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Don't stop believing

Fri Jan 14, 2011, 2:20 PM

So I'm taking oil painting classes, first time EVER. Very intense,
I look like a mechanic even on days i don't have class thanks
to homework and honestly? Not that fond of it. I like it more
than acrylics in the sense that the meticulous shading that takes
me days with acrylics can be done in 2hrs with oils. Still,
the whole not drying thing has me ticked off. I am not a patient
person, especially when it comes to my art.
In any case, I have found myself immersed in several things.

:bulletgreen: I am a Mary Kay Consultant

:bulletred: I have eaten up in the past week 3 seasons of Psych
(Freaking love Shawn)

:bulletyellow: My math class this semester is all about probability
and less about geometry and all that confusing nonsense.
Seems like I can pull an A on this one.

:bulletwhite: This last season of Doctor Who has me going gaga over
the show. Above what anyone has to ever say, as much as
I liked Tennant(and trust me, I liked him a lot) his
theatrical side was getting a tiny bit out of hand. Smith
is fulfilling the doctor's role alarmingly at an epic rate.
Anyone see Doctor Who at the Proms? Best christmas gift
from BBC America EVER.

:bulletpurple: Walmart Has Glee purses!! They are horrible quality on
the inside, but for 7-12$ you can get something that's
really cute on the outside, just like the show. I'm a Gleek
through and through, I never miss an episode, but the crackpot
story lines don't move me at all.

:bulletorange: I'll be transferring this fall to the Art Academy University
in San Fransisco, CA. Exciting news, I know.

:bulletpink: Surprisingly enough... was not all that happy with Tangled.
Megamind was MUCH better. And yes, Tangled's crapptastic
ending beats the missing links in Megamind. Easily.

That's all.:woohoo:


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Forgottenchronicler Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011   Writer
I miss you.

Like a crazy loon.
Arcalian Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
Wow,you're busy.

This old school Who fan finds Smith a much better Doctor than Tennant.
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January 14, 2011