ya?”“No, of course not.” Monster replied.“Are you okay, Monster?” J.D. asked.“I think so…” Monster gulped. “But I don’t wanna be like this, anymore…”Biscuit then smelled the air, almost recognized Monster’s scent, and yipped, happily, before approaching him. “B-Biscuit…!” Gart gasped, in near-horror.As Monster knelt down, and gently petted the golden retriever puppy, Robot smiled, slightly, “See, Gart? “Monster hasn’t changed, on the inside.” he finished.“Uh… h-how does it feel…?” Perry asked.“Like everything is breaking, inside,” Monster frowned. “And like I can’t move, without being in pain…”“G-Good heavens…!” Gart gasped, feeling a little nauseous, at the thought.“And you wanted to take my place.” Monster turned to Robot, who looked to the ground, in remorse.“Why, Robot?” Gart asked.“Because Monster doesn’t deserve to be in pain, like this…” Robot answered, a little teary-eyed.“Robot…” Monster gasped, softly, pulling his best friend into a hug. “I don’t want you in my shoes… or paws… or anyone…”“But…” Gart gasped. “H-How did this happen…?”“I accidentally recited a spell,” Monster explained. “And it made me turn into this beast, during a full moon.”“Is there a way to undo it…?” Gart asked, still wide-eyed.“Two words:” Monster replied. “True love.”“And I’m it.” Lizzie added, stepping forward.“Why am I not surprised?” Perry mused.“Lizzie and I have to kiss, at midnight, tonight,” Monster went on. “Otherwise, I’ll be stuck like this…”“Midnight?” Gart asked. “But that’s not for four more hours.”“What should we do, until then?” Monster wondered, still a little antsy.“Whoa, Monster!” an Organic gasped. “Nice costume!”“Huh?” Monster perked up. “Uh… thanks?”“Wait, that’s it!” Ogo gasped. “Since it’s Halloween, we can trick-or-treat, to pass the time!”As the group went around, trick-or-treating, several other citizens admired Monster’s “costume”, not knowing what really happened. “Well,” Monster sighed. “At least people aren’t running away. “What time is it?” he asked.“9:00.” Robot replied, looking at his watch.“Sorry about what happened, to ya.” Perry piped up, putting a claw on Monster’s shoulder.Monster slowly felt a little better, and he gasped, noticing Biscuit’s costume, “Oh, what a cute little costume, he has!”“Do you like it?” Gart asked. “He’s a Blinking Light.”“Huh,” Robot smirked. “I had a feeling you were gonna dress him up.”“Can you blame me, really?” Gart chuckled.“Guess not.” Robot shrugged.“Did I miss something, here?” Perry asked, turning to Robot and Gart. “When did you two start getting along, and when did Gart get a dog, of all things?”“That’s a long story, Perry.” Gart answered.Perry then turned to Monster, and asked, “How long was this going on, Monster?”“Quite a few months, now.” Monster replied.“Now I have more questions…!” Perry mused.As Robot explained things, Ogo, in the meantime, gathered some flowers, and arranged them into a crown. “So, Glaze and Neon bugged him about it, until he gave in, huh?” Perry asked, after Robot explained what happened, with Gart.“Pretty much.” the small, orange Mechanical nodded.“Huh, those girls are geniuses, sometimes,” Perry mused. “And all that time, I thought Gart just fell on his head and knocked something loose. “Well, at least he doesn’t antagonize me, as much, anymore.” he sighed.A few hours later, the group returned to the park, to have some of their candy haul. “Mmm, I guess this is another thing I look forward to, this season!” Monster smiled, after munching down one chocolate candy piece.“Either way, I’m keeping that spellbook hidden,” Monstywise vowed, before briefly looking at Ogo. “And no one is gonna get their mitts on it.”“Who’s the idiot that put it in the public library, anyway?” Spitfire asked.“Who cares?” Perry scoffed. “It’s gone, now.”“I want to find the author, and give them a piece of my mind!” J.D. nearly growled, cracking her knuckles.“Good luck with that,” Monstywise scoffed, back. “The author is already dead, and he was nuts. “The 1500s were a weird time…” he sighed, before taking in a fistful of candy.As the minutes ticked by, Monster grew more anxious, knowing that he was supposed to kiss Lizzie, before the final chime of midnight. “Robot,” he gulped. “What time is it?”“11:45.” Robot replied, checking his watch.“Already?!” Monster began to panic. “Oh, I don’t feel too good…!”“Monster, take it easy,” Robot coaxed, putting his claws on his shoulders. “This spell will be broken.”“And, besides,” Ogo piped up. “I have a few things set up, for this event. “Come on,” he beckoned. “This way.”With that, the pale yellow Mechanical led the others to a different section of the park, where a strange set-up awaited them. There were fallen leaves arranged in a heart-shape, on the ground, while some elegant candlesticks illuminated in the otherwise dark park. “Whoa…!” Monster gasped.“To help set the mood.” Ogo explained. “What do you think?”“It’s very nice.” Monster nodded.“You sure know how to spruce things up, fella.” Perry observed.“Okay, Monster, now, stand right here,” Ogo smiled, making the purple Organic stand in one half of the heart. “And Lizzie will be ready!”“Okay…?” Monster nodded, still a little nervous.“Now?” Lizzie asked. “Not yet,” Ogo halted. “There’s one more thing.” With that, he placed his homemade flower crown on her head, and smiled, “Perfect!”As Lizzie stepped forward, carrying her pumpkin-bucket of candy, Monster perked up, and smiled, for Lizzie looked more beautiful, than before. As he took her paws in his, he smiled, even more, “You look so beautiful.”“Thanks.” Lizzie smiled, back.Finally, as the clock began to strike, Monster and Lizzie kissed, the full moon somehow shone brighter than before, and Monster slowly transformed back into his normal self. “Look!” J.D. gasped.“It’s working!” Gart gasped, as well.As the final chime rang out, Monster felt like a great weight was lifted off his shoulders, and Ogo cheered, “Monster, you’re back!”Monster slowly pulled away from his and Lizzie’s kiss, and smiled, “I’m me, again!”At that, Robot rolled up to Monster, hugged him, and smiled, as well, “You see, Monster? “I told you it’d work!” he finished.“Now I’ve seen everything…!” Perry gasped.“Oh, Monster,” Ogo piped up. “I think you’d better hug your fair princess, next.”At that, Monster released Robot, embraced Lizzie, looked to the sky, and sighed, in relief, “Now I can love the full moon, again. “Thank you, everyone!” he smiled, as Lizzie kissed his cheek.“You’re welcome, Monster,” J.D. nodded. “But we didn’t exactly do much.”“But you helped me keep hope,” Monster replied. “And I’m happy for that.”“This was one of the weirdest Halloweens I’ve ever seen…!” Spitfire sighed.“You’re tellin’ me.” Perry agreed.Later on, as the group began to return home, Monster skipped along, still happy about being his normal self, again. “No more transformations, no more torn-up pants,” he cheered. “Just sweet old me!”“And we love him, a lot.” Lizzie smiled.“Now, we can enjoy our candy, even more, tonight!” Ogo added on.“Uh, be careful what you read, next time, huh?” Perry asked, turning to Monster.“Don’t worry, Perry,” Monster vowed. “I will.”“Good,” Perry nodded, before leaving for home. “Goodnight, all.”“Quite an eventful night, wasn’t it?” Gart observed.“I’m just happy to be back to normal, again!” Monster sighed, in relief.“We all are, buddy.” Robot replied.“Well, I guess I better get home, too.” Lizzie sighed, before hugging Monster. “Goodnight, guys, and Happy Halloween.”“You, too.” Robot replied.“I love you, Lizzie.” Monster added, kissing his girlfriend’s cheek.“Love you, too, Monster.” Lizzie smiled, before turning to Ogo. “Oh, and thanks for the flower crown, Ogo.”“My pleasure, milady.” Ogo replied, bowing like a gentleman.“Goodnight.” Lizzie waved, before finally returning home.Finally, as he and Robot returned home, Monster rolled around in his bed, and purred, “Ah, I can finally sleep in my own bed, again!” Robot chuckled, softly, until his smile slowly faded, and he embraced his best friend. “Aww, Robot,” Monster gasped, softly, hugging him, back. “I’m happy to be back to normal, too. “No more magic books, like that, again.” he promised.“No, Monster, it’s not that,” Robot replied. “It’s just… I’m sorry… “I should have believed you, when you first told me…” he frowned.“Robot, don’t blame yourself,” Monster coaxed. “I’m the one who started this mess.”“Still…” Robot sniffled.“It’s okay, Robot,” Monster coaxed, again. “It’s all over, now.”“I hated seeing you in pain, like that…” Robot sniffled, trying to pull himself together. “I don’t want you going through that, again…”“I won’t,” Monster vowed. “I triple-promise.”“Good.” Robot sighed, in relief, snuggling closer. “I’m also glad that things are normal, again.”“Yeah,” Monster agreed, as they pulled away from their hug. “Let’s get some sleep, now, we had a long day, today.”“Yep,” Robot sighed, rolling to his bed. “Goodnight, Monster.”“Goodnight, Robot.” Monster replied, getting under the covers, and looking out his window. “Goodnight, moon.” Robot only sighed, softly, happy to have his best friend by his side, and the two boys fell asleep, finally at peace.
RnM: The Were-Monster! Ch. 6A few days later, it was October 30th, the day before Halloween, and there was a full moon scheduled to appear, that night. Monster Krumholtz trembled with fear and dread, and his friend, Robot DeFault, put a claw on his shoulder, and said, “I think it’s time everyone else knew.”“Okay…” Monster gulped. “Okay…”At the park, the boys gathered their friends, J.D., Spitfire, Ogo, and Lizzie, to explain what was happening. “Are you sure this is safe…?” Lizzie asked.“Well…” Robot began.“Okay, now are you gonna explain what’s with you guys?” Spitfire asked.“Okay, guys,” Monster gulped, as the full moon appeared. “Now, watch this…”As a sharp pain pulsed through Monster’s body, Ogo gasped, “Oh dear…!”“N-No way…!” Spitfire gasped, as Monster nearly doubled in size, and his claws and teeth grew sharper. As Monster finally sprouted a tail, and let out a terrifying roar, Spitfire gasped, again, “Unbelievable…!”Monster slowly stood up, as the pain slowly subsided, and panted, “This is why I’ve been so nervous, lately… Please don’t hate me…”“Monster, you’re almost as tall as I am, now…!” J.D. gasped.“Well, I did scare Crikey, before.” Monster recalled.“It’s incredible!” Ogo gasped.“It’s painful…” Monster frowned, as Lizzie slowly approached him.“H-How painful is it…?” she asked.“Like everything is breaking,” Monster explained. “And like I can’t move without hurting…”“It’s bizarre.” Lizzie gasped, taking her boyfriend’s now-oversized paw in her own.“Are you sure you’re up for this, Lizzie?” Ogo asked.“I am.” Lizzie nodded.“What does she have to do?” Spitfire asked.“The spell can only be broken by the power of true love.” Monster explained.“And I’m it.” Lizzie added.“Hope you know what you’re doing, Lizzie.” Spitfire sighed.“Don’t worry,” Robot explained. “We have a plan.”“Oh, how cute you look!” Ogo gushed, ogling Monster.“‘Cute’???” Monster asked.“You’re so fluffy!” Ogo gushed, again.“B-But-...!” Monster protested.“Oh, I wanna keep you,” Ogo kept gushing, now hugging him. “And walk you on a leash, and-...!”“You will do no such thing!” Monster growled, knocking him off.“Yike!” Ogo yelped, falling back.Monster’s growls then turned into soft sobbing, and he whimpered, “I don’t wanna be like this, anymore…! “Why can’t Halloween come, sooner?” he sniffled, as Lizzie hugged him.“Oh, Monster, don’t cry.” J.D. gasped.“We’re gonna fix this.” Robot added, joining the hug.“I hope so…” Monster sniffled, again.“I’m sorry, Monster…” Ogo frowned. “I didn’t know…”“Come on, buddy,” Robot coaxed, petting his best friend. “Take deep breaths.”“Thanks, guys.” Monster sighed, calming down, more.“Anything for you, Monster.” Spitfire replied, petting him.“Besides,” Lizzie reassured him. “I still love you, a lot, Monster.”“If anything, I wish I was suffering, instead…” Robot muttered. “You don’t deserve this…”“And neither do you.” Monster insisted, hugging Robot closer.As the group walked around the park, a little more, they chatted for a while; “So that magic spell stuff is real…?” Spitfire asked.“At least, in this case…” Monster nodded, before turning to Lizzie. “Out of curiosity, Lizzie, what did you plan to do, this Halloween?”“Well, I plan on making some jack-o-lanterns,” Lizzie answered. “And I’m gonna dress as the fairest one of all.”“And that is?” J.D. asked.“Snow White.” Lizzie replied.“Ooh, fancy!” Ogo gasped.“When do you turn back to normal, Monster?” J.D. asked.“It usually happens, at sunrise.” Monster explained.“Does it hurt?” Spitfire asked.“Not as much as when I turn into the beast.” Monster shook his head. “Oh, I’ll be so glad, when this is over…”“We all will be.” Robot replied.About an hour later, after J.D. and Spitfire left for home, Robot, Monster, Ogo, and Lizzie also made their way home. “When this succeeds,” Ogo piped up, nudging Lizzie to Monster. “That would mean that a Princess will rescue her Prince! “Oh, it’s like a fairy tale!” he nearly swooned.“‘Fairy tale’?” Robot asked.“Just imagine it, like this:” Ogo explained. “A handsome prince, cursed to transform into a terrifying beast, under a full moon, but then, a fair princess arrives, falls in love with said prince, and kisses him, lifting the curse, and changing the prince back to his normal self!”“Well, when you put it that way…” Monster mused.“Oh, so romantic!” Ogo swooned, again.“What a zany guy.” Lizzie thought, while Robot only rolled his eyes.As the boys returned to their apartment, Monster sighed, in bliss, “What a lucky Organic I am, to have a woman, like Lizzie.”“You sure are, buddy.” Robot nodded.“Hopefully, I won’t have to sleep on the floor, again, after this.” Monster sighed, lying down, on the floor.“You won’t,” Robot reassured him. “I promise. “Sleep tight, Monster.” he went on, as Monster got comfortable. “The spell will be broken, I promise.” Robot then looked out the bedroom window, and sighed, before falling asleep, “What a strange month…”
RnM: The Were-Monster! Ch. 5A few weeks later, as Halloween was still another week away, the city of Bevelhorn was preparing for the big night, especially one citizen, Ogo. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” he giggled, excitedly, decorating his apartment with incredible speed. “I can’t wait to scare people, next week, and I have the perfect costume, for it!” He pulled out a hockey mask, and a fake machete, still giggling, “I love this holiday! “I hope Robot and Monster are getting ready, too!” he hoped, thinking about his downstairs neighbors. “I wonder what they’re up to, now?” With that, he went to a surveillance monitor, switched on the video feed, on his hidden cameras, and watched.On the screen, Monster Krumholtz sat on the living room couch, looking rather tense. “Only one more week…” the purple Organic frowned. “Hopefully, this weird spell will be broken.” “It will, Monster.” his friend, Robot DeFault, reassured him.“I’m tired of turning into a beast,” Monster kept frowning. “I’m running out of pants…”“‘Spell’?” Ogo gasped, to himself. “‘Beast’? “Oh no!” he gasped, again, almost realizing what’s happening. “Don’t worry, Monster, I’ll save you!” He darted out of the apartment, after bumping into a wall, and rushed downstairs.In the apartment, below, Robot reassured his best friend, “Look, I wrote down what we need to do, on Halloween night, so you’ll be back to normal, in no time.”“I hope so.” Monster sighed, before a loud thump at the door interrupted them. “What was that?”“Oh, now what?” Robot glared, in irritation, before answering the door.On the other side of the door, Ogo wobbled, still reeling from ramming into the door, and moaned, “Ooh…”“Ogo, what are you doing here?” Robot asked, still irritated.Ogo only shook his head, before getting right to the point, “I know how to help!”“What do you mean?” Robot asked, again.“I saw it in a movie,” Ogo explained. “But I suggest using silver, to break that curse!”“Silver???” Monster asked.“Ogo, we don’t need your help!” Robot glared. “We already know how to break the spell.”“It’s true,” Monster added. “It can only be broken, by the power of true love.”“True love?” Ogo asked, before shaking his head. “That doesn’t sound right, to me.”“But it said so, in the book.” Monster frowned.“What book?” Ogo asked, again.“This one.” Robot replied, holding up a book titled, “Magic Made Easy”.“Oh…” Ogo frowned, in disappointment.“I’m sorry, Ogo,” Monster explained. “But this is the only way.”“Now, I want to know,” Ogo began. “What’s it like, turning into that beast?”“Like everything is breaking, inside,” Monster frowned. “And like I can’t even move, without being in pain… “It really hurts…” he sniffled, tearing up, and prompting Robot to put a claw on his shoulder. “And I hope this works…”“It will.” Robot coaxed.Ogo looked at the bookmarked page, and his eyes widened, in amazement; “It only works on Organics?” he asked.“Yep.” Robot nodded.“And the weirdest thing is that I don’t black out, during the transformation,” Monster added. “I remember everything.”“Oh, that’s odd.” Ogo mused, reading more of the book. “And the legends are true?”“In this case,” Monster nodded. “I think so?”“Oh, I knew it!” Ogo gasped, excitedly. “I can’t wait to-...!”“Ogo, this is serious.” Robot interrupted, grabbing the book from his claws. “If you’re just gonna geek out about this, then you better leave, now.”“Oh…” Ogo frowned, feeling rather insulted, as he returned to his apartment. “‘Geek’, huh? “I don’t make fun of their interests…” he sneered.“Finally…” Robot sighed, in relief.“I hate to upset Ogo,” Monster frowned. “But I don’t want this ‘beast’ thing to last…”“I know.” Robot nodded, putting a claw on his shoulder. As he read more of the book, he wondered, “How old is this thing, anyway?” He looked at the back cover, and read, “1537?”“Whoa, that’s a long time ago!” Monster gasped.“Yeah, and it has all kinds of stuff in here,” Robot nodded. “Even a sleeping spell.”“What else is there?” Monster asked.“Let’s see, strength enhancer,” Robot browsed. “Speed potion, anti-gravity spell… “It’s so weird…” he mused.“Who else would know about this stuff?” Monster wondered.“Aside from Ogo,” Robot replied. “Only one other person.”Soon, the boys traveled through the sewers, hoping to find their expert; “Monstywise would know about this,” Robot piped up. “He’s been here, for eons.”“Monstywise?” Monster called. “Where are you?”“You called?” a voice replied, from behind them. The boys turned around, and there stood Monstywise, the clown-like sewer creature who lived in the sewers, after being reformed.“Oh, Monstywise,” Robot cleared his throat, getting over his surprise. “We came to ask you something.”“Ask away, fellas.” Monstywise nodded.“Do you know anything about this?” Robot asked, holding up the spellbook.“‘Magic Made Easy’?” Monstywise read. “I haven’t seen this, in centuries…! “Where did you find it, anyway?” he asked.“The library…” Monster replied.“Wait,” Monstywise halted. “You two didn’t recite anything, did you?”“I did…” Monster frowned, looking to the ground.“You, Monster?” Monstywise gasped, softly, shocked at how the sweet Monster Krumholtz would get his paws on the spellbook.“I didn’t know what would happen, honest…” Monster explained.“Which one did you read?” Monstywise asked.“‘Unleash the Beast’.” Monster answered.“Oh, Monster…” Monstywise frowned. “It’s painful, isn’t it?”“A lot…” Monster nodded. “It only happens, during a full moon.”“I wondered what that roar was.” Monstywise recalled.“You heard it, too?” Monster asked.“It could be heard, across the whole town,” Monstywise replied. “It echoed through the sewers.”“Oh…” Monster worried.“Now, now, there is a way to break this spell-...” Monstywise reassured him.“We know.” Robot interrupted.“I’m just worried it won’t work.” Monster frowned.“If you do it, right, it will.” Monstywise replied, taking the spellbook. “What I don’t understand is how this would end up in a library?”“I was wondering the same thing.” Robot agreed.“You didn’t recite anything else, did you?” Monstywise asked.“No, but we did find some interesting spells, in there.” Robot answered.“Still, I think I better keep this hidden,” Monstywise vowed. “So no one else will make the same mistake.”“Thanks, Monstywise.” Robot nodded.“You know what to do, right?” Monstywise asked.“Of course.” Robot replied.“Perfect, see you on Halloween night,” Monstywise grinned, before morphing into a shadow, and disappearing. “And good luck.”“I hope we never have to see that book, again…” Monster sighed. “Or anybody to see it…”“Yeah,” Robot agreed. “Let’s get home, Monster.”On their way home, another voice called out, “Robot, Monster!”“Oh, hey, J.D. and Spitfire.” Robot greeted the two well-known ladies of Bevelhorn.“Where have you guys been?” Spitfire, the red motorcycle-Mechanical, asked. “You weren’t at the Makin’ Bacon, for the past few weeks.”“W-Well, that’s kind of a long story.” Robot replied.“What’s wrong?” J.D., the large, turquoise fish-like Organic, asked. “Did something happen?”“Sort of,” Monster answered. “But you girls won’t believe it…”“Come on, it can’t be that crazy, can it?” Spitfire nearly scoffed.“Oh, it can,” Robot nodded. “And it is.”“Even if we did tell you,” Monster frowned. “You’d think we’re crazy…”“You don’t know that.” Spitfire replied.“Well, come to the park, this Friday night,” Robot replied. “And you’ll see.” Both girls only looked at each other, in confusion, and only wondered why the boys would request to join them on October 30th.
RnM: The Were-Monster! Ch. 4When Robot DeFault and Monster Krumholtz returned home from work, that evening, Robot looked at the spellbook they recently checked out, from the library, hoping to decipher one spell, in particular. “I definitely know this language.” he nodded.“What does it mean?” Monster asked.Robot then translated, “It means:‘Grow in size,Sharpen teeth and claws.Never fear, my friend,Your heart and mind will never change.’”“Well,” Monster sighed. “At least it’s straight to the point.” Soon, when a knock was heard at the door, Monster answered it, and there stood his girlfriend, Lizzie. “Oh, hey, Lizzie.” he greeted, before giving her a hug.“I came as quick as I could,” Lizzie replied, before gently pulling away. “Now, what are you and Robot up to?”“Well, come in here,” Monster replied, “And we’ll explain.”“You might find this hard to believe, Lizzie,” Robot added, before revealing the cover of the book. “But this is what Monster and I are looking at.”“‘Magic Made Easy’?” Lizzie read aloud.“Y-You see, I recited one of the spells,” Monster explained. “And now, during a full moon, I turn into some kind of beast.”“‘Beast’?” Lizzie asked, before remembering something. “Well, I did hear some roars, the past few nights.”“That was me,” Monster explained, further. “But I never hurt anybody. “Now, we’re trying to find an antidote, for this.” he went on.“Are you sure it’s just during a full moon?” Lizzie asked.“I think so,” Monster replied. “And, if it does, I’m gonna be stuck like this, every month, for three nights…”“Huh, looks like you were right, Monster,” Robot mused. “It says that the spell is only effective, during the full moon.”“Ah, I was right!” Monster sighed, in satisfaction.Later, that night, the moon was in a crescent shape, and Monster smiled, “No transformation!”“That confirms it, then,” Robot sighed, flipping through the pages, again. “But, now, where’s the antidote, for this?”Monster then gave Lizzie a nervous look, and frowned, “I didn’t know this would happen, I’m sorry, Lizzie.”“For what?” Lizzie asked. “You didn’t do anything wrong, did you?”“Well, no.” Monster shook his head.“Then, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” Lizzie went on.“I’m just worried you’ll run away, when you see my beastly form…” Monster explained.“I don’t think I will, now that I know that your mind isn’t affected,” Lizzie replied, as she and Monster shared another hug. “So don’t worry.”“Oh, here it is!” Robot announced, finding the spell’s antidote. “‘The victim can be cured by the power of-’... “‘True love’???” he finished, making sure he was reading it, correctly.“That’s it?” Lizzie asked. “Hmm, sounds simple, enough.”“But, Lizzie,” Robot explained, reading out the details. “The procedure is that you and Monster have to kiss, on Halloween night, at the stroke of midnight, and under a full moon.”“Now it sounds complicated…” Lizzie mused.“It’s still gonna be painful…” Monster gulped, before looking at the calendar. “And Halloween is still a month away.”At that, Robot wrote down the antidote, “Halloween night, midnight, full moon, and true love’s kiss.”“But, what if we don’t make it…?” Monster gulped, again.“The spell won’t be broken…” Robot replied.“Oh…” Monster whimpered, as his horns drooped down. “I don’t wanna turn into this beast, anymore…!”“You won’t, Monster, we’ll still help you.” Robot coaxed, hugging him. “Come on, please don’t cry.”“We’re gonna fix this.” Lizzie added, joining the hug.“I hope so…” Monster sniffled, drying his tears.“Besides, there’s still time to come up with a plan,” Robot went on, petting his best friend’s head. “And we won’t rest, until we do.”At that, Monster hugged back, and sniffled, again, “Thank you…”That night, after Lizzie went home, the boys prepared for bed, and Robot marked the calendar, for Halloween, “Break the spell, before midnight.”Monster only looked out the window, at the night sky, feeling a little hopeful, when Robot entered the room, and hugged him, again. “Thanks, Robot.” the purple Organic sighed.“Anything for you,” Robot replied. “My best pal, in the world. “Now, let me see those happy horns.” he coaxed. At that, Monster smiled, a bit, and his horns were upright, again; “That’s my Monster.” Robot smiled, as well, petting his head.“Thanks, again.” Monster sighed, in relief.“Let’s get some rest, now, buddy.” Robot replied.“Right.” Monster nodded, before snuggling under the covers, for the night.
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Muppets: A Groovy Little Thing Called LoveIt was a lovely winter evening, in Los Angeles, and the cast of the Muppet Theater was happy, after another successful show. Christmas was right around the corner, but something else was on Sam the American Eagle’s mind; he had been dating the Electric Mayhem’s keyboardist and founding member, Dr. Teeth, for over a year, but he never thought that he would. For as long as he could remember, he was taught that same-sex couples were illegal, but, on his first date with the eccentric musician, he learned that they have been fully-legal, for years. This evening, Sam didn’t know whether to make his announcement, right there, in front of every other Muppet, or wait until he and Dr. Teeth were alone. That, coupled with Dr. Teeth acting so odd, earlier, made him a little antsy.When he finally reached his decision, the light blue, bald eagle cleared his throat, and turned to the portly, orange-haired hippie. “Dr. Teeth,” he began. “You and I have been together, for a while, now, and people don’t dispute it, anymore.”“Of course,” Dr. Teeth nodded. “Times have changed, since the ‘70s.”“Hmm,” Sam nodded, back, before standing up from his seat. “Teeth, there’s something I must say, to you, now.”“What’s that?” Dr. Teeth asked, growing a little nervous, and not knowing the outcome.“Well, as you know,” Sam began, getting down on one knee. “As an eagle, I have certain instincts…”On the other side of the room, Dr. Teeth’s bandmate, bassist Sgt. Floyd Pepper, looked over, and slowly smiled, “Is it happening?”Floyd’s adoptive daughter, Mickey Wolf-Pepper, joined him, and gasped, wagging her tail in anticipation, “Ooh!”Sam slowly pulled a small box from behind his back, and continued, “...and these instincts tell me that we should remain together, for all time.” Dr. Teeth’s eyes widened, and his nervousness went away, as Sam opened the box, revealing a beautiful ring. “Dr. Teeth, keyboardist and fearless leader of the Electric Mayhem,” the American Eagle slowly smiled. “Will you marry me?”Floyd turned to the rest of the band, and whispered, excitedly, “It’s happening!”“Ooh, rully!” Janice, the guitarist gasped.Dr. Teeth’s famous smile never faltered, as he pulled Sam into a tight hug, and laughed, “Sam Eagle, of course, I will!”Sam was surprised, at the hug, but he smiled, and hugged, back, being cautious not to drop the ring, while several other Muppets cheered them on. “Way to go, you two!” Floyd called out, laughing heartily. “He actually did it!” Roosevelt Eagle, Sam’s son, gasped, in pleasant surprise.“Oh, we gotta have a celebration, for this!” Dr. Teeth kept smiling, as Sam slipped the ring onto his finger.“Celebration???” Sam gasped, in surprise.“Yeah, why not?” Dr. Teeth chuckled, hugging him, again.“But… doesn’t the celebration come later?” Sam asked, hugging him, back, slightly.“That’s an ordinary thing, Sam,” Dr. Teeth laughed. “And you know I’m anything but ordinary.”“Y-Yes,” Sam replied. “But, still-...” “Don’t worry about it, baby,” Dr. Teeth reassured him, playfully poking his nose. “This will be a night to remember.”During the party, a few Muppets congratulated the new couple, and, even though Sam was a little embarrassed, he was still glad that he wasn’t breaking any laws. “Congratulations, you two!” Rowlf the Dog smiled.“Aw, thank you, Rowlf.” Dr. Teeth smiled, back.“Yes, thank you, Rowlf.” Sam added, blushing.“Uh, don’t take the celebration too far, tonight.” Rowlf reminded them, stifling a few giggles.“Why are you laughing?” Sam asked, flatly.“Uh… I’ll explain, later, Sam.” Dr. Teeth answered, turning a little pink, himself.“Here is a Muppet News Flash!” the Muppet Newsman announced to no one in particular, while still making Sam facepalm. “Dr. Teeth and Sam the Eagle recently engaged; details at 11:00.” As Sam then went to get a drink, Dr. Teeth met up with his soon-to-be stepchildren, Roosevelt and Isabelle Eagle. “Wow,” Isabelle smiled. “I didn’t think Dad had it in him.”“But he did.” Dr. Teeth smiled, back, proudly.“Yeah,” Roosevelt chuckled. “And soon, you two are gonna get married.”“Yep, we’re gonna tie the knot,” Dr. Teeth listed off. “Get hitched, become espoused, join together in holy matrimony…”“O-okay, okay, Doc,” Roosevelt gently halted, knowing how much the good doctor loved creatively utilizing big words in his speech. “I think Isabelle and I get the idea.”“You might wanna get used to it, though.” Dr. Teeth reminded them, with a chuckle.“It will definitely make things more interesting.” Isabelle nodded.“Congratulations, you two.” Roosevelt added, as Sam returned.“This is a new thing, for me,” Sam admitted, as Dr. Teeth wrapped a long arm around him. “But I think I can manage.”A few seconds later, Mickey approached them, and asked, “When’s the big day gonna be?”“Oh, that may take some discussing, Mickey.” Sam replied.“Too true,” Dr. Teeth agreed. “Too true.”“I didn’t think it would happen, at all.” Zoot, the saxophone player, mused, slowly shaking his head.“No, but I did.” Janice giggled. “Same here, baby.” Floyd agreed.“Thanks, guys.” Dr. Teeth smiled, his gold tooth glinting in the light.Later on, Sam and Dr. Teeth went outside, for some alone time, and sat on the roof of the Electric Mayhem’s bus, overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. “A swell view, isn’t it?” Sam asked.“It posilutely is, baby.” Dr. Teeth sighed, happily, feeling the brisk winter air.“Hmm, I didn’t think, for the life of me, that I would end up proposing to someone like you.” Sam nodded.“But ya did,” Dr. Teeth smiled. “And soon, we’ll be gettin’ hitched.”“‘Hitched’...” Sam nodded, slowly, assuming that was another one of Dr. Teeth’s famous synonyms.“Yeah, you know,” Dr. Teeth recalled. “It’s kind of a funny thing that happened, today, Sam.”“‘Funny’?” Sam asked.“Well, let me explain,” Dr. Teeth went on. “See, a while back, I predicted that you were gonna propose, this month.”Sam suddenly bugged his eyes out, at that statement, and stammered, remembering that his fiancee had psychic powers, “Y-You knew about it???”“I mean, I knew it was gonna be this month,” Dr. Teeth clarified. “But I didn’t exactly know the day.”“Oh,” Sam realized, feeling relieved. “Well, you didn’t happen to look further than that, did you?”“Not a chance, Sam,” Dr. Teeth shook his head, abruptly. “I didn’t wanna risk gettin’ another splitting headache.”“Oh, right,” Sam nodded, remembering what happened, every time the portly hippie used those mind powers, for too long. “But I don’t see how that’s funny?”“I’m getting to that.” Dr. Teeth replied, pulling an identically small box from his back pocket. “Anyways, in case my little premonition was somehow off, I went and got a ring, myself, today, so I could propose.”Sam’s piercing blue eyes widened at the sight of the beautiful, shiny ring, and he gasped, “You planned to propose, too???”“Yeah,” Dr. Teeth chuckled. “Ain’t that a funny thing?”“Only slightly, Teeth,” Sam sighed, unamused, but still accepting the ring, anyway. “Only slightly.”Dr. Teeth only chuckled, snuggled closer, and sighed, “A new chapter in our lives, just waiting to happen.”“Indeed,” Sam sighed, back, holding Dr. Teeth’s hand in his wing, and entwining their fingers/feathers. “And now, I know why you were acting so strange, earlier.” “You mean, stranger than usual?” Dr. Teeth chuckled, kissing his cheek. “Mwah.” “Yes.” Sam chuckled, back, blushing, slightly, at the kiss. All his life, Sam Eagle wasn’t too tolerant of “weirdos”, but now, he was engaged to one of the biggest weirdos of all, and there was no turning back. Despite Dr. Teeth being a world-class weirdo, Sam didn’t want to change a thing about him: he was good-looking, talented, intelligent, and passionate about his work, which meant that he fit the American eagle’s standards, to a tee. Dr. Teeth wasn’t ordinarily fond of anything “not groovy”, but, somehow, Sam Eagle flew his way into his heart, and there was no getting rid of him. It’s been said that opposites attract, and, with this couple, it seemed to be accurate, with a groovy little thing called love.
The Simpsons: The Excellent Marriage Ch. 19The next morning, Waylon Smithers slowly woke up, holding his new husband, C. Montgomery Burns, in his arms. To make sure it wasn’t a dream, he looked at his left hand, and there was the ring, glimmering in the sunlight. He smiled, gently kissed Burns’s forehead, and thought, “I don’t wanna get up, yet.” Waylon slowly closed his eyes, and thought, again, “My dearest Monty.”About an hour later, Burns woke up, running his slender fingers through Smithers’s light brown hair, and making him smile. Monty kissed his cheek, and coaxed, “Smithers, wake up.”“Hmm…?” Smithers muttered, slowly opening his eyes.“Come, Waylon,” Burns coaxed, again. “It’s almost time for breakfast.”“Yes, sir.” Smithers yawned, blushing a bit. After their rather intimate wedding night, he and Burns were a little embarrassed about waking up, in the buff. “Mmm, what a night that was.” Waylon blushed, more, putting on his hot pink robe.“Indeed.” Burns agreed, tying on his own robe.After Smithers made a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and coffee, he and Burns sat at the dining room table. “This might be a fairly simple honeymoon,” Burns mused. “But we’ll make the most of it.”“I don’t mind.” Smithers replied, before he and Burns shared a kiss.That afternoon, Burns sat alone, and pondered, for a while, wondering who would inherit the Nuclear Power Plant, the stately Burns Manor, and his fortune, in the future. “Hmm… Young Jason, perhaps?” he sighed, hundreds of thoughts racing through his mind. “He is very intelligent, but I just wonder how Waylon would take it…?”That evening, as he and Smithers were reading, in the library, Burns brought up his inheritance dilemma, and, at first, Waylon was a little confused. “I had the idea of your nephew, Young Jason, collecting the inheritance.” Burns admitted.“Wh-...?” Smithers gasped. “Jason?”“Yes, I know, it sounds like total hokum,” Burns sighed. “And I had a feeling you wouldn’t like hearing it.”“‘Wouldn’t like it’?” Smithers started to smile, before hugging him. “I think it’s a splendid idea, Monty!”“Oh!” Burns gasped, at the hug. “You think so?”“Of course,” Smithers replied, making Burns hug him, back. “Besides, I’m sure it’ll work out, just fine.”Burns slowly smiled, in relief, finally said, before kissing his husband, “Excellent.”
The Simpsons: The Excellent Marriage Ch. 18The next morning, Waylon Smithers woke up, in his uncle, Wesley’s, house, with a spring in his step; today was his wedding day, and he couldn’t wait to get married to the love of his life, C. Montgomery Burns. As he stepped out of the shower, and threw on a shirt, some pants, and his hot pink robe, he sighed, “Today is the big day.” As he went downstairs, he found Wesley in the kitchen, making a French toast breakfast; “Morning, Uncle Wesley.” he greeted.“Mornin’, to you, Waylon.” Wesley smiled, back.Soon, Waylon’s older brother, Benjamin, came downstairs and asked, “You ready for the big day, little bro?”“Boy, am I ever!” Smithers sighed. “Oh, for the first time, in years, I feel truly happy.”“You’ll make a great groom, Waylon.” his cousin, Allison, smiled, entering the room.“Come on, now,” Wesley chuckled. “We all need our nourishment, before we go.”Meanwhile, at Burns Manor, Mr. Burns was having breakfast, himself, when a backup servant, Wallace Wolf, piped up, “Master Burns, it’s almost time to get ready.”“Oh, it’s not even noon, yet.” Burns sighed, feeling a little antsy.“Still, it is best to get ready, early,” Wallace insisted. “I’ve done the same, on my wedding day.”“Well, if you insist.” Burns sighed, again.After showering, Burns checked to make sure that everything was ready, for that afternoon: the altar and pews were all set up, the tables were set, the wedding dinner was ready, and all that was left, was for the cake and guests to arrive. At 12:30, Burns got dressed in a black tuxedo he picked out, and Wallace found him a proper boutonniere. “How do I look?” Burns asked, straightening out his tie.“You look perfect, Master Burns.” Wallace reassured him.“So he’ll find me irresistible.” Burns chuckled, softly, putting on some cologne.At 1:00, the guest began arriving, along with the cake, and Burns gulped, nervously, “Oh, good heavens…!”“You’re not getting cold feet, now, are you?” Wallace asked.“Oh, I don’t know, Wallace,” Burns worried. “I haven’t any experience, in marrying another man…!”“Now, now, Master Burns, settle down,” Wallace coaxed, calmly. “And don’t worry, everything will be just fine.”“I hope you’re right…” Burns gulped, before taking a drink of water, and making his way downstairs. “Oh, come on, Monty, you can do this! “Get a grip, man!” he told himself, before smacking himself in the face.Meanwhile, after Smithers and his family arrived at the Manor, he turned to Ben, and asked, “Do I look okay, Ben?”“You look perfect, Waylon,” Ben replied, straightening his brother’s tie. “By the way, you look pretty good, in blue.”“Thanks.” Smithers chuckled, modestly. “Good luck, out there.” Allison piped up, hugging him.“This is it.” Smithers sighed, trying to remain calm.“You better be calm enough,” Wesley replied, checking his watch, and looking out at the full pews. “It’s almost time.”Finally, 2:00 arrived, and Homer Simpson prepared to deliver the sermon, before Burns joined him, at the front. The old man looked to his right, and there stood one of Smithers’s ex-boyfriends, Tyler Harrison, also adjusting his tie. “Hmm, I thought Smithers would make Ben the best man, instead.” Burns observed.“I think Ben’s the photographer.” Homer whispered.“Splendid…” Burns sneered, slightly, rolling his eyes.Suddenly, as the appropriate music began playing, Homer looked up, and smiled, a bit, “Ooh!”Burns wondered what Homer was looking at, looked down the aisle, and there was Waylon Smithers, wearing his father’s old suit, and wearing a purely joyful grin on his face. Burns’s sneer disappeared, and was replaced with a smile, as Smithers walked down the aisle. “What a momentous day.” Monty thought.“This is it.” Smithers thought, as he made it to the front, and Burns took his hand in his.After Homer began the first part of the sermon, he allowed the grooms to say their vows. “Waylon Smithers Jr.,” Burns began, with a smile. “You have been by my side, for over 30 years, in my darkest times, and even in my financial despair. “I’ve always admired the way you’ve listened to me, and you always kept me on the straight and narrow.” he went on. “You, Waylon, are my lucky star.”Homer then softly sniffled, wiping a tear from his eye, “That was beautiful…”Smithers took a deep breath, and calmed himself, before saying his own vows. “C. Montgomery Burns,” he began. “I’ve admired you, for over 30 years. “I’m happy to be by your side, in any situation, and I hope to remain by your side, in the future.” he went on, making Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard quietly sob. “Money doesn’t matter, to me, and I will always love you, for you, forever.”Homer wiped another tear from his eye, and moved onto the big question. “Now… do you, Charles Montgomery Burns, take Waylon Smithers Jr. to be your lawfully-wedded life partner, in sickness and in health, for better or worse,” he asked. “‘Til death do you part?”“I will.” Burns smiled, holding Waylon’s hand.“And, do you, Waylon Smithers Jr., take C. Montgomery Burns to be your lawfully-wedded life partner, in sickness and in health, for better or worse,” Homer asked, turning to Smithers. “‘Til death do you part?”Smithers sighed, happily, and answered, “I do.”Jason then stepped forward, carrying the rings, one normal-sized one, and a rather small one, for Burns. “Congratulations, you guys.” he whispered, as the couple slipped on the rings.“And now, by the power invested in me, Homer J. Simpson,” Homer concluded. “I now pronounce you two married. “You may kiss the groom.” he finished.At that, Burns and Smithers finally kissed, and the crowd cheered and applauded; “Amazing how he waited this long!” Burns thought, before he pulled away.“At last.” Smithers sighed, happily.Burns then looked over Waylon’s shoulder, and chuckled, “Oh, I think someone’s making memories.”Smithers looked behind him, and Ben had snapped a photo of their kiss, prompting Waylon to chuckle, slightly, “So he is.”As the party began, Burns turned to Smithers, and observed, “Smithers, you look rather dashing, in your father’s old suit.”“And I knew you’d look handsome, today, as well.” Smithers replied.“I am a handsome devil, aren’t I?” Burns chuckled.Michael Wisnat, a close friend of the Smithers clan, approached the couple, and smiled, “Congratulations, Waylon, you finally did it.”“Thank you, Michael.” Smithers smiled, back, hugging him.“And Monty?” Michael went on, turning to Burns. “Those vows were very moving.”“Well, I meant them.” Burns smiled.“And that’s my favorite part, so far.” Smithers sighed, blissfully.During the banquet, all the guests sat at the long tables, until Wesley tapped his glass, and stood up. “I’d like to propose a toast,” he announced. “To the newest couple, in Springfield. “It may have taken them over three decades,” he went on. “But now, I wish you two a prosperous future.” Everyone else agreed, and raised their glasses, while Wesley finished, “Cheers.”A few minutes later, as the guests chatted away, Smithers met up with Tyler, who brought his new boyfriend, Stewart, as his “plus one”. “How are things going, for you, Tyler?” Waylon asked. “Well, after a few weeks of dating,” Tyler smiled. “Things are going rather swimmingly.” “No wonder you liked Tyler, Waylon,” Stewart smiled, putting an arm around the orange-haired man. “He is so sweet.” “Told you so.” Smithers chuckled.“I think we might get married, soon.” Tyler blushed, resting his head on Stewart’s shoulder, and accepting a kiss on his forehead. As the party continued, Burns got onto the stage, and sang “The Way You Look, Tonight”, making Smithers swoon, several times. “Oh… Monty…” he gasped. “What a man…!”“What a hopeless romantic he is.” Allison giggled, to herself.At about 6:00, almost everyone else left, but Michael, his family, and the rest of the Smithers clan remained, to give their goodbyes. “Thanks for coming, you guys.” Smithers smiled, hugging his family members.“Thanks for inviting us.” Wesley smiled, back.“Hope to see you, soon, man.” Michael waved.“I’ll be sure to get these photos developed, soon, little bro.” Ben smiled.“Thanks Ben.” Smithers smiled, back.“And, um…” Ben smirked. “Good luck.”Smithers figured out what he meant, shook his head in disgust, and muttered, “Brothers…”Suddenly, Jason ran up to him, hugged him, and smiled, “Last hug!”“Aww.” Smithers chuckled, hugging him, back.“Love you, Uncle Waylon.” Jason sighed.“Love you, too, Jay.” Smithers replied. “See you, soon!” Jason waved, before joining his parents.Finally, all the guests left, and Smithers closed the Manor’s doors, and sighed, “Ah, alone, at last.”“Champagne, Waylon?” Burns offered, once they entered the library.“Yes, sir.” Smithers smiled, uncorking the champagne bottle, and filling their flutes. “Ah, this is the life.”“Indeed,” Burns agreed. “And what a wedding that was.”“I loved it, when you sang, Monty.” Smithers sighed, remembering that number.“I could tell by your swooning.” Burns chuckled, before Smithers pulled him in for a kiss. “Careful, Smithers, we don’t want to get too hasty, too early, now.” They laughed and talked, for a while longer, until the entire bottle of champagne was completely gone, and it was time for bed.When the two entered the room, Smithers locked the door, and Burns turned to him. “Now, wait here, Waylon, and strip down to your boxers,” he purred, before going to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.” Smithers had a feeling that tonight was going to be more interesting, so he obeyed, and sat in bed, awaiting his new husband. After about a minute, Burns stepped out of the bathroom, also in his underwear, but as he drew closer, Smithers noticed that he was wearing more cologne, than before.“Ooh…” Smithers gasped, and blushed.“Now, now,” Burns coaxed, putting a hand to his cheek, and kissing him. “I won’t bite.”As their kisses grew deeper, Smithers softly muttered, his heart rate increasing, steadily, “Monty…”“Relax.” Burns purred, after gently kissing his neck.“I’ve been waiting for this, for so long…” Smithers blushed, removing his glasses.“And now, your patience will be rewarded.” Burns sighed, gently running his fingers through Waylon’s hair, and kissing him, again.
The Simpsons: The Excellent Marriage Ch. 17About a week later, Waylon Smithers sat in the living room of his uncle, Wesley’s house, nervous and excited about his upcoming marriage to his boss and longtime best friend, C. Montgomery Burns. The wedding was still another day away, and he didn’t want to cause any bad luck by letting Monty see him, before the wedding. “Two weddings in one month?” Wesley mused. “What are the odds?”“I know, Uncle Wesley,” Smithers gasped, excitedly. “And I can’t wait!”“Hey, Uncle Waylon,” his nephew, Jason, called, from upstairs. “I found something, up in the attic!”When Smithers reached the attic, Jason revealed a box full of stuff that once belonged to Waylon’s deceased father, Waylon Smithers Sr.; “Oh, look at that.” Smithers smiled. “What’s with this giant hat?” Jason asked, holding up an oversized green hat, with a tag reading 10/6.Jason’s mother, Allison peeked in, and giggled, noticing the hat, “Oh, Waylon Sr. used to wear that, whenever I hosted tea parties.”Jason tried on the hat, and giggled, as it covered his eyes, “It’s huge!”“I think that’s the whole point, Jay.” Smithers chuckled. He looked into the box, and pulled out an old, blue business suit, with a red necktie. As he looked it over, he got an idea, and gasped, before dashing into one of the spare rooms, downstairs, “I’ll be right back!”A few minutes later, he stepped out of the room, wearing the old suit, and the rest of his family grew wide-eyed. “How do I look?” Waylon asked.“Oh my god…!” his aunt, Rosemarie, gasped.“Waylon,” Allison gasped. “You look amazing!”“You think so?” Smithers smiled.“You look so handsome!” Rosemarie gasped, again.“Oh, if Waylon Sr. could see ya, now,” Wesley smiled. “You almost look like him.”“I believe this will be my suit of choice, for tomorrow,” Smithers vowed. “And now, I won’t have to rent a tuxedo.”“Monty’s gonna love that.” Wesley chuckled.“So, no bachelor party?” Waylon’s older brother, Benjamin, asked. “No,” Smithers shook his head. “Monty and I agreed not to have one.”At dinner, the family discussed what else would be at the wedding; “What kind of cake will it be, this time?” Jason asked, taking a bite of his lasagna.“Chocolate,” Smithers explained. “With a hint of lavender.” “That’ll be somethin’!” Wesley mused.“I still can’t believe you had everything set up, so early!” Ben gasped, turning to his brother.“Yeah, the past week was a little dull,” Smithers chuckled, modestly. “But Monty and I still found ways to entertain ourselves. “Oh, what a wedding it will be.” he sighed, blissfully.
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Cell Block Tango (Robot and Monster edition)Me: Spritz…Perry: Three…J.D.: Pow…Monstywise: Uh-uh…Ashley: Bevelhorn…Robot: Monster…Ogo: And now, six of our illustrious guests, in their rendition of “The Cell Block Tango”.Me: Spritz…Perry: Three…J.D.: Pow…Monstywise: Uh-uh…Ashley: Bevelhorn…Robot: Monster…Me: Spritz…Perry: Three…J.D.: Pow…Monstywise: Uh-uh…Ashley: Bevelhorn…Robot: Monster…Me: Spritz!Perry: Three!J.D.: Pow!Monstywise: Uh-uh!Ashley: Bevelhorn!Robot: Monster!Me: Spritz!Perry: Three!J.D.: Pow!Monstywise: Uh-uh!Ashley: Bevelhorn!Robot: Monster!Me: Spritz!Perry: Three!J.D.: Pow!Monstywise: Uh-uh!Ashley: Bevelhorn!Robot: Monster!All: She had it comin’,She had it comin’,She only had herself to blame.If you’d have been there,If you’d have seen it,I bet’cha you would have done the same! Me: Spritz!Perry: Three!J.D.: Pow!Monstywise: Uh-uh!Ashley: Bevelhorn!Robot: Monster!Me: Spritz!Perry: Three!J.D.: Pow!Monstywise: Uh-uh!Ashley: Bevelhorn!Robot: Monster!Me: You know how people have these tendencies that drive you batty?Like Miss Holder…Miss Holder was into beauty,But one of her beauty hacks? A spritz.So I stagger into the studio, one day, I’m really irritated, and I’m looking for a bit of slack,And there was Miss Holder, standing by the mirror, holding hairspray and perfume.Both are made to, yep, you guessed it, spritz!So I then said to her, “You spritz that stuff, one more time…!” (coughs)And she did… So I grabbed a nearby chair and then threw it at her…Knocking her wig, right off!All: She had it comin’,She had it comin’,She only had herself to blame.If you’d have been there,If you’d have heard it,I bet’cha you would have done the same! Perry: I kinda admired Bea Holder, for a while,And she told me I’d get respect.Well, who could argue with that?She then made me Standard Beauty, we’d talk a while, she’d take a few photos, and flatter me.But then, I found out…“Respect”, she said.“Respect”, my chassis!Not only was she abusive, oh no… she had three bodyguards.One of those crazies, you know?So, during another meeting, we talked about beauty and ugliness…You know, some gals just can’t take their honesty!All: She had it comin’,She had it comin’,She took a flower in its prime.And then she used it,And she abused it!It was a talk-back, but not a crime! J.D.: I was riding around, with my friend, Spitfire, one evening,And we were minding our own business.Soon, Bea Holder approaches us with a crazy look in her eye, and she points at me."You will be mine, alone!" she said.She was insane! And she kept shouting, "You will be mine, alone!"And then she ran into my fist…She ran into my fist, ten times!All: If you’d have been there,If you’d have seen it,I bet’cha you would have done the same! Monstywise: (translated from Latin) How is this possible?I always thought I was the scariest thing, in town,But that Bea Holder is scarier than me!I almost thought about eating her, but I didn’t,Instead, I issued a warning, and called her plastic,Hoping that would work.Perry: Yeah, but did it work?Monstywise: Uh-uh, she’s guilty!Ashley: My career has always involved music,And dancing and acrobatics are always welcome, in the act.Usually, for a finale, I use several special effects, in a row:Lights, confetti, sparks, fire, glitter, trapdoors, balance beams, you get the idea.Now, before one show, I stayed at the Hotel Bevelhorn,Myself, my colleagues, and my boyfriend, having some dinner,And soon, it was time for rehearsal.I go to the stage, look to the control panel,And there was Bea Holder, ready to activate the seventh effect… the trapdoor!Well, I was in a state of shock,I didn’t know how she could get past security, so easily!It wasn’t until later, when the concert finally ended,I even knew she was a fraud! She had it comin’,She had it comin’,She had it comin’, all along.I didn’t do it,But if I’d done it,How could you tell me that I was wrong?She had it comin’,She had it comin’,She had it comin’, all along.I didn’t do it,But if I’d done it,How could you tell me that I was wrong? Robot: Monster Krumholtz is my very best friend,I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else,He’s a sweet guy,Sensitive, even.When he planned to become the Standard Beauty, I supported him,But Bea Holder chose me, instead.I was surprised, but during my time with her, she kept everyone I knew away.She cast out Perry, Monster, J.D., and Spitfire.I guess you could say I left Bea Holder, because of our moral differences:She then saw me as ugly,And I saw her as a fake!All: The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum!The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum!She had it comin’, (She had it comin’)She had it comin’, (She had it comin’)She had it comin’, all along,‘Cause, if she used us,And she abused us,How could you tell us that we were wrong?She had it comin’, (She had it comin’)She had it comin’, (She had it comin’)She only had herself to blame,If you’d have been there,If you’d have seen it,I bet’cha you would have done the same! Me: You spritz that stuff, one more time…!Perry: “Respect”, my chassis!J.D.: Ten times!Monstywise: Et edita post monitionem.Ashley: The seventh effect, the trapdoor!Robot: Moral differences.Me: Spritz…Perry: Three…J.D.: Pow…Monstywise: Uh-uh…Ashley: Bevelhorn…Robot: Monster…(end scene)
Muppets: When I Kissed the Weirdo(a parody of “When I Kissed the Teacher”, by ABBA, and sung by Sam Eagle)Sam: (sighs, as he recalls when he accidentally blurted out how he feels about Dr. Teeth, in front of several other Muppets) Nobody screamed, when I kissed the weirdo,But they must have thought they dreamed, when I kissed the weirdo.I couldn’t keep my cool.I have never seen that weirdo blush, he looked like a fool.Nearly petrified,‘Cause he was taken by surprise. When I kissed the weirdo,He couldn’t quite believe his eyes. When I kissed the weirdo,My whole mind went wild.As I held my breath, the world stood still, but then, he just smiled.I was in the 7th heaven, when I kissed the weirdo.One of these days, I’m gonna tell him I think of him, every night.One of these days, I’m gonna show him I care. Gonna teach him a lesson, all right.I was in a trance, when I kissed the weirdo.Suddenly, I took the chance, when I kissed the weirdo.Sitting next to me,He was regaling with some tales and distant memories.And I couldn’t help it. I just had to kiss the weirdo.One of these days, I’m gonna tell him I think of him, every night.One of these days, I’m gonna show him I care. Gonna teach him a lesson, all right.What a crazy day, when I kissed the weirdo.All my sense had flown away, when I kissed the weirdo.My whole mind went wild.As I held my breath, the world stood still, but then, he just smiled.I was in the 7th heaven, when I kissed the weirdo. (as he sings, he smiles, a bit, pulling out a ring-box, from behind his back, ready to propose, in the very near future)
Muppets: Groovy Beginnings Ch. 5Mickey was eager to hear the Electric Mayhem’s stories, but she wanted to learn more, so she turned to Janice, and asked, “What’s your side of the story, Janice?”“Well, like, I did mention that my parents didn’t like it, when I played my guitar, around them,” Janice sighed. “Especially when they wanted things to be quiet, you know.”“You mean, they were…?” Mickey asked.“Yeah,” Janice nodded. “Totally boring bummers…”“Gee…” Mickey gasped.“I moved in with Lips, when I was a teenager,” Janice explained. “I couldn’t move in with Floyd, because his folks had a lot on their plates.” “Oh.” Mickey nodded.“The day I moved in,” Janice went on. “Lips’s dad, Luis, helped get me settled in, and he even allowed the rest of us to play some songs, for him and Jaques.”“Cool,” Mickey smiled, before moving on to her next question. “But, you said that your parents disowned you, after?”“Yeah,” Janice nodded. “That happened, when they found out where I was.”“But, why did they do that?” Mickey asked.“Oh, I dunno, rully,” Janice shrugged. “But these guys have stayed by my side, through it all, especially Floyd.”“We weren’t gonna let anyone harm her.” Floyd added, putting an arm around her.As Lips played a smooth tune on his trumpet, Mickey turned to Dr. Teeth, and asked, “Anything I don’t know about you, yet, Doc?”“Hmm, I’m not sure,” Dr. Teeth mused. “You already know that my folks were bad role models, that I ran away, when I was 14, that I found our famous bus, and that I had braces.”“Huh, I guess you’re right.” Mickey mused, as well.“Say, Teeth,” Floyd piped up. “Do you still have your old yearbook, somewhere?”At that, Dr. Teeth’s face turned pale, his eyes grew wider, and he gulped, knowing that his younger photo was discommodious, for him. “Uh, no,” he gulped. “W-Why would I?”“Come on, Doc,” Mickey urged. “I wanna see, for history’s sake, at least.”“No one can see that cursed book.” Dr. Teeth insisted.“I found it!” Floyd called, holding up an early-1970s yearbook, and worrying the good doctor, again.Dr. Teeth swiftly stretched one of his long arms out, and swatted the book out of Floyd’s hand; while the good doctor was distracted, Mickey fetched the book, herself, and flipped through the pages, until she found what she was looking for. “Oh,” she smiled, finally seeing the young, nerdy-looking Dr. Teeth. “So that’s what he looked like?”“Oh no…!” Dr. Teeth gulped.“He looks so cute!” Mickey giggled. “What’s wrong with it, Doc? “You look so adorable!” she went on.“Not to me, I don’t.” Dr. Teeth frowned, taking the book back, and closing it. “No one needs to see that memento of myself with more metal in my mouth.”“Come on, Doc,” Mickey reassured him, hugging him. “I think you looked fine, back then. “And, besides, you’re still cool, to this day.” she went on.“Well…” Dr. Teeth stammered, before pulling himself together, and petting her head. “I guess you’re right, bug.”“By the way,” Mickey asked, again. “When did you get those braces?”“At the start of middle school, but right before summer vacation ended,” Dr. Teeth explained. “I was livin’ with Luis, for a while, but when I got back from a jam session, that day, he didn’t have the best news, at least, for my ears. “He said that I had to get braces, before school began,” he went on. “And I worried that those braces would make me look funny.” “I think they looked cute.” Mickey piped up.“Well, sure enough,” Dr. Teeth sighed. “When my classmates saw me with those braces, they poked fun at me, but, a few days later, when those same kids heard me playing piano, their teasing stopped.”“Oh, that’s a relief.” Mickey smiled.“Yep, then, one day, when I was playin’ piano,” Dr. Teeth recalled, looking at Floyd and Animal. “Two familiar faces arrived.”“At first, Animal and I were a duo,” Floyd added. “But, when we heard, and recognized, Teeth’s playing, we decided to become a trio, instead, until we became the sextet we are, today.”“Anyway,” Dr. Teeth went on. “Despite me lookin’ funny, for a while, not many people poked fun at me, for the braces, especially when my teeth got straighter.”“That’s good to know.” Mickey smiled.“They may have been a pain, in my mouth,” Dr. Teeth sighed. “But they helped."There was one more band member Mickey didn’t ask, yet, and that was Zoot, so she then asked, “What about you, Zoot?”“Huh?” Zoot perked up, after almost falling asleep, again.“Your childhood, before what happened, with your dad,” Mickey clarified. “What was it like?”“Well, don’t be surprised if I fall asleep, while I tell it, baby.” Zoot sighed, making Mickey giggle. “One day, my folks learned about my crashing, during the day, and they took me to the doctor, for a dia-who-sis…?”“You mean, ‘diagnosis’?” Mickey asked.“Yeah, that.” Zoot nodded. “Anyways, it turned out that I luckily didn’t have narco-somethin’-or-other…”“Narcolepsy, Zoot.” Floyd corrected him.“Oh, yeah, that.” Zoot nodded, again. “But, anyway, I did have to take one-a-day pills, so I wouldn’t doze off. “The pills did work, but I still felt sleepy, during the day.” he finished.“Whoa,” Mickey gasped. “That must have been tough.”“Yeah, but I still made it through.” Zoot sighed, lying back, in his seat.“But I wonder how Animal got lost?” Mickey asked.“I dunno.” Animal shrugged.“Oh.” Mickey sighed, before asking one final question. “Did you guys see my real parents, again, after everyone grew up?”“Well, sort of…” Floyd answered.“‘Sort of’?” Mickey asked.“During one of our gigs,” Floyd explained. “We saw them in the audience, and they saw us.”“Were there any kids, with them?” Mickey asked. “Like me, or Whiskey?”“Yeah, but it was only one kid,” Floyd replied. “Brown fur, with white streaks on his face.”“My brother.” Mickey smiled. “But why didn’t you go up to see them?”“We wanted to,” Zoot piped up. “But the crowd of fans made them disappear…”“Aww…” Mickey frowned.“However,” Zoot went on, making Mickey perk up. “When I saw your mom, Carrie, I instantly tossed my hat out, to her.”“Did she catch it?” Mickey asked, wagging her tail.“Yep,” Zoot nodded, as Mickey finally hugged him. “I wasn’t gonna let ‘em go, without letting them know that we still remembered them. “When I saw the look on Carrie’s face,” he went on. “I knew that she also remembered us.”“On top of that, every once in a while,” Floyd added. “We received letters from your father, Nickel.”“And we always replied to them.” Dr. Teeth piped up.“Then, one day, the letters suddenly stopped,” Floyd frowned. “And we started to get worried. “We sent more letters, and even called them up, hoping to arrange a meeting with them,” he went on. “But we didn’t get any reply. “It wasn’t until the day after we found you on our doorstep,” he finished. “That we realized what happened to them…”“We even received invitations, to their funerals…” Lips added.“Sad day…” Animal agreed.“I remember us staying a lot longer, than everyone else, after the funerals,” Dr. Teeth sighed. “We mostly stuck around, to pay more respects to them, by giving them small gifts we never had that chance to give them, before.”“Oh, like what?” Mickey asked.“Well, like music-themed jewelry, for Carrie,” Floyd listed. “A ukelele, for Nickel, and dollar coins, for both of them.”“I’m glad that you guys gave them those gifts.” Mickey smiled, before hugging him.“Anyway, those were our stories.” Dr. Teeth sighed.“And what great stories they were, too.” Mickey smiled, again.“Told ya they were crazy,” Lips chuckled. “But they all happened.”“A wild ride, man.” Zoot agreed.“Yeah,” Floyd chuckled, back, petting Mickey’s head. “But it was worth it, in the end.” Mickey was finally satisfied to hear the Electric Mayhem’s origin stories, and was happy to be part of their lives, now. She only hoped to have more adventures with the groovy band, soon, and wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.
Muppets: Groovy Beginnings Ch. 4Mickey Wolf-Pepper was still eager to learn more about the Electric Mayhem’s pasts, so she then turned to Floyd, and asked, “What was life like, for you, Floyd?”“Hmm, I guess I’ll start when I first found Animal,” Floyd began. “Back when I was about 4 years old.”(flashback)In 1960, as a much younger Floyd Pepper walked through the woods, one day, he was taking in the sights of nature, until he heard a crying noise. “Huh?” he wondered. “What’s that?” He followed the sound, until he saw a strange-looking baby, sitting on the ground, and sobbing. Floyd got closer to the baby, knelt down, and greeted, gently, “Hey, little guy.”“Huh?” the baby perked up, still teary-eyed.“Are you okay?” Floyd asked.“Lost…” the baby sniffled.“Oh, why don’t I take you home, with me?” Floyd gasped, making the strange baby give a hopeful look. “What’s your name, little guy?”“Animal.” the baby replied, as Floyd held him in his arms.“Nice to meet ya, Animal,” Floyd smiled. “I’m Floyd.”“Friends?” Animal asked.“Sure, I’ll be your friend.” Floyd nodded, hugging him.With that, he brought Animal back to his house, hoping that his parents wouldn’t mind. “Here we are, Animal.” Floyd smiled, entering the house, and Animal giggled, in response.“Well, well, Floyd,” Floyd’s father, Doug, noticed. “Who’s your little friend?”“Mom, Pop,” Floyd introduced. “This is Animal.”“Aww, he’s so cute!” his mother, Hollie, gushed. “But, where’s his mother at?”“Lost…” Animal replied, sadly.“Aww, poor thing.” Hollie frowned.“Can we keep him?” Floyd asked. “Please?”“If you’re sure about it.” Hollie replied.“Thanks, Mom,” Floyd smiled, as Animal hugged him, again. “I promise to take good care of him!”(flashback ends)“Best friends!” Animal smiled, hugging Floyd, again.“Wow, you guys must have been really close, back then.” Mickey smiled, back.“We still are, baby,” Floyd chuckled, petting Animal’s head. “And, when we went to school, we were two of the coolest kids who ever set foot, there.”“Yeah, cool kids!” Animal agreed.“And, in high school, we were pretty popular.” Floyd went on.(flashback)In 1975, Floyd and Animal sat in class, and Janice sat next to them. “How have you been, baby?” Floyd asked.“Better, now that I can play my guitar, more often.” Janice replied.“Cosmic, baby,” Floyd smiled. “By the way, wanna hang out, after school?”“Fer shure.” Janice nodded.After school, the young Electric Mayhem met up, outside, and Floyd observed, looking at Dr. Teeth, “Say, Teeth, you got your braces off!”“Indeed, I have!” Dr. Teeth smiled, proudly. “Say, what do you say we all have a jam session, at my hangout place?”“Sure, I’ll just let my folks know, first.” Floyd nodded.Soon, the band made it to Dr. Teeth’s hangout spot: a retired school bus, painted with groovy colors. “This bus will be up and running, soon.” Dr. Teeth sighed.“And, when it is,” Floyd added. “We’ll be known, all over.”“Yeah, who knows what the future will hold for us?” Lips piped up.“I think I can predict this,” Floyd smiled. “We’ll go way to the top.”“Tip-top,” Animal agreed. “Tip-top.”“Fer shure.” Janice nodded.“Yeah,” Dr. Teeth sighed, happily. “In the meantime, let’s jam, everybody.”(flashback ends)“And, from that point on,” Dr. Teeth finished. “We worked hard to put ourselves on the map.”
Muppets: Groovy Beginnings Ch. 3Even though one story was over, Mickey Wolf-Pepper still wanted to learn more about the Electric Mayhem. “What was school like?” she asked.“Huh, a little rough, to say the least,” Lips sighed. “Especially when it came to middle school.”(flashback)In 1972, a preteen Lips walked through the halls, wary of bullies, and thinking, “Please don’t be near my locker…” He looked around the corner, and, to his dismay, three bullies stood near his locker; “Keep it together Lipton,” he thought. “You can do this.” With that, he slowly approached his locker, and thought, “Don’t make eye-contact, and don’t respond to the insults.”“Hey, Lipton,” one bully smirked. “How’s it going, pipsqueak?” Lips only did his locker’s combination, without looking up, which made the bully rather irritated. “Hey, I’m talking to you!” he repeated. Lips flinched, but he grabbed his stuff, anyway, hoping that nothing else would happen. Suddenly, the bully picked him up, pinned him against the lockers, and growled, “I said, I’m talking to you!”“I heard you, fella.” Lips replied.“Then answer me, when I’m talking to you!” the bully snapped.“Well, what do you want from me?” Lips asked. “I don’t have anything worth stealing.”“Guess I’ll just beat you, then.” the bully smirked, raising his fist.Suddenly, the other two bullies ran away, and a familiar red-haired beast attacked the first bully, making him release a shocked Lips, and shrieking, “Get it off me! “Get it off!” he panicked, as the beast chewed on his arm. “Get it off!”“Get ‘im, Animal!” the beast’s red-haired friend cheered on.“‘Animal’???” Lips perked up, for that name sounded familiar.Finally, the bully ran away, the red-haired friend helped Lips up, and asked, “You okay, man?”“Yeah,” Lips sighed, in relief. “Thanks.”“Good thing that Animal took care of those morons, for ya.” the friend went on.“Yeah,” Animal growled. “Bad bullies…”“Yeah,” Lips nodded, before remembering something. “Say, don’t I know you, from somewhere?”“Maybe…?” the friend guessed, looking him over. “What’s your name?”“Well, it used to be Lipton,” Lips explained. “But I’m called Lips, now.”“Hmm, the name, Lipton, sounds familiar,” the friend mused. “But why are you called Lips?”“Well, it came from a day where my trumpet froze to my mouth.” Lips explained.“Trumpet?” the friend gasped. “Say, I remember you, now! “You could play a mean trumpet, back at that daycare!” he recalled.“Daycare…?” Lips gasped, back. “Then, you must be…!”“Floyd Pepper.” the familiar friend smiled. “It’s been a long time, old friend.”“Old friend!” Animal cheered. “Old friend!”With that, Lips hugged both of his old friends, and smiled, “I missed you guys!”“Aww, come on,” Floyd chuckled. “Let’s go find the others.”“Others?” Lips gasped. “Are they here?”“Yeah,” Floyd nodded. “Jed’s been wondering where you went, too!”“Jed,” Lips repeated. “There’s a name I haven’t heard, in years.”And, with that, Floyd and Animal led Lips to the rest of the soon-to-be Electric Mayhem, and announced, “Hey, gang, look who Animal and I saved!”“Saved?” Leon (aka: Dr. Teeth) perked up.“Hey, guys.” Lips waved.“Oh, wow, like, I remember you!” Janice smiled.“Hey, I recognize that hairdo, anywhere,” Zoot perked up. “And I certainly recognize that smile!”“Yeah,” Dr. Teeth smiled. “Listen, man, can you still play?”“Can I still play?” Lips chuckled, holding up his trumpet case. “I’ve been playin’ trumpet, for years, and I’ve kept it with me, all this time!”“Oh, I’d give anything to hear you play again.” Zoot smiled.“You don’t have to give anything,” Lips smiled, back, pulling out his trumpet, and cleaning the mouthpiece. “Just step back, and enjoy.”At that, Lips played a smooth riff, impressing the would-be Mayhem, and even catching the attention of the bullies, from earlier. “Yeah, you still got it, man!” Floyd smiled. “You haven’t changed, a bit!”“Fer shure!” Janice agreed.“Yeah, baby!” Lips chuckled, finishing the solo. “So, am I still in?”“Yep, you’re in.” Floyd nodded.“Welcome back, man.” Zoot smiled, hugging Lips.“What do you say we have a jam session, after school?” Dr. Teeth suggested.“Like you have to ask.” Lips smiled.“Cosmic, man.” Floyd smiled, back.(flashback ends)“I bet you were bullied, a lot less, after that, huh?” Mickey asked.“You bet,” Lips nodded. “These guys were always by my side, whenever I needed them, and they still are.”“Aww.” Mickey smiled.
Muppets: Groovy Beginnings Ch. 2Mickey Wolf-Pepper looked back at the TV screen, to find that she lost the game, and gasped, “Oh dear. “Well, I guess I can try again, later,” she shrugged, switching off the video game, before turning back to the Electric Mayhem. “In the meantime, I’d like to hear more about your lives, back then.”“Hmm, if ya say so, baby.” Dr. Teeth replied.“Why don’t we start at the beginning,” Mickey suggested. “Starting with Lips?”“Well, let’s see, I suppose we could go back to when I was a toddler.” Lips recalled. “It all began when my mama brought me to a little daycare, it was when I met the rest of the band, for the first time.”(flashback)In 1961, a three-year-old Lipton (aka: Lips) was in the carseat, as his mother, Marie, drove him to the new daycare. “Is that the daycare, Mama?” Lips asked, spotting the building, from the window.“Yes, it is.” Marie nodded.“It’s so big…” her son gulped“I know,” Marie sighed, parking the car, and helping him out. “But I’m sure you’ll make friends, here.”Inside, while Marie chatted with the daycare’s owner, Nanny, Lips looked about one room, and saw many other kids interacting with one another, and one group seemed to be playing music. Before Lips could go to greet them, another kid popped up, in front of him, and greeted, “Hi, there!” Lips shrieked, and jumped back, in surprise, and the strange kid gasped, “Oh, sorry! “What’s your name?” the blue-haired, long-nosed kid asked. “My name’s Gonzo!”“Um…” Lips stammered, quietly. “I’m Lipton…”“Oh, well, nice to meet you, Lipton!” Gonzo smiled. “Wanna meet the others?” Lips only nodded, and Gonzo smiled, again, “Terrific, come on!” The weird-looking kid led him to the other kids, and announced, “Hey, guys, look, we have a new kid!”“Oh, hi, there!” a young, green frog greeted. “I’m Kermit the Frog, and these are our friends, Piggy, Fozzie, Rowlf, Scooter, Skeeter, and Bean Bunny. “Those kids, over there, are known as Jed, Floyd, Janice, and Animal.” Kermit went on, pointing to the musical kids.Suddenly, a slightly older kid approached, and said, “Now, don’t forget about me! “I’m Leon, but my friends call me Baby Tooth.” he greeted, tipping his little feathered top hat.“Baby Tooth?” Lips giggled, quietly. “What a funny name.”“Yeah, but it works.” Baby Tooth replied.“Hello!” a younger, wild-haired kid greeted, crawling up to Lips, and hugging him. “Oh, hi, there.” Lips smiled, back.“And that is Animal.” Floyd explained.“Nice to meet ya, Animal.” Lips smiled, again.“Say,” Floyd observed. “You’re a pretty quiet kid, ain’t ya? “Don’t worry, kid,” he reassured him. “Just stick with us, and you’ll be welcomed, in no time.”Soon, Marie bade Lips goodbye, and said, “Have a good day, sweetie.”“I love you, Mama.” Lips replied, hugging her, back.“Don’t worry,” Marie reassured him. “I’ll be back.”As Marie finally left, Lips looked around the room, more, but he then sat down, still nervous, until Floyd approached him. “You okay?” he asked.“Oh, I’m not used to bein’ separated from my mama…” Lips replied, quietly.“Don’t worry, man.” Floyd reassured him.“Hey, man.” Jed (aka: Zoot) greeted.“Oh, hi.” Lips gasped, softly.“You like music?” Jed asked, making Lips nod. “Well, wait until you hear us play.”“You have a band?” Lips asked, perking up.“Yeah.” Zoot nodded.“Um, c-can I be part of it?” Lips asked. “I can play the trumpet.”“Can ya?” Baby Tooth asked, back. “Let’s hear it.”With that, Lips grabbed his trumpet case, pulled out his trumpet, cleaned off the mouthpiece, and nodded, “Here goes.” He then played a small solo, which got the other kids’ attention.“Hey, I dig it!” Floyd smiled.“Oh, wow, like, that’s smooth playing, rully!” Janice agreed.“I loved it!” Animal nodded.“Thanks.” Lips smiled.“Hmm, I think you’ll fit right in, kid,” Baby Tooth grinned, back. “And you’ll make a great addition to our band.”“Really?” Lips asked, feeling better than before.“Mmm-hmm.” Baby Tooth nodded.“Wow.” Lips gasped.“Say,” Floyd suggested. “How about a jam session?”“Jam!” Animal cheered, running to his drum set. “Jam!”“What instruments do you guys play?” Lips asked.“Oh, I play bass.” Floyd answered.“Oh, wow, like, the guitar is my pride and joy.” Janice added.“I got my keyboard, here.” Baby Tooth piped up, patting his little keyboard.“And I got my sax.” Zoot added on.“What about you, Animal?” Lips asked.“Drums!” Animal smiled. “Love drums!”“And, with your trumpet-playin’,” Floyd smiled, as well. “This band will be officially complete!”“I don’t believe it…!” Lips gasped, excitedly.“Right, gang,” Baby Tooth announced. “Let’s jam!”As the Baby Mayhem played a few songs, Lips was feeling happier than before, now that he made some new friends. Suddenly, Kermit hopped into the room, along with two new kids: a pair of grey-ish puppies, and announced, “Hey, guys, we got some more new kids!”“Is that so?” Floyd asked.“What are their names?” Lips asked.“I’m Nicholas,” the male puppy replied, in a hushed voice. “But you can call me ‘Nickel’, if you want.”“And I’m Carrie!” the female puppy piped up. “Nice to meet you all!”“Well, you two,” Kermit smiled. “Meet the Baby Mayhem, and their newest member, Lipton.”“Oh, nice to meet ya, Nickel and Carrie.” Floyd greeted.“What music do you play?” Carrie asked.“Oh, mostly rock and roll.” Janice replied.“Oh, so do we!” Nicholas smiled.“Really?” Baby Tooth perked up.“Yep, I play the ukelele,” Nicholas nodded. “And Carrie can sing.”“Oh, don’t tell Piggy that.” Floyd warned.“Tell me what?” Piggy asked.“Nothin’.” Floyd gulped.Piggy then turned to Carrie, and asked, again, “What did he say, hmm?”“Nickel said that I can sing.” Carrie answered.“What?!” Piggy snapped.“I did warn ya.” Floyd whispered to the two puppies.“I am the better singer, around here, furball!” Piggy scoffed.“Piggy, please!” Kermit halted.“W-Well, you can’t hog all the talent,” Carrie replied, making Piggy growl, slightly. “And, besides, it doesn’t matter who can sing better.”“Hmm, I like those two!” Lips thought.Piggy only scoffed, and walked away, and Nicholas asked, still hushed, “What’s her problem?”“She’s always like this,” Kermit sighed. “I don’t know why.”“So, what now?” Carrie asked.“Why don’t we play a song, for ya?” Baby Tooth recommended.“Sure!” Carrie nodded.“All right, guys,” Baby Tooth nodded. “Two, three, four!”With that, the Baby Mayhem began playing “Rockin’ Robin”, and Carrie stood up, to dance, while Nicholas sat and watched. “Say, that kid’s a great trumpet player!” he observed, as Lips went into a solo.After the band finished the song, Floyd asked, “Well, Nickel and Carrie, what did ya think?”“That was amazing!” Carrie answered, clapping her paws.“I sure liked it.” Nicholas agreed.“Yeah, soon, we’ll get famous,” Floyd smiled. “And everyone will love our music.”“Yeah, not to mention our newest member is full of talent, as well.” Baby Tooth added, patting Lips’s shoulder.(flashback ends)“Wow,” Mickey gasped, excitedly. “My parents have known you, longer than I have!”“Yeah, it was pretty sweet, back then.” Lips chuckled.
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A Max Steel 2013 Fanfiction

    “Go now! That power core isn’t going to blow itself!”
    The rough command sent a wave of cold dread through the youth it was aimed at even as he accepted it. The sounds of the battle were oddly muted this deep in the enemy’s mothership. The frantic battle going on, the one in which his friends were fighting and dying, it felt both distant and yet far too close.
    “Not a chance!” the brightly confident voice that countered the argument floated up from his chest as his blue and silver symbiote detached and hovered over the man who had raised him, who had been a father to them both. “We can get you out of here and to the medics in no time. Kat and Jefferson–”
    A rough snarl cut off the protest and both the hybrid and the Ultralink moved back as the older warrior rolled over and braced his back against the metal wall. Hi
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A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

    Ultra Magnus was sitting in his office, staring at the datapad in front of him as if his gaze alone could ignite it. He was truly not surprised that the damaged and suffering youngling had managed to complete the report in a third of the time requested. Jack – Daybreaker – had shown levels of competence that had stunned the commander from the very moment he had begun to instruct the youngling , something the old warrior had come to attribute to his Guardians’ influence, both from code and example. Any technical failings were simply a product of inexperience and the teacher had come to take for granted that they would be corrected in due time. The report he was reading now reflected that burgeoning competence in the way a shattered mirror reflected a darkened room. A copy had already been sent to Ratchet, holed up in his office processing the data he had collected, but the m
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Tom and Mirror of Erised by Dhesia Tom and Mirror of Erised :icondhesia:Dhesia 162 32




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