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Ice Spear
Ice Spire
The Abyss of Ice kingdoms most ancient and spectacular city is known as Ice Spire and has existed for as long as the kingdom itself. The history of how the city came to be has be written and described in legend and myth by travellers and city dwellers like for thousands of years.
The Legends speak of the beginning times of the lands of Ice where man was still struggling to survive and hold on to what little life they could keep in the frozen lands.
The Tra'Mecah or "Snow People" where the first race of humans to come into this part of the world and have been known through out time as the most hardy of all the peoples of man, "Ice flows in the veins of the Tra'Mecah" as the saying goes.
Even they in the beginning of times recorded struggled with the early years of man in the frozen lands.
As the legend goes of how Ice Spire came to be was during the year of 'Winters stubborn hold', the coldest and most desperate year of the Tra'Mecah's history, nearly six thousand years ago.
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The Witches
The Witches
The origins of the witches is clouded in mystery and most of which is known of there beginnings comes from the witches own stories which like all things that comes from them is reefed in lies and half truths.
However some information is known of there beginnings from very early Elven writings about the Deep Forest to the south of Telwya near the beginnings Elven historical record making and keeping.
Some centuries before the arrival of the race of Men a small elven family of wandering elves came across two sisters of strange unseen complexion approaching there camp. Some believe these where two of the first of the race of Men, other think them to be a far distance tribe of elvendom long lost, others believed them to be totally unique to all other beings before and since. Which ever theory holds true the family invited the two women too join them at there camp fire as they both appeared tired and forlorn.
They learned the sister's names to be Mercura and Verilla. Once they h
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The Orc
The Orcs
Orcs as people started of as a weak, small creatures which infested the hills of Orroneck and entered existence into the world not long after the race of Men.
When the great and beautiful elves first came upon on the creature of Orc they instantly disliked it.
Unlike the race of Men who where treated with much respect and kindness by the Elves, where Orcs where concerned elves usually killed any of the tiny disgusting creature they found leaving the hills.
The Elves could see that despite the insignificant stature of the Orc there was a great wickedness in the creatures, they could not be allow on there lands.
So the Orcs where hunted through out the hill places of Telwya by both Elves and Men to near extinction, leaving the only surviving colony of Orcs left in the world in the Orroneck hills as it was hidden from the purge.
This was something the evil little creatures would never forget or allow their descendants to forget, they vowed forever vengeance on the world of Elves
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The Elves
The Elves
The race of Elves of Telwya can be mostly be grouped into one of three kingdoms of elves, also into five colonies of elves and the wandering elves who call no particular land home.
The race of elves can almost all be found amongst these kingdoms, colonies or wandering groups.
The three Elven Kingdoms are Entollon, Maurouste and Clarelva.
The five Elven colonies are the Winter Forest colony, Windtop colony, Ice Spires colony, Dark Forest colony and the Fields of Azure colony.
There are technically six colonies the sixth being the colony of the bay.
The colony of the bay is not really included with the other colonies as the other colonies consider themselves to be separate groups while the colony of the bay is inhabited with no main group of elves but is made up of almost all groups.
This makes it neither a kingdom nor colony but as it is shared by all elven groups because it is the largest and most well protected city harbour, it is named as a separate stand alone colony which
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There are no stories which can better tell the life and history of the great continet and its peoples than the stories of the Six Princesses of Telwya. As there life stories are intertwined with its history and destiny.
Telwya is a vast continent which is inhabited by many different races such as the Elves, Men, Dwarves, Dragons, Drow, Witches, Trolls, Goblins, Giants, Orcs, Vampires, werewolves and many others.
The continent is vast but contorted in shape meaning that the realms of these races are  never to far from the seas and oceans or from each other.
The story of this great land take place at the beginnings of the world in which good and evil, magic and devilary where not just words but factors of life.
The stories of the Six Princesses will stretch across thousands of years of the history of Telwya but you will see how all is connected and shaped to be of the same great story.
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Test one lit
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Guild Wars 2 Special Commission - Anasthia by jylgeartooth Guild Wars 2 Special Commission - Anasthia :iconjylgeartooth:jylgeartooth 105 2 Model: Yana Stotskaya by AlexKPhoto Model: Yana Stotskaya :iconalexkphoto:AlexKPhoto 158 4 Hanna by wphotography Hanna :iconwphotography:wphotography 191 7 Maria by fotoz-eu Maria :iconfotoz-eu:fotoz-eu 279 8 freckles by fotoz-eu freckles :iconfotoz-eu:fotoz-eu 265 13 Cassandra by fotoz-eu Cassandra :iconfotoz-eu:fotoz-eu 316 9 Marissa by fotoz-eu Marissa :iconfotoz-eu:fotoz-eu 113 4 Janina by fotoz-eu Janina :iconfotoz-eu:fotoz-eu 112 5 Rebecca Ferguson PNG by LokuraPiromana Rebecca Ferguson PNG :iconlokurapiromana:LokuraPiromana 13 0 Hailee Steinfeld PNG by LokuraPiromana Hailee Steinfeld PNG :iconlokurapiromana:LokuraPiromana 10 0 Pregnant Piper Deleware-Greene by GrevilleaDawn Pregnant Piper Deleware-Greene :icongrevilleadawn:GrevilleaDawn 11 0 beatiful pregnant  by MrPuzzano beatiful pregnant :iconmrpuzzano:MrPuzzano 127 0 Taylor Swift Belly 4 by WHATEVEN12 Taylor Swift Belly 4 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 131 2 Margaery Tyrell Belly by WHATEVEN12 Margaery Tyrell Belly :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 60 0 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 4 by WHATEVEN12 Daenerys Targaryen Belly 4 :iconwhateven12:WHATEVEN12 114 1 Rogue Womb: Pregnant Jyn Erso by GrevilleaDawn Rogue Womb: Pregnant Jyn Erso :icongrevilleadawn:GrevilleaDawn 44 0
Wow finally got round to trying these things out :)
Ive been so swept up in the quality so many people have in there artworks this is literally the first opitunity I've had to look through these features. Ive just been surfing through the amazing art around here I forgot Im here to writre stories lol :)
So hopefully I will be getting a short story up today or tomorrow, either that or some background for one of the longer stories.
In any case should be making my contribution to the creative folks any day now :)


Max Stevens
United Kingdom
Hi there :)
Im an aspiring writer to be but I love creative artworks because there wounderful sources of inspiration.
I will be flexing my creative writing skills here and hopefully learning to create cool artworks as well.
Currently Im not much of an artist but I really do admire those who have the artistic skill.
I consider myself to be a pretty skilled story teller, so feel free to check out some of my stories now and then. Theres going to be a few different ones so hopefully you will find one you like :)


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