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The etsy shop for the Pond Couture Wands will open Feb, Monday 13th.
I'll open it around 4pm with 3 Couture Wands. Each wand will have a variety of photographs and is clearly a first come, first serve basis.
I'll make an effort to post a new wand on a regular basis, and every new wand will be posted on my DevArt with it's link to the shop.
All un-comissioned wands are priced at $26.99 +shipping.
There will only be three wands up on Monday, you have been warned.

Thanks again for the support guys and good luck :heart:
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Sun Nov 6, 2011, 7:07 PM
featuresHelpful Tutorials +TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+ by goku-no-baka:thumb211053856: Process thinger by nuriko-kun Colour Dynamics Tutorial by shoomlah anime skin tone tips by danzzila:thumb67623673: Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Realism Tutorial by yumix
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Carajo: Knee Deep


Carajo: Knee Deep
First Page >>
<< Last Page
{Progress has been slow, but promising,two new pages will be up soon.}

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Thu Oct 6, 2011, 4:11 PM
featuresHelpful Tutorials +TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+ by goku-no-baka:thumb211053856: Process thinger by nuriko-kun Colour Dynamics Tutorial by shoomlah anime skin tone tips by danzzila:thumb67623673: Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Realism Tutorial by yumix
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Carajo: Knee Deep

It's been a while, sorry!

I'm taking college algebra, spanish II and portuguese I. Needless to say I'm all over the place. Lifting off the first page for Carajo:Knee Deep was a mission in a half but I'm proud of the page. It's beyond what I could have imagined and the with my wonderful collaborators, there was lift off.
I am currently working on the next page, which will thankfully not be in color, so it should appear in your inbox sooner rather than later.

Oh....and the past week, I've been sleeping very little (like 5hrs) becuase my mattress broke. Got a new one today! So, I'll try and post some new art while :iconchicken-stalker: works on shading the nest CKD page.

Thanks for all your support and wonderfully flattering comments.


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Purple Moon

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 3:30 PM
Bit of exciting news,
in the last month I've had my purse, wallet, iPhone, camera stolen and my computer crashed leaving me without a photoshop and everything I held dear.

the exciting bit is I finally got me Cs4! Yay!
working on some fun projects with the Carajo authors and we have a comic book in motion. I'll post the pages as we finish them so you can read.
I've been doing roughs and storyboards. Let me tell you; this is going to be awesome.
So keep a look out for it, I'm too excited about it to even think straight.

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Is it Crazy?

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2011, 12:33 AM
I want to be Adam Hughes so badly!!! Ugh!!!!!!
I just saw the Anatomy of a Sketch on and could only think of how much it sucks to not be him every waking minute.
So what if he's twice my age? He's the only artist alive today that makes me want to slam my head on a mirror whenever I see his work.
I got 'Cover Run' for christmas and let me tell you. I cried. I asked for it, and I knew I was getting it, and I cried.
It has also given me the resolution that I need to start collecting art books on artists I actually like.
I like Monet...but if I could trade it for a J.S. Sargent book, I'd do it within a heartbeat.
They are just so expensive!
Everything's so expensive!:iconlolcrazyplz:

I'm ok.
I just needed to expel the toxic gas which were my thoughts. I need to watch some Ever After and Mansfield Park.

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Forecast: Awesome

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 23, 2011, 12:30 PM
Today will hopefully be epic,
I'm gonna watch HANNA with :icondreamerlady: tonight,
and later, watch the HD DVR recording of the new freaking episode of Doctor Who!
I don't even know how to calculate all this awesomeness, but I'm sure its on some level of trigonometry I'll never breach.
In any case, Done with school! YAY!
waiting for summer to excited..
I got some big love from my art professor, which is pretty hard to do, I made new friends that I hope to keep and I'll be graduating by the end of summer!! WOOO!!
May has some big plans for me...lets hope I can kick some arse.

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An Artist's Guide 2 Art

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 4:50 PM
Tutorials Listed:0

So I've been people have been asking me since I can remember How long have I been drawing, and can you teach me. It's complicated to explain considering I'm still a student and that will probably never change but in honor of all those artists who haven't found their way,this Guide is for you.
I'll divide this into three parts:
:bulletpink: How long I've been drawing and what has helped me.
:bulletpurple: Exercises you can do to finder the better artist in you.
:bulletyellow: Tutorials I'll start making and posting at the very end in thumb's.
:bulletorange: Tutorials from other Deviants that I think help.

:bulletpink: "How long have you been drawing?"
I don't remember a time when I wasn't drawing, but my clearest memory in my childhood of doing so,I was in 3rd grade. My artistic time line worked somewhat like this:
-ages 8-13 were my raw years, not knowing how to channel the need to always draw, I used Archie and later on Inuyasha as my inspirations. It was also at 12 that I started reading for leisure so the books I read had an effect on my work at the time along with the fact that my parents took interest in my constant doodling and enrolled me into a Saturday program at a place named Priscilla & Tiffany's art academy. Waste of my life, I learned nothing and the work I got from it was crap, the only thing I understood from getting out of there a year later was how colors reflect on each other.
-ages 14-17 were the tender years. I got accepted to a magnet art school and had 2 commercial art classes instead of the regular electives every day for four years. It was intense and unfortunately it wasn't mandatory to grow and people got lost along the way.
The first two years were the breaking point, the portfolio I had used to get in seemed like trash in comparison and I could see the growth before me.The last two years were A.P. art classes and managed to get a 4 out of 5 each year.
-ages 18-22 were my malleable years, adaptation to everything in college considering I got to pick and choose my classes and professors. The moment of truth and the professional application of everything I had learned.

:bulletpurple: "Can you teach me?"
The answer to that is, I can't, sorry. You have to teach yourself. You have to find influences, that's the whole point of taking classes, having a teacher tell you what to be inspired by and show you techniques. How you function is all on you. There are no bad artists, just underdeveloped ones. So here are some tips on growing.
- Do this Meme Influence Map Template by fox-orian
this is the most critical part of the artist in you. How do you expect to improve if you don't know what influences you? It be anything from a dog to Spongebob but there are for sure enough things to fill up the box.Take it to heart and keep that list growing, it's amazing the amount of people who say van Gogh or Picasso inspires them but they don't know why.
-It is essential to know who influences you because practice is everything. When artist's back in the day(1920's and under) had to study, they did so by replicating famous artworks. Copying is not the same as studying. Copying is passing off someone else's work as your own. A study is the practice of the style. This is where you get confused and wonder why you would want someone else's style. The answer to that is simple. Look at your influence map and tell me what they all have in common. It's you. All those reasons you picked them for are your style. If you like van Gogh because of his technique, do it! do it till you adapt it to fit you and you'll see, it's not van Gogh at all, just the influence.
- Practice makes perfect. Sounds dull but most people miss the concept. lets change the situation and say you want to be a pianist. You have to first become acquainted to your instrument. learn the keys, what sounds they make as well as the pedals. Know more about the history of piano's so you can take care of your instrument correctly because it's not cheap and learn to read the music. All of this sounds tiresome and barely worth it, but what inspired you to do it in the first place? you learn all these things once, everything else is just the practice of what you learned! you can't start by playing the bumblebee at your first try. It's impossible to do so because your body hasn't adjusted to the hand and eye coordination nor can it keep up with what you see/hear in your head. You have to start with chopsticks and master that before moving on. The only way to master that is to practice. the thing that saddens me the most is when people try and give up. The greatest thing in art is the fact that there are always rewards. If it takes you months to control a medium, it will take you months, but it can be done. Just believe in yourself and keep doing it.
-Get out of your comfort zone. The moment your comfortable with your artwork, you have a problem. a BIG problem. It's called denial. Sounds bad, because it is. If you become complacent in your work you can't grow because the motivation won't be there and the errors you make will go on unseen and repeated. Do things correctly. If you have to do something you don't like or agree with because a teacher told you to (art specific) do it. They know more than you on the subject, they've been through what your going through or, a change in perspective can make you realize what you've been missing all this time? One thing is for sure going out of your comfort zone, doing things, using mediums that you don't like usually have this life altering affect: you get over it. The obstacle isn't what your using, keep this in mind all the time, the obstacle is you. If you keep yourself from learning then that's exactly what your doing. The worst that can happen is that you learn how to do it and you move on to something else. Most artists avoid things because they don't understand it. So for example, People. Why don't you draw people? you can never get them right you'd rather do animals. ok... How are you supposed to get better at drawing people if you never do? Yeah, some people have talent, but talent without the work leads to complacency and we already covered what that leads to. Watercolor... it sucks, it runs and you can't control it. ok... well how many times did you try using watercolor? twice? yeah... you just answered your own question. It's really difficult to get things right on the first try, and though it might seem like its taking forever, I promise, progress is being made.
- A helpful hint when you get frustrated and your not in a hurry is to stop. Put the piece that's giving you a headache away and come back to it 2-4 weeks later. You will be astonished at the things you see now that you couldn't before. Art has that trick to it, if your constantly seeing something, you won't notice the change. Kind of like growing up, you can't see the process but when you look back at an elementary photo, there's obviously been some changes. This also helps appreciate your progress. Art will always be frustrating and its greatest curse. given the dedication and patience, beautiful artwork you can be proud of is the greatest gift.

:bulletyellow: My Tutorials

:bulletorange: Helpful Turtoriala by other Deviants
+ Tutorial - Hands + by goku-no-baka anime skin tone tips by danzzila Watercolor Tutorial by Claparo-Sans We were not meant to fly by Uzlo Mini Painting Tutorial by juliedillon
All of these tutorials and hints can be used with wet, dry, or digital media.

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Maybe control would find it's way back to my life

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 25, 2011, 1:26 PM

So yeah...mega f'ing art block. Stick figures are looking like crap and I am on the verge of just packing extra underwear, my laptop and pillow and walking out of my life. Seriously, what is wrong with this damn world? Why does everything need to be so difficult. I know dealing with your problems matures you, but it also makes you unhappy and bitter.
I've been trying to at least start writing again. I've managed one update and will soon manage another.
My pleasures in life don't seem to be so pleasurable anymore.
I hope I won't be in my thirties deciding that art wasn't for me and end up with a job I hate. I thought something as simple as this was enough to make me happy.
A guy asked me out and all I could think about was "I don't have time to worry about a relationship too" but I still gave him my number.
>> I am so annoyed at myself that this rampage will end in me kicking something and hugging my cat Edmund tightly or my Pegasus plushie....
On a brighter note, I went to the Florida renaissance festival in Deerfield and got between two of my closest friends a kick ass baroque feathered hat! I was so overjoyed, all I could think about was that I needed an outfit to match it.

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Knee Deep (Carajo) Authors on Deviant Art!

Toradora by fayazure Stamp - Kino by Suxinn Princess Tutu Stamp by sparkburst CDD Stamp by Soranu Solar System: Pluto by Claire-stamps I Heart Purple by webgoddess .Lovely Complex Stamp. by Ivory-Ice Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa 'Stand Out' stamp by SharpAnimationInc A Tribute to Heath by Alcamin Disney Stamp by Disney-Love:thumb117774298: Stamp - Yaoi Anti Drug by Kuu-chan Proud to be a venezuelan stamp by Eligor the truth stamp by manic-pixie:thumb169826190:

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Don't stop believing

Fri Jan 14, 2011, 2:20 PM

So I'm taking oil painting classes, first time EVER. Very intense,
I look like a mechanic even on days i don't have class thanks
to homework and honestly? Not that fond of it. I like it more
than acrylics in the sense that the meticulous shading that takes
me days with acrylics can be done in 2hrs with oils. Still,
the whole not drying thing has me ticked off. I am not a patient
person, especially when it comes to my art.
In any case, I have found myself immersed in several things.

:bulletgreen: I am a Mary Kay Consultant

:bulletred: I have eaten up in the past week 3 seasons of Psych
(Freaking love Shawn)

:bulletyellow: My math class this semester is all about probability
and less about geometry and all that confusing nonsense.
Seems like I can pull an A on this one.

:bulletwhite: This last season of Doctor Who has me going gaga over
the show. Above what anyone has to ever say, as much as
I liked Tennant(and trust me, I liked him a lot) his
theatrical side was getting a tiny bit out of hand. Smith
is fulfilling the doctor's role alarmingly at an epic rate.
Anyone see Doctor Who at the Proms? Best christmas gift
from BBC America EVER.

:bulletpurple: Walmart Has Glee purses!! They are horrible quality on
the inside, but for 7-12$ you can get something that's
really cute on the outside, just like the show. I'm a Gleek
through and through, I never miss an episode, but the crackpot
story lines don't move me at all.

:bulletorange: I'll be transferring this fall to the Art Academy University
in San Fransisco, CA. Exciting news, I know.

:bulletpink: Surprisingly enough... was not all that happy with Tangled.
Megamind was MUCH better. And yes, Tangled's crapptastic
ending beats the missing links in Megamind. Easily.

That's all.:woohoo:


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Knee Deep (Carajo) Authors on Deviant Art!

Toradora by fayazure Stamp - Kino by Suxinn Princess Tutu Stamp by sparkburst CDD Stamp by Soranu Solar System: Pluto by Claire-stamps I Heart Purple by webgoddess .Lovely Complex Stamp. by Ivory-Ice Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa 'Stand Out' stamp by SharpAnimationInc A Tribute to Heath by Alcamin Disney Stamp by Disney-Love:thumb117774298: Stamp - Yaoi Anti Drug by Kuu-chan Proud to be a venezuelan stamp by Eligor the truth stamp by manic-pixie:thumb169826190:

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*~*~*Book Reviews*~*~*

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 6, 2009, 7:55 PM
Fairest By:Gail Carson Levine :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Comment: Th first book I've read where the main character is butt fuck ugly and the prince falls in love with her either way, and the book ends with her still ugly. Freaking awesome. the singing can get annoying but for the most partit makes me want to be part of that world, If i had to choose between being Ella or Aza's friend, totally Aza.

The Phsyck Book of Deliverance Dane By:Katherine Howe :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Comment: The whole switching history back and forth was a tad boring, but the stuff the book teaches that's historically accurate is awesome. Totally worth reading if your into the whole Salem witch trials.

The Kitchen God's Wife By:Amy Tan :star::star::star::star::star:
Comment: This woman never ceases to amaze me. I felt I understood an entire culture through that one book better than I do my own. I cried and laughed and was excited to finish it. Though it had a slow start, once the mom begins her becomes a mission to not think on it and go back to the book instead of doing work.

With a Tangled Skein By: Piers Anthony :star::star::star::star::star:
Comment:  I would like to say I like it better than On a Pale Horse, but it would be unfair as I like On a Pale Horse's ending unlike this one. But the book as a whole was F'ing awesome. And i know its gay, but Clotho wears yellow.....she's a hufflepuff!!!!!lol don't judge me.

Rumble Fish By: S.E. Hinton :star::star::star::star::star:
Comment: I know this is a bookfor highschool kids and i should move on, but my best friend Michelle loved this author and I had no clue why, so she gave me this tiny paperback she said was her fav. And honestly, its now one of mine as well. I wasn't a fan of the Outsiders but this was so good, a refreshing quick read from all the messy romance novels I usually stick to.

The Host By: Stephenie Meyer :star::star::star::star::star:
Comment: I was entirely skeptical on how i'd feel about aliens and all that stuff but Meyer did it again, turned something that doesn't really inspire fandom in me and wreck my heart with love. It kept me optomistic about how I would feel in the upcomming finally of the Twilight Saga. A must read for anyone within the realm of sanity.

Breaking Dawn By: Stephenie Meyer :star::star::star::star::star:
Comment: Alright, now this book , literally had me bewildered, I lost track of how many times i thought it was gonna end but kept on going when i checked the length. And of course, the series of events just had me in pure awe because even in my sickest fantasies and read fanfiction would i have stumbled on the mind wracking soming of Bella's future. Like seriously. Any one else wonder what happened to Leah? Was she the only one to not get a Happily Ever After?

On a Pale Horse By: Piers Anthony :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
Comment: I really do enjoy books on death as a person and this book is just too genuine. I really liked it and can't wait to read the other incarnations.

The Crow by:Alison Croggon :star::star::star::star::star-empty:
comment: I know, I'm a sucker, I can't help but rate a book from the Pellinor series four stars. It gets a lot more interesting towards the end and isn't as upsettingas it sounds to not have Maerad in first person.
Ironside by:Holly Black :star::star::star::star::star-half:
comment:Yet another third book of a trilogy,lol. I couldn't put this one down and especially since the characters of Valiant show up, I get excited! And slash is also involved.The pairing is cute ^^

A Kiss of Shadows by:Laurell H. Hamilton :star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty:
comment: rated R/PG13 About the unseelie and seelie court so that pretty much kept he boat afloat. I was a bit upset that the two guys I really wanted her to do, she didn't. Oh well maybe in the next one.

Wuthering high by:Cara Lockwood :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
comment: the whole literature mayhem is quite awesome but i couldn't really stand the main character's personal thoughts.

Making cute jewelry

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2009, 6:54 PM
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I Have been making Jewelry and selling it here at

I sell cute things and I would greatly appreciate any kind of support :D


Knee Deep (Carajo) Authors on Deviant Art!

Toradora by fayazure Stamp - Kino by Suxinn Princess Tutu Stamp by sparkburst CDD Stamp by Soranu Solar System: Pluto by Claire-stamps I Heart Purple by webgoddess .Lovely Complex Stamp. by Ivory-Ice Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa 'Stand Out' stamp by SharpAnimationInc A Tribute to Heath by Alcamin:thumb127904375: Disney Stamp by Disney-Love:thumb117774298: Stamp - Yaoi Anti Drug by Kuu-chan Proud to be a venezuelan stamp by Eligor the truth stamp by manic-pixie:thumb169826190:

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Commissions *modified and cheaper*

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2008, 1:57 PM


If your interested in getting a commission, we can go about this in two different ways;
1) Paypal payment/ Money order
If you wish to pay via paypal, make sure to say so on the note where you describe the commission to me. On my reply note, you'll get my info to start the transaction and get started on the art A.S.A.P.

Money Orders will be done the same way, but since money orders take a while more than paypal, there will have to be a few days waiting period.

2) Art Trade
Applies to simple lineart w/ or w/out color. Please title the note with "Art Trade" and follow with a descriptive idea. Art Trades may not always be accepted because of patience or time.


Here is a list of things available for Commission.
Sketch Art
At the end of the month I'm going to make a compilation of sketches from everyone who wishes to join in on this. Just like a preliminary sketch of anything you want. I pick size and color.
$1.00 (It's seriously just a sketch.)</sup>

Surprise Art
For people who have no clue what they want because they like everything I do. size is 4x4 approximately.
$2.00 Lineart, $2.50 Black&White, $3.00 Color

Fan Art
Art based on non original characters, copywritten or made by someone else other than me, (including the commissoner.) size is 4x4 approximately.
$2.00 Lineart, $3.00 Black&White, $4.00 Color

Original Art
A commission based on my characters or free reign with a a specific idea in mind (example: " A couple at school holding hands.") size is 4x4 approximately.
$3.00 Lineart, $3.50 Black&White, $4.50 Color</sup>


Wallpaper 8"
Add $2.00 to original price.

Small 2"
Subtract $1.00 from original price

Package Deals

NOTE:If you want a Package Deal, make sure to mention it on your Commission Note, otherwise, you'll be charged the original prices.

:bulletpurple: A
2 regular sized Original Art Commissions.
$4.50 Lineart/ Black&White , $6.00 Color

:bulletred: B
1 Small Original Art Commission and 1 regular sized Fan Art.
$4.00 Lineart/ Black&White, $5.00 Color

:bulletgreen: C
For every extra Surprise Art you order at once, you get $1.00 less. (Example: 4 Surprise Art Commissions in Lineart = $8.00 - $3.00 = $5.00)

Commissions and Art Trades
King and Queen Together by savivi Jasper Cullen by storytellersdaughter Amontillado by storytellersdaughter Jelorbnucks by storytellersdaughter Carlo by storytellersdaughter Art Trade_Stitched-Happiness by storytellersdaughter Happy ending come true by storytellersdaughter

Thanx to

Contest - Birthday Present (END)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2008, 4:11 PM
Entry description: To draw any 1 or 2 of my characters from either my stories or Pendeogen
Deadline: July 14 (XD)[My birthday]
FIRST PLACE - Two Commissions from me and a choice piece from your gallery unto my shoutboard!

SECOND PLACE - One Commission from me and a choice piece from your gallery unto my Shoutboard!

THIRD PRIZE - One choice piece from your gallery unto my shoutboard!

EVERYONE ELSE - This journal filled with participant's names and submitted piece!</i>

Right well, since only two people took part of this, its obvious what has to be done.
:star:Contest Entries:star:



Winners please notify me of commission description</i>

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Harry Potter TCG

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 28, 2008, 1:03 PM

I have cards from 4 different Harry Potter TCG sets, if your interested in trading, Send me a NOTE titled "TRADE" add the set name and number so I know which one you want, Please don't ask for any of the red bulleted ones, i'm using this as my own personal checklist as well.
*Card Pictures*………

:bulletred:= Not for Trade :star:= Rare
:bulletgreen:= Negotiable :star-half:=Uncommon
:bulletblue:= For Trade :star-empty:= Common

[:bulletblue::star-empty: 2] Means that the card is available for trade, it is common and there are 2 available.

:heart: Base Set :heart:
1 []
2 []
3 [:bulletgreen::star: 1]Draco Malfoy and Holo - Character
4 []
5 [:bulletred::star:]Elixir of Life - Potions Spell
6 []
7 [:bulletred::star:]Hannah Abbott - Character
8 []
9 []
10 [:bulletgreen::star: 1]Hermione Granger and   Holo - Character
11 []
12 []
13 []
14 []
15 []
16 []
17 []
18 [:bulletred::star:]Rubeus Hagrid Holo - Character
19 []
20 []
21 []
22 []
23 []
24 [:bulletred::star:]History of Magic - Charms Spell
25 []
26 []
27 []
28 [:bulletred::star:]Mountain Troll - Creature
29 []
30 [:bulletred::star:]Norbert Holo- Creature
31 []
32 []
33 [:bulletred::star:]Potion Ingredients - Potions Item
34 []
35 []
36 []
37 []
38 [:bulletred::star:]Transfiguration Test - Transfiguration Spell
39 [:bulletred::star-half:]4 Privet Drive - Adventure
40 [:bulletred::star-half:]Alchemy - Transfiguration Spell
41 []
42 []
43 []
44 [:bulletred::star-half:]Bluebell Flames - Charms Spell
45 [:bulletred:;star-half:]Burning Bitteroot Balm - Potions Spell
46 [:bulletgreen::star-half:]Cage - Care of Magical Creatures Item
47 [:bulletred::star-half:]Confundus - Charms Spell
48 []
49 []
50 [:bulletred::star-half:]Draco's Trick - Transfiguration Spell
51 []
52 []
53 []
54 [:bulletred::star-half:]Hiding from Snape - Adventure
55 [:bulletred::star-half:]Kelpie - Creature
56 [:bulletred::star-half:]Logic Puzzle - Charms Spell
57 []
58 []
59 [:bulletred::star-half:]Ollivanders - Charms Spell
60 []
61 []
62 []
63 []
64 []
65 []
66 []
67 [:bulletred::star-half:]Stupefy - Charms Spell
68 [:bulletgreen::star-half: 1]Take Root - Transfiguration Spell (3)
69 []
70 []
71 []
72 []
73 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Accio - Charms Spell
74 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 2]Avifors - Transfiguration Spell (3)
75 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Baubillious - Charms Spell
76 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 3]Boa Constrictor - Creature (5)
77 [:bulletgreen::star-empty: 1]Boil Cure - Potions Spell (2)
78 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Borrowed Wand - Charms Item
79 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Cauldron to Sieve - Transfiguration Spell
80 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Curious Raven - Creature
81 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Dungbomb - Potions Spell
82 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 3]Epoximise - Transfiguration Spell (4)
83 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Erumpent Potion - Potions Spell
84 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 2]Fluffy Falls Asleep -Care of Magical Creatures Spell (3)
85 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Forest Troll - Creature
86 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Forgetfulness Potion - Potions Spell
87 []
88 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Giant Tarantula - Creature
89 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Hagrid and the Stranger -Care of Magical Creatures Spell
90 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 2]Homework - Transfiguration Spell (3)
91 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Hospital Wing - Potions Spell
92 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Illegibilus - Charms Spell
93 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Incarcifors - Transfiguration Spell (2)
94 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Lost Notes - Transfiguration Spell
95 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Magical Mishap -Charms Spell
96 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Noxious Poison - Potions Spell
97 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Out of the Woods - Charms Spell (2)
98 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Pet Rat - Creature
99 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Pewter Cauldron - Potions Item
100 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Potions Mistake - Potions Spell
101 []
102 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Restricted Section - Transfiguration Spell
103 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Scottish Stag - Creature (3)
104 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Snape's Question - Potions Spell
105 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Squiggle Quill - Transfiguration Spell
106 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Steelclaw -Transfiguration Spell
107 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 2]Surly Hound - Creature (4)
108 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Toe Biter - Charms Spell
109 []
110 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Vicious Wolf - Creature
111 []
112 []
113 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson
114 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Charms - Lesson
115 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Potions - Lesson
116 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Transfiguration - Lesson (2)

:beer: Diagon Alley :beer:
1 []
2 []
3 []
4 []
5 []
6 []
7 []
8 []
9 []
10 []
11 []
12 []
13 []
14 [:bulletred::star:]Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys - Character
15 []
16 []
17 []
18 []
19 []
20 []
21 []
22 []
23 []
24 []
25 []
26 []
27 []
28 []
29 []
30 []
31 []
32 []
33 []
34 []
35 []
36 []
37 []
38 [:bulletred::star-half:]Eel Eyes - Potions Item
39 []
40 []
41 [:bulletred::star-half:]Lapifors - Transfiguration Spell
42 []
43 []
44 []
45 []
46 [:bulletred::star-half:]Quintaped - Creature
47 []
48 []
49 []
50 []
51 []
52 []
53 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Blue Wig - Charms Spell
54 []
55 []
56 []
57 []
58 []
59 [:bulletred::star-empty:]Flipendo - Charms Spell
60 [:bulletblue::star-empty: 1]Freeze! - Charms Spell (3)
61 []
62 []
63 []
64 []
65 []
66 []
67 []
68 [:bulletred:[No Star]]River Troll and Holo - Creature (2)
69 []
70 []
71 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Spongify - Charms Spell
72 []
73 []
74 []
75 []
76 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson (20)
77 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Charms - Lesson (9)
78 []
79 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Quidditch - Lesson
80 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Transfiguration - Lesson (10)

[Trophy] Quidditch [Trophy]
1 []
2 []
3 []
4 []
5 []
6 []
7 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Gold Cauldron - Potions Item
8 []
9 [[Bullet; Green][Star!] 1]Hagrid Neds Help - Adventure
10 []
11 []
12 []
13 []
14 []
15 []
16 []
17 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]No Time to Play - Transfiguration Spell
18 []
19 []
20 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Potions Class Disaster - Potions Spell
21 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Prof. Minerva McGonagall
22 []
23 []
24 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Scabbers - Creature
25 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Seamus Finnigan - Character
26 [[Bullet; Green][Star!] 1]Slytherin Match and Holo - Quidditch Match
27 []
28 []
29 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]The Sorting Hat - Transfiguration Item
30 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Trevor -Creature
31 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star]]Chocolate Frogs - Charms Spell (2)
32 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Comet Two Sixty - Quidditch Item
33 []
34 []
35 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Diffindo - Transfiguration Spell
36 []
37 []
38 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]In the Stands - Adventure
39 []
40 []
41 []
42 []
43 []
44 [[Bullet; Blue]:Star-half: 2]Petrificus Totalus - Transfiguration Spell (3)
45 []
46 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 2]Race for the Snitch - Adventure (2)
47 []
48 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 1]Sticking up for Neville - Adventure
49 []
50 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Weakness Potion - Potions Spell
51 []
52 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Bravado - Charms Spell (2)
53 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Bruisewort Balm - Potions Spell (2)
54 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 4]Cleansweep Seven - Quidditch Item (6)
55 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Cobbing - Quidditch Spell
56 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Cobra Lily - Creature (3)
57 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Cunning Fox - Creature (2)
58 []
59 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Drowsiness Draught - Potions Spell
60 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Fouled! - Quidditch Spell (2)
61 []
62 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Mice to Snuffboxes - Transfiguration Spell
63 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Mopsus Potion - Potions Spell
64 []
65 []
66 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Pulling Up - Quidditch Spell
67 [:redbullet:[No Star]]Research - Transfiguration Spell
68 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Rope Bind - Charms Spell
69 []
70 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Smash! -Quidditch Spell
71 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Stream of Flames - Charms Spell (2)
72 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Streeler - Creature
73 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Swarm! -Care of Magical Creatures Spell (2)
74 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Time Out - Quidditch Spell
75 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Vanish - Transfiguration Spell (2)
76 []
77 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Charms - Lesson (4)
78 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Potions - Lesson
79 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Quidditch - Lesson (5)
80 []

[Magnify] Adventure At Hogwarts [Magnify]
1 []
2 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Argus Filch Holo - Character
3 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Crabbe and Goyle - Character
4 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Detention! - Adventure
5 []
6 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Dumbledore's Watch - Transfiguration Item
7 []
8 []
9 [[Bullet; Green][Star!] 1]Finding the Platform - Adventure (2)
10 []
11 []
12 []
13 []
14 []
15 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Hut on the Rock Holo - Adventure
16 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Madam Pomfrey - Character
17 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]Meeting Fluffy - Adventure
18 [[Bullet; Green][Star!] 1]Midnight Duel - Adventure
19 []
20 []
21 []
22 []
23 []
24 [[Bullet; Blue][Star!] 2]Quidditch Pitch and Holo - Quidditch Location (4)
25 []
26 []
27 []
28 [[Bullet; Red][Star!]]The Fat Lady - Character
29 []
30 []
31 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 1]5 Points from Gryffindor - Adventure
32 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Alohomora - Charms Spell
33 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Baneberry Potion - Potions Spell
34 [[Bullet; Green][Half Star] 1]Bludger Bop - Quidditch Spell (2)
35 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 1]Candy Cart - Adventure (2)
36 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Collapsible Cauldron - Potions Item
37 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Flying Motorbike - Transfiguration Spell
38 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 2]Flying Practice - Adventure (3)
39 []
40 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Giant Squid - creature (2)
41 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Looking for Trevor - Adventure
42 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Marble Gargoyle - Creature (2)
43 []
44 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Purple Firecrackers - Charms Spell
45 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 1]Running from Filch - Adventure
46 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Sickle - Charms Item
47 []
48 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Through the Trapdoor - Adventure
49 [[Bullet; Blue][Half Star] 1]Winter Holiday - Transfiguration Spell
50 [[Bullet; Red][Half Star]]Wooden Flute -Care of Magical Creatures Spell
51 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Anti-Cheating Spell - Charms Spell (2)
52 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 2]Bewitched Snowballs - Charms Spell (4)
53 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Black Bat - Creature
54 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Bucking Broomstick - Quidditch Spell
55 []
56 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Charms Accident - Charms Spell (2)
57 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Chimera - Creature (2)
58 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Dog Bite -Care of Magical Creatures Spell (2)
59 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 2]Every-Flavour Beans - Transfiguration Spell (3)
60 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Fire Protection Potion - Potions Spell (4)
61 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 2]Fungiface Potion - Potions Spell (3)
62 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Knut - Charms Item (2)
63 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Liquorice Wand - Charms Spell
64 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Loop-the-Loops - Quidditch Spell
65 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Manegro Potion - Potions Spell
66 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 2]Muffling Draught - Potions Spell (4)
67 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Owl Post -Care of Magical Creatures Spell (4)
68 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Photo Album - Charms Item (4)
69 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 2]Sandstone Gargoyle - Creature (3)
70 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]School Broom - Quidditch Item
71 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 3]Scribblefors - Transfiguration Spell (4)
72 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 2]Sleeping Potion - Potions Spell (4)
73 [[Bullet; Green][No Star] 1]Switching Spell - Transfiguration Spell (2)
74 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 1]Troll Bogies -Care of Magical Creatures Spell (2)
75 [[Bullet; Blue][No Star] 2]Vanishing Step - Transfiguration Spell (3)
76 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Care of Magical Creatures - Lesson (5)
77 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Charms - Lesson (3)
78 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Potions - Lesson (3)
79 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Quidditch - Lesson (4)
80 [[Bullet; Red][No Star]]Transfiguration - Lesson (5)

Thanx to :iconmissinghorcrux:
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Trying to write a bit more ^^

Journal Entry: Mon May 19, 2008, 6:33 PM
Note me


Ummm....Yeah, i have some stuff i'm planning on scanning and coloring. I've also been trying to work on lots of stuff that i put on Hiatus. Mainly Frankly chapter 3. I'm also working on a Bento tutorial for all those of you who can't afford the trips to LA and online japanese supplies. Also, i'm gonna do a little 20K gift. Whoever is my 20K visitor, reply on my journal and you'll get a comission so be on the watch! :D

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Art Trade with :iconsavivi: King and Queen Together by savivi
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I am compromising myself to this since i'm not in school (well technically) SUPRISE?
I found it by another deviantartist and went on ahead and joined the site's team….

What to Do:
Do a picture of one the following themes, depicting them in your own way, though I do have suggestions there.
1. Soft (Soft in art style, or anything that shows softness.)
2. Story (The picture probably tells a story, or someone is reading a story...)
3. A Time of the Day (Dawn, dusk, night, afternoon, rainy, sunny, 9:20 a.m. ... any time.)
4. Unreal (The surroundings of the character, or just the whole picture itself.)
5. Shade (Shading with pencil, or relaxing under the shade.)
You may choose just 1 theme, or use a combination of 2 or more. Personally I think Theme 3 is the easiest. By the way, they aren't in the 100 themes. =P

Please join if your interested!

Here are the themes...

[]1. Introduction
[]2. Love
[]3. Light
[]4. Dark
[]5. Seeking Solace
[]6. Break Away
[]7. Heaven
[]8. Innocence
[]9. Drive
[]10. Breathe Again
[]11. Memory
[]12. Insanity
[]13. Misfortune
[]14. Smile
[]15. Silence
[]16. Questioning
[]17. Blood
[]18. Rainbow
[]19. Gray
[]20. Fortitude
[]21. Vacation
[]22. Mother Nature
[]23. Cat
[]24. No Time
[]25. Trouble Lurking
[]26. Tears
[]27. Foreign
[]28. Sorrow
[]29. Happiness
[]30. Under the Rain
[]31. Flowers
[]32. Night
[]33. Expectations
[]34. Stars
[]35. Hold My Hand
[]36. Precious Treasure
[]37. Eyes
[]38. Abandoned
[]39. Dreams
[]40. Rated
[]41. Teamwork
[]42. Standing Still
[]43. Dying
[]44. Two Roads
[]45. Illusion
[]46. Family
[]47. Creation
[]48. Childhood
[]49. Stripes
[]50. Breaking the Rules
[]51. Sport
[]52. Deep in Thought
[]53. Keeping a Secret
[]54. Tower
[]55. Waiting
[]56. Danger Ahead
[]57. Sacrifice
[]58. Kick in the Head
[]59. No Way Out
[]60. Rejection
[]61. Fairy Tale
[]62. Magic
[]63. Do Not Disturb
[]64. Multitasking
[]65. Horror
[]66. Traps
[]67. Playing the Melody
[]68. Hero
[]69. Annoyance
[]70. 67%
[]71. Obsession
[]72. Mischief Managed
[]73. I Can't
[]74. Are You Challenging Me?
[]75. Mirror
[]76. Broken Pieces
[]77. Test
[]78. Drink
[]79. Starvation
[]80. Words
[]81. Pen and Paper
[]82. Can You Hear Me?
[]83. Heal
[]84. Out Cold
[]85. Spiral
[]86. Seeing Red
[]87. Food
[]88. Pain
[]89. Through the Fire
[]90. Triangle
[]91. Drowning
[]92. All That I Have
[]93. Give Up
[]94. Last Hope
[]95. Advertisement
[]96. In the Storm
[]97. Safety First
[]98. Puzzle
[]99. Solitude
[]100. Relaxation
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:heart::heart: YES I MET HER!!!!
i went to the book signing yesterday at Coral Gables, Florida and stood in line for 2 hrs. and had her sign my copy of Eclipse. I had spent the night over on friday at my friends house and we made shirts, falling asleep at 3:40 am and waking up at 7 am, and Stephenie Meyer liked them, ALOT!!! *collapses* i'm a freak, i know, but i cried afterwards.
'll try to get the pictures of the shirts soon to send them to her website and then i'll make a link or something. XD me so happy!!!! :heart::heart: Then, we went to see across the universe and although the message behind the songs were awesome, i felt like i was high throughout the entire movie, and unfortunatly cannot stand musicals, much less an audience that sings along and claps offbeat to the rythm of 'Hey Jude'. I could barely get out of bed today.


Cancer - Your Love Profile  

Your positive traits:

You're intuitive enough to know what's going wrong in a relationship early on
A total sweetheart - you're often the most caring person anyone knows
You are a generous and devoted parter to whoever you fall in love with

Your negative traits:

Insecurity - you tend to need a huge amount of comforting from your partner
You tend to be overly sensitive and easily hurt, which make loving you difficult
It's difficult to predict your moods. One minute you're up - the next you're down.

Your ideal partner:

Someone equally sensitive, who wants to take time to get to know you deeply
Dreams of an everlasting love - complete with marriage and a family
Loves to take care of you. Being a good cook and masseuse doesn't hurt!

Your dating style:

Slow. You enjoy dates that last all day, with plenty of time to talk and get to know one another.

Your seduction style:

Quite tender and loving, once you are comfortable in your relationship.
Coy. You tend to play it cool to drive your lover wild.
Orally talented - you're known as the best kisser in the zodiac.

Tips for the future:

Be a little less sensitive. Not every little mistake should hurt you.
Spend time away from your partner every so often - independence is a good thing.
Find ways to take care of yourself. You'll be happier if you put yourself first.

Best color to attract mate: Aqua (the shirt i wore to the Stephenie Meyer book signing was aqua, lmao)

Best day for a date: Wednesday  

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> Knee Deep (Carajo)
Here is the first chapter,…

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The lovely :iconatomic-clover: has tagged me....

The rules:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

Alright...8 interesting things about me....

1)I like to change hair colors every month.
2)Because of childhood norms, i can drink milk while eating pizza,haburgers,hotdogs and spaghetti's.
3)I collect Archie comics.
4)I have a mini library in my room, but have nver read more than half.
6)I don't like the beach.
7)I don't like any kind of alchohol.
8)People compare me to Sloths.....T^T

People I'm tagging, and I'm sorry if you'v done this before....

My Hogwarts Hufflepuff Dorm -->…

> Knee Deep (Carajo)
Here is the first chapter,…

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