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We're after conceptual photography, shots that carry an idea and a story in them. We want something intense and meaningful, something that people can relate to. In this group the perfectly polished shot may get declined while a slightly rough shot gets accepted. It's all about the story behind it.
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Tragedies and sad stories
The Cage by VioletEvans
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Comedies and happy stories
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Welcome to StorylinePhotography!

:rose: What kind of photography is this group for? :rose:

:bulletblack: StorylinePhotography is for conceptual photography that carries an idea or a story within it. It is for photography that makes the viewers wonder what happened just before the photo was taken, what will happen next and photographs they can relate to. It is for love stories, tragedies, comedies, thrillers, stories about loss and anxiousness and stories about gaining something precious!

This is why a good quality landscape or a fashion portrait might be declined. The thought behind the photo is the main point. We want something intense and emotional without going overboard. (Very exaggerating and provoking photos often intentionally do that.) Everything gaudy should be avoided. Emphasizing the concept in a stylish way is instead highly encouraged!

Most of the artist use art as a way of expressing their feelings and sharing the events in their life with others. This is the place where those stories will be listened to.</>

:rose: Rules of submission, suggesting favourites and joining the group :rose:

:bulletblack: Anyone is allowed to apply for the group

:bulletblack: Only members are allowed to contribute

:bulletblack: Non-members are allowed to suggest favourites

:bulletblack: Only photographs are allowed (No photomanipulation)

:bulletblack: Only 2 submissions a day

:bulletblack: Once declined submission can not re-submitted

:bulletblack: Clearly poor quality photographs are not accepted

:bulletblack: The submitted photo does NOT have to be in the category "Photography/Conceptual" but it has to fit the group theme.

If you have any questions about the group feel free to ask!

~ Pinni
Hiya there!

You've probably all noticed that the group is still missing an avatar.

:bulletblack: I haven't forgot and I'm working on it but at the moment Paint is all I can get my hands on. (I'm visiting relatives and can only use their laptop at the moment.) So if I'll make an avatart now, it won't be anything fancy and I might have to redo it when I get home to my old laptop.

:bulletblack: This is also why I'm very OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS if there happens to be anyone that would like to make an avatar for the group. If you have any ideas, let me know! I'd be more than happy to hear.


~ Pinni :rose:
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