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My Precious! by Leabasan
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The Evening by JohnFitzSquirrel
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Rajako by weyrwoman-lessa
Mindelmar's Maps - Second Draft by mekheke
The University of Magic of Aubejolie by mekheke
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Swamp cow by OneOut
Concept art: Zei vanguard armor by OneOut
Ancestors: Kronhad Zei by OneOut
Ancestors: Prophet by OneOut
The Hieroglyph by JohnFitzSquirrel

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Hey ! He's making an eclipse in the garden ! by JohnFitzSquirrel
Age, catamite, fac mihi hunc diem felicissimum! by Leabasan
The Dental Care by JohnFitzSquirrel
Illustrate my story
March 2020 Challenge: Mad as a March Hare

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The Monster by weyrwoman-lessa
April 2020 Challenge: Easter Eggs
After Work hours by SharonAgathon
Patrol by Leabasan
May 2020 Challenge: Renewal
Try This by MoriMann


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This group is about art that tells a story or illustrates a story.
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Sep 11, 2018


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What's all about?

This group features images that tell a story or illustrate a story. Thus, you can add your pictures of your OC chasing the villain, or your comic, or you can put up your interpretation of a piece of literature - own or other. But, if a story isn't obvious from the image (for example, because you have just portrayed the main character), make sure to explain the story in the description section of your image. If you illustrate a whole scene, it would be nice to have that scene in the description, with proper citation.

Proper citation of other's stories (text): "[Text]" From: Author, Title of story, Title of book (if from an anthology), Year, Page(s).
Proper citation of films or games or other non-text-content: Description of scene. From: Film/Game, Author or Company, Year.
If you don't know it, look it up. You don't have to give the text to the letter, you may just summarize or outline the scene, but make sure you give the true author credit.

If you write your own story, give a link to it or cite it as above from your own work. Of course, if your image tells a story, you're welcome to write it out in the description!

What you may do:
- Post a picture that tells a story (and write it out in the description, if you want)
- Post a picture that illustrates a piece of literature, best with a citation of that scene/story, per link or per proper citation rules

What you may not do:
- Post pictures without a story - no "look, tits / willy", no "oh, just another girl / guy in a random environment with a random expression"
- Re-post other people's work, neither literature nor images. Everything you post has to be your. own. work.
This lockdown makes me lose my already very loose connection to my calendar... we're several days into May and there's no challenge yet. Sheeesh!

This month's challenge will be


No, you don't have to do your 4,974th spring image. Go to your gallery. Find one of the oldest images you have. Look at it. What's good about it, what's bad? What would you do different today?

Renew one of your oldest images for this challenge.

You have several options what you can do:
- you can renew the technique, so you do exactly the same image, but with a different or better technique. (For example: you're painting in oil, and while your old image had more of van Gogh, you now do it like a Rembrandt - same art medium, different technique.)
- You can re-interpret the story; give us a fresh view on what's happening (not only another angle, but for example if your old image is Frodo heroically fighting with Gollum in Mount Doom, do it now from Gollum's view).
- You can take it to a different art medium (for example, bring a drawing to a cross-stitch)
- You can refresh the technology (for example, if you're doing 3D renders and have an old OC still morphed from Victoria 4, bring this OC to Genesis 8 Female)
- You can do a parody of your own work, pointing out its weaknesses in a funny way
- You can switch the protagonists, like bringing a female table dancer to a male one (but please, then recreate EXACTLY THE SAME POSE etc.!)

Renew yourself and have fun with it!

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Thank you for the request!
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Of course! Your images tell awesome stories and are often absolutely hilarious!

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:) No prob there, we're still fairly small. Perhaps if you know some people who'd like to join, too... ^^ But up to now, it's reviewing 3 pics in the evening or something the like, and members to join every new era or so.
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