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About Digital Art / Artist Kate Koh Kai QiFemale/Singapore Group :iconthe-other-dreemurrs: The-Other-Dreemurrs
We <3 Asgore & Chara Dreemurr!
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Full Body
So sketch would be 10 points or 5
with outline (what colour) and colours would be 20
without outline with colours would be 25
Shading with outline 30
and Shading without outline 50
Half Body
Half body only shows the head torso and arms and the rest.

1. Not to hard OCS
2.Sometimes might take a while
3.Be patient unless I already complete it

1: Sketch= 5 (go to the top and click give points or in my donation)
2: Outline= 10 (Donation or go to give points on top)
3: Outline with colours=15 (Donation or go to give points on top)
4: Without outline = 20 (Donation or go to give points on top)
5: Outline with colours and shading = 25(Donation or go to give points on top)
6: Without outline with colours and shadings=30 (Tap sumbit commision)

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Aphmau Hits That Yeet
If u dont know how i got the idea go to my amino post:

And if you dont understand the other version of how i got it here is the link to the video that someone creative and amazing made :
Yeet Apmau (Misspelled on purpose)
And some of you know about Yeet Sayori i decided to make a drawing of her but instead of Sayori I made it Aphmau. After realizing I misspelled her name I made Apmau her YEET name.

I also posted it on amino, and in amino I also posted a comic of it so ill post it here as well.

And yes, I have Aphmau Amino if you didnt know.
Yeah I'm also a fan of Funneh, fun fact: Posted it in amino too
Post in Amino:
My account in that Amino:
Ye Aphmau is one of my top favourite youtubers apperantly


in my favs
Artstyle Challenge #1 Scootaloo Loves Sans
It turned out well~ SS Chara is my channel mascot (StoryShift Chara Gaming) and I made them male while my oc rose is a female (she is half human half wolf or just a werewolf)
Sweet Nightmares (Chapter 1 Page 16)
This is the time where u thought Chara was good but was actually bad. In the future Chara is good again so don't worry...BAKA

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                                                                                                                                           Thumbnail1 by StoryShiftCharaGamin

                                                                                                                                           CHAPTER 1: Childhood

"Lalalalalala la!" Pinkie sang, hoping around. "Ow!" She cried. "Oh are you okay? I'm really very super up the roller-coaster ride sorry!" Pinkie apologised. "O-oh...It's okay-" But then she was interruppted. "Cross my heart and hope to fly, put a cupcake in my eye! I pinkie promise to never bump into you again!" Pinkie yet said. "Umm...Anyways my name is..... My name is Celastial Crystal! What is yours?" She replied. Pinkie then gasped. "Your name is SAME TO THE PRINCESS' ONE!" Pinkie screamed. "Oh....Let me tell you.......... You can share it too your friends though! Twilight already knows." She then covered her mouth. "Twilight?-" Before Pinkie finished she screamed, "O-OH! WHOS TWILIGHT?? I MEAN NO ONE!" She hesitated. "Okay let me tell you..." She then started. "FIND THEM!" The ponies shouted. "M-mom..... I'm scared! Will we make it out alive?" She said in a shakey voice. "Of course! Just stay close to me....We can go to a town called ponyvile! It will be safe there! They wont find us!" Her mom cried. "Okay lets go!" Her dad shouted. They then ran and ran. "THERE THEY ARE! GET THEM!" They shouted. They then countiued to run faster but then they started shooting arrows. "FIRE!" They shouted. Celastial's Mom then used her horn and made a shield around them but, not for long. Soon the shield dissappeared. The ponies then started shooting again. "OOF!" Celastial cried. She tripped over a rock and fell. One arrow then went directly for her. She layed there, looked at it and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she was safe, she was blocked by something, it wasn't a shield but....It was her parents. "Mom! Dad!" She cried. She sat down and looked at them.  "Go Kenessa, GO!" Her mom cried. Celastial nodded and ran. She then made it to ponyvile. Looking all broozed up. Then,Celastia came, "Are you okay young one?" She asked. "I-I'm okay...." She replied. "Come, I shall take care of you. I would call you... Celastisal!" Princess Celastia said. Celastial smiled and was taken care. She had a bad life but when she saw Celastia She fixed it for her. "Woah!" Pinkie gasped. "Oh wow how did you stay up not sleeping?" She asked. Pinkie shrugged. Untitled by StoryShiftCharaGamin "So thats how you lied huh?" She said. Pinkie giggled and went away. 



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Kate Koh Kai Qi
Artist | Digital Art
I'm a youtuber and i also do speedpaints,animations with filpaclip and roblox videos!


yup thats all actually lol XDD

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Well im kinda still new here and i dont really have much points ;P So i just want like some points at least :pppp

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