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A place where stories come to life

Welcome to StoryShapers!
Where writers and visual artists meet

Our group is devoted to deviants who love original stories.

Do you like to read, to write, to draw, or to take pictures? Then this might be the group for you. We exist to provide a nice and friendly environment where deviants can collaborate to the production of illustrated original stories. It does not matter whether you are a writer, a drawer, a photographer, a sculptor, an emoticonist, a 3D modeler, or whatever. You and your medium of choice can have a role in the project. And a fair share of fun, of course.

StoryShapers in a nutshell...
Wanna know more?
The activities of the group are organized as a collaborative game which takes place between writers and visual artists. Members can propose themselves as writers and publish their own original stories within the group. All members are allowed and encouraged to participate to the development of the stories by providing illustrations and other graphical material. Visual artists will also be granted the power to influence the story itself by deciding on the outcome of some key events during the telling!

We also offer polls, votes, features, games, contests... And a surprise every now and then. ;)

Anyone can participate! So, take a seat and enjoy your time with us.

:bulletred: New to StoryShapers? Take a look at our manual or read our FAQ. The wisdom is there. ;)

:bulletred: Would you like to write a story? Apply to become a Story Master!

:bulletred: Are you a drawer / illustrator / photographer / emoticonist / painter? Participate by submitting your deviation.

:bulletred: Need to communicate with us? Look for the "contact us" widget on the main page.

Contact us

We want to hear from you!

Click here if you wish to apply as a Story Master. You will have to write your application as a note to the group. The proposal should contain all information about your story (as detailed in the manual), or the title of the story (if you wish to pick up a Whiteboard ticket). Good luck!

Feel free to note us your ideas, suggestions, proposals, and jokes.

Do you need help or assistance with the group? Have a question that is not answered in the manual, nor in the FAQ? Something's broken in the group?

Any complaint about the group, and reports of rule violations, must be directed here. Please, do not use other widgets or means to send your reports, as they might not get the required priority.

Well, we just never say no to cookies.

For all other matters, please send us a note.

Special thanks

Some of the resources of the group were provided by helpful deviants. We dedicate a special thanks to all of them. So, here we go, in fair alphabetical order.

Commander-Luminaire's gallery taught us some neat tricks related to the implementation of Custom User Boxes.

Dirak. Her camera and her hands contributed to the creation of our avatar.

Nironan12. The badge that we use to mark the status of our Whiteboard tickets was created from his template.

madcoffee created the original version of the CSS we use with our Whiteboard tickets.

The wisdom

StoryShapers Bookshelf

The bookshelf collects links to all the stories that have been published on the group.



Story Masters

Theme of the Month

The theme of October 2010 is

:bulletred: Black inside :bulletred:



We will collect here all announcements and hot topics about the group. Check it out every now and then! ;)

We added some information about what we will look for during the judging process. Now you know where to place your bet. ;)

Two new Masters joined our team. salvador-deli and his super-heroes will entertain you with the story "Morph Boy". pyrofired2 will shape a ticket by JLGribble: "L'Étoile". Welcome guys!

The new version of the manual is available. Version 1.2 features two major highlights. The rulebook is now shorter and it is organized by activity. Also, two brand new games are introduced for you. :)

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is a collection of ideas, concepts, and prompts for new stories contributed by the community.

For submission rules, take a look at our manual and FAQ 1.1. Once you are ready, just open a ticket and stick it to our Whiteboard!


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Events of our affiliates can be featured here. If you need some promotion, send us a message.


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so...what happened to this? It's been a long time since anyone's posted anything or updated anything. what gives?
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Okay, I'm rather worried this group isn't 100% active/operational right now which would make me really sad because I've got myself all hyped up and happy about it. All the new announcements seem rather old and there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of activity going on. Also links are broken. Now, I'm not complaining, I'm just using this as some kind of shout out to determine the actual activity of the group. Thank you all.
EvilpixieA Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2010  Student Writer
General question: it says that the max for each chapter must be 5000 words in the manual, correct? Is there a minimum of words per chapter? Just making sure, you understand.
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I've featured your contest here: [link]
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Do you guys accept individual chapters from a story?
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I think i want to join! I do alot a of illustrated work that are story based. mainly narratives. ok im in! I'll try to be apart of the community as close as possible! ;)
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