Lilly - Too much to eat (Blueberry Inflation)

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    “Lilly?” asked the small voice of the female tour guide.

    Lilly Satou sat swinging her legs from upon a moving conveyor belt. She kicked her legs lazily through the air as the machine glided her along at a leisurely pace. She wore a pair of dark, ocean blue pants that came up to her waist, secured by a light blue belt just beneath her ribs. Above, the short shirt she wore was a blue of the morning sky, matching her belt and slip-on shoes far beneath. A small length of her skin was visible between the clothing, slender and soft, a pale white contrasting with the deep and brightened blues.

    She was adjusting her wrist bracelets, a matching pair of black leather strips coated with silver metal spikes. One of the spikes had wrapped around her skin-tight fishnet bands that she wore over her arms as sleeves. They snapped with a tightened snip back onto her arm once freed.

    She’d heard the girl call to her, the little worker that Hisao had left him with when he went to go and take his break. If he was going to go sit down and pawn off all these other losers to do it, why shouldn’t she get a rest? This place was boring her.

    “Lilly! Hey!” the inventor called again from further away.

    Lilly sighed, leaning back upon the conveyor. One of her hands rested upon a solid object, which shifted beneath her. She tilted her head, closing her blind eyes, and tried to picture the object as she ran her fingers over it. It was rectangular, hard, and seemed to be wrapped.

    She smiled to herself, finally. She turned her fingers beneath the bar and pulled it free. Holding it in both hands, her left buttock felt the first bump of a roller beneath the belt, and she chose to lightly hop from the belt.

    She felt the momentum carry her a step to the side, but she quickly gathered her footing before lightly feeling her backside tap against the machine into which the belt was feeding. Her black lipstick tugged up to the side in smug satisfaction while she dug a dark nail into her prize.

    It took only a moment for the smell to permeate her surroundings. Chocolate, deep, rich, and dark. Just the way she liked it. She bit down, feeling her raven lips snap over the creamy treat before her teeth cracked the corner off. The moment it touched her tongue, she felt worlds better, and found herself purring as she kicked the delicious taste around her mouth, spreading it all over her tongue, and allowing it to melt inside her with a macabre fascination before allowing it to trickle down her throat, past the black wires of her choker, and into her trim stomach.

    “Now this is fun,” she muttered to herself in her clouded tone as she took another bite. “Better than, ‘Oh look at this,’ or ‘You have gotta see this.’” She mimed the flapping lips of her compatriots with her cadaverous white hand.

    “There you are!” called a voice, that tiny worker girl with the high-pitched voice. “We were looking all over for you.”

    Lilly felt her dark nails snapping shut, squeezing her hand into a fist. “Where, exactly am I going to go?” she asked sarcastically.

    The girl hesitated for a second. “I-I dunno, we just heard you were on the Choco-trolley line, and I came to make sure-”

    Lilly grunted. “Choco-trolley line, are you kidding me? It’s a chocolate bar.” Lilly said, waving the bar in front of her before chomping down on it. She swallowed the piece only partially chewed and could feel it slide down into her empty stomach. “Besides, I can hardly even walk around this stupid place without my cane,” she went on, mostly to herself now, “and all they can offer is some clashing… conformist… Christmas candy cane.” She took another bite of the chocolate bar, this one exceptionally large. “Ish naught even Chrishmash!” she bemoaned before swallowing her bite. “What the hell is the point of making candy canes in February?”

    Rai, a scant and young girl with cardinal red hair wearing a matching red lab coat, was not being paid to deal with grouchy bratty teenagers. She groaned when she noticed Lilly’s long wavy blonde hair was held into an ornate ponytail with a pair of fair ivory skulls. “Lilly,” she sighed, “would you please come with me?”

    “Absolutely not,” Lilly said. She stomped her teal colored boot and placed a hand upon her lithe hip, cocking her body to the side. She ripped the last of the wrapping paper from the chocolate bar and dropped it to the ground. “This place is boring, there’s nothing for me to do, and if someone says, ‘look at this’ one more time I think I’m going to burst.”

    She snapped the last of the chocolate into her mouth, gloomy colored lips bounding up and down. Rai reached for her two-way radio. “Yeah, lead inventor? I’ve got her,” she murmured into the radio.

    “Oh! Oh, good! Excellent!” the wide hipped inventor exclaimed. “I was beginning to worry that she fell into the machine.”

    “If only I were so lucky,” Rai whispered to herself.

    “I can hear you,” Lilly said, curling up her lip.

    Rai ignored her, pressing onto the button. “We’re by the mouth of the machine, next to the meal maker,” she said. “Please hurry over here.”

    “Can’t you lead her back here?” the inventor asked.

    Rai looked up to the girl, who stood nearly a foot taller than her in height. At 4’10, Rai was used to being shorter than most people, but this wannabe brat seemed gargantuan even when she was with the group.

    Lilly had her feet planted firmly where she’d stomped, her nose turned up to the air. “I don’t think that’ll work,” Rai said.

    Lilly laughed. “So, you people do have brains,” she snarked.

    Rai growled. “Just cause you’re blind, lady, doesn’t mean you can be such a jerk.”

    Lilly perked an eyebrow, and her smile grew dangerous. “Oh, am I being a jerk?” she asked.

    Rai pressed the button, “Just get over here,” she said before hanging it up. She clipped it back onto her belt.

    Lilly, who was waving the remains of the chocolate bar with uncaring ease, spoke. “You know, miss…”

    “Rai,” the girl supplied.

    “Eww, your name sounds so short,” Lilly commented.

    Rai felt her cheeks redden. She bit her lip though, as she had no reply.

    “Rai, then. Ugh,” Lilly went on, sticking out her tongue over her stygian lipstick showing pristine white teeth. “All I want is really simple, actually.”

    Rai rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She sighed to herself, reminding that the group would be here soon. “Yeah?” she asked, “What’s that?”

    Lilly dropped the remains of the chocolate bar into her mouth. She blew out her cheeks as she did, giving herself a comical expression as she bitingly made a moan of enjoyment. She stepped to the side, navigating with her left hand, until she rested it upon a machine. The meal maker, Rai recognized. She was about to tell Lilly off for touching it before the girl suddenly whipped to the side. “I want something to eat!” she demanded, eyebrows tugging downwards over her lidded eyes. She thrust out a finger, then followed it with a second shout, “I want somewhere to rest!” She advanced on Rai, backing the girl up and following her in a loop. “And I want to GO! HOME!!” she screamed, slamming her foot down to the ground.

    The young woman’s words rebounded off from the high ceiling, bouncing back down to the cacophony of sound coming from the nearby machines indulging in heavy production. Rai was pressed back, leaning onto the machine and away from the blind giant who was tracking her every movement. She didn’t know what to do, what to say, and so Lilly continued.

    “And here we are, in the center of this stupid visual experience, and you think I can’t smell what’s around me?” Lilly asked.

    “I never said th-” Rai began

    “Zip it, pint-sized!” Lilly said. She reached forwards, gripped Rai’s shoulder, and pulled her forwards. Rai turned around to see one of the glass containers of the machine, inside of which a white substance was being churned. Lilly inhaled deeply, letting her long breath back out. “You said this was a meal maker?” she asked.

    “W-what?” Rai asked, timid. She didn’t want to be screamed at any more, she just wanted to make candy and eat chocolate.

    Lilly turned. It was the dark makeup she wore, the eyeshadow that caused the cold blue of her eyes to strike out.

    “Yeah,” Rai said. “It takes food, and sorta compacts it.” She went on, using her hands to explain.

    Lilly turned back to the machine, her long fingers carefully following the paneling.

    “It’s defective,” Rai went on. “It works too well, the food-”

    “What kind of meal?” Lilly asked.

    Rai approached from behind, instinctively moving towards the control panel. She’d meant to cut Lilly off, but the girl used her long legs and got in front of her. Her hand slammed onto the panel, and her finger caught around the large red button.

    The machine coughed, and Rai looked back. The glass container, pie frosting she knew, began spinning gyroscopically. It and several other glass spheres raised outwards from the machine, including a rather ominous and too familiar looking one that splashed with blue juice as the contents were broken down. “It-it’s a three-course meal,” Rai went on. She stuck her hand out to reach beneath Lilly’s, but Lilly slapped it away. “Hey!”

    She saw then that Lilly was smiling, nostrils flaring as the scent of chocolate was replaced with that of the contents of the machine. There was a sudden screech of metal as the multiple arms were pulled inward with startling speed, and the sound of shattering glass.

    Lilly muttered to herself, “I hope I broke it.”

    “Would you quit it! It’s not what you think it is, it’s-”

    Again, Rai was cut off, but this time by a much quieter sound. As the machine began to rotate, the control panel emitted a small and quiet sound as a panel rose. It poked Lilly her pale stomach, through the gap of her shirt and pants. Rai turned back to the machine to see the now glass containers being replaced. Empty spheres took their positions before the machine heaved once more and went quiet again.

    It’d be on cooldown for the next 72 hours while the food was automatically cooked and replaced, Rai knew. She also knew that each of those spheres could hold approximately 7 gallons. She turned back to find Lilly withdrawing the small yellow rectangle from the dispenser. “Well, this is disappointing,” Lilly said dryly.

    Rai made a grab for it.

    “Hey, watch it!” Lilly called, standing up tall. She held the product far above Rai’s head while the diminutive girl hopped to try and reach it. Lilly used her free arm to hold her at bay.

    “You can’t have it! Give it here!” Rai called. She leapt up and snatched at Lilly’s arm. The girl was tall, thin, but Rai now realized that she was frail. Thin in her own way, never worked a day in her life and was just making other people’s worse. Well she wasn’t going to let her make her day any harder!

    “What the hell are you two doing?!”

    Rai felt herself balk mid jump when she turned and saw Hisao himself striding up with the three remaining members of the group. Emi, Rin, and Hanako looked befuddled behind the guide.

    Rai’s attention whipped back to her charge. Lilly bent her arm and shoved the small yellow brick into her mouth, toppling backwards and bumping her skinny ass off of the control panel. The machine wheezed, and Rai gasped, “No no, no no no.”

    Automatically, Lilly’s jaw began working. Up and down, up and down, Rai watched as the little piece of gum disappeared behind her pearly white teeth and cried out in anguish as her day was thoroughly ruined.

    Lilly had, for the first time today but certainly not the last, color spread to her cheeks. A light red blush filled them as she spat out, “You *chew* little *chew* troglodyte *chew chew* it’s *chew* just *chew* a *chew* piece of gum*chew chew chew*” Lilly blinked, evidentially surprised that her own chewing was cutting her off.

    Hisao sighed, holding his face in his hand. Through his fingers, he looked to Rai as if a disappointed teacher.

    “I’m sorry,” she said.

    Hisao lowered his hand. “Did you tell her not to eat it?”

    Rai bobbed her head.

    Hisao outstretched his hand and patted her head. “We’re lucky we updated the contract, then.” He held her gaze for a moment before turning his head. “Alright, go on. Get ‘er ready.”

    Rai nodded again and rushed off. She went to the nearby wall and thumped it, revealing a key pad.

    Lilly squinted after her, still chewing the gum. “Frikin troll doll,” she said to herself.

    Hisao felt a tug upon his jacket and turned to see Hanako. The purple haired girl wore a light-colored outfit, and her exposed purple eye was filled with innocence as she beheld the darkly dressed Lilly. “What’s happened?” she asked.

    “Hisao!” Lilly called over her, “Your gum is broken. Is everything in this place all for show?”

    Hisao rolled his eyes and strode over to the Choco-trolley line. He picked three bars of chocolate off of the lines as he spoke to Lilly, “The gum isn’t broken, you silly girl. It’s defective, not ready for consumption.”

    “Didn’t anyone tell you to chew with your mouth closed?” Emi asked her.

    Lilly made a face and kept chomping on the gum, louder now and shook her head at Emi. The skulls in her hair clacked off one another. Lilly had been righting herself when she was interrupted.

    It took her a moment to realize that her knees had gone weak and that she had nearly fallen over. Another passed before she could hear herself, breathing heavily and exhaling a deep moan, and finally another before the sensation of taste stopped overwhelming her, and she was able to realize what she felt pouring down her gullet.

    Hanako watched Lilly stagger, a sharp gasp took her forwards with her narrow delicate legs bending before she caught herself. Her hands gripped the sides of her pants turning to little fists and she rocked back onto her heels. Her shadowed eyes were unfocused and Hanako could see her throat bob as she swallowed. She thought for a moment she must have swallowed the gum, but no, Lilly kept on chewing.

    “Oh gawd,” Lilly gasped, head knocking backwards. Her jaw worked the gum up and down, gaunt jaw leaping up and down. Her throat bobbed again and she exhaled. “Soup,” she said with amazement. “It’s potato soup, with cheese. There’s so much cheese.”

    “Soup?” Hanako and Rin asked.

    Hisao nodded his head, though he looked stoic. “The meal maker makes meals, condensing them down into a single piece of gum. You could carry around dinner in your pocket, but first we strive to help those who’ve trouble cleaning their plate. Not a scrap’s to be wasted.”

    “And bacon too!” Lilly called, ignoring Hisao. “There’s little bits of, of bacon, intermixed with the… it’s delicious!” Rai bit her cheek. The brat was so self-centered. She just snapped up the gum without a care.

    “Like I was saying, it’s defective. I can understand most, but the dessert is by far the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.” Hisao went on to the other girls. He pointed to the chomping girl with his cane. “Miss Lilly, how’s the appetizer?” he asked.

    Lilly blinked, swallowing again then again. “There’s so much,” she managed through her gnawing. “There’s too much cheese, and I… I can feel it. Ooh.” Lilly reached forwards, placing her hand around her stomach. “It’s warm,” she kept going but her face began to show discomfort. “I think that’s enough.”

    “Is she… actually eating it?” Emi asked, stepping closer. Lilly stood there, jaw manducating, while she was looked over.

    “Oh yes, it’s all there,” Hisao said. “It’s just the soup, but if you look close enough…”

    Emi’s voice was awestruck. “Her belly, I can see your stomach...” She paused. “I can hear it! It’s churning inside you!”

    “Okay, enough soup already!” Lilly grunted. “Hisao, make it…” her voice carried off once more, and a bovine look came over her as she loudly chewed.

    “What?” Rin asked her.

    “Is it… pork?” Lilly probed. “Oh, my. It is, it’s barbecued pork.” Her hand went to her neck. “Oh, it’s hot in my throat… oh, goodness. My stomach.”

    “Oh my God… Look at her!” Emi called, stepping closer. Lilly’s hand went to her belly, fingers slipping beneath her pants to rub at it. The girl was filling up, her belly was pushing outward!

    “There’s too much food,” Hisao said.

    “There’s too much food…” Lilly gulped. She stood on her tip toes, awkwardly massaging herself,

    “She’s getting wider!” Hanako said.

    Lilly’s eyes fluttered before sharpening. “W-what?!” she huffed. Her hand tugged free from her pants just before her belly trapped them in there. Her hands gripped herself, pinching her swelling stomach in two handholds. “What’s happening?!” she demanded, palms roving around herself. Her stomach began to push over the lip of her pants, and she filled out further.

    “Her body can’t handle all of the food,” Hisao said. “Look, see her stomach? She’s packed to the brim, so her body is turning the excess straight into fat to try and keep up.”

    Lilly’s was groping herself when Emi shouted out. “Look at her legs! They’re getting fatter too!”

    “W-what? No, no no,” Lilly cried. Her belly pooched over the edge of her belt when she bent over to feel her legs, then her eyes went wide. She rocketed back up, hands gripping her backside. Hanako noticed the netting on her arms looked tight. “My butt! No no, you can’t make me fat!!” Her face twitched and twitched again. “I-I can’t spit it out!” she gabbled, “I can’t stop chewing!!!”

    Hisao scoffed. “Of course not, you silly brat. I said already, it’s meant for those who have trouble cleaning their plate.”

    “This…” Lilly gasped, her hand palming the pudge forming over her pants. “Oh my, this isn’t a plate. It’s a feast…” Her mouth sagged open, her teeth showing while they snapped down over and over again. The gum hidden far behind while the pork poured down her throat into her stuffed stomach.

    Lilly started shocked when Emi reached forwards, gripping her rounding belly, but she kept trying to cease chewing. She spread her arms and Hanako could see now for sure. Her slender arms were vanishing, slowly her biceps grew laden with fat. “Oh God,” Emi said, “you’re packed. I thought you said it was the dessert that was wrong?” she turned to Hisao.

    “It’s certainly peculiar.” He said. “Whilst we’ve gotten quite lucky with the ‘feast,’ he gestured to Lilly, “it’s the desser-”

    Lilly’s voice broke in, her hands falling limply to her side. “Oooh, it’s… it’s amazing…” she fluttered, face squinting in discomfort. She pawed futilely at her sides, and the food inside bounced and churned. “Oh gosh, make it stop, make it…” she slumped, knees knocking. “Ooooh pie,” she moaned, “so much pie.”

    Lilly’s eyes drifted, and she stopped struggling. “Blueberry pie,” she purred, “covered in cream. It’s so juicy and fresh, oh goodness! Ohh, I can’t… I want… Ooohhhh there’s so much more…”

    “Her hair!” Hanako shouted.

    “Her face!” Emi replied.

    Lilly’s dark lips were changed even darker as the deep juicy blue spread out from her cheeks. Their scarlet blush was twisted, darkened to a deep violet as the blue crawled across her face while her jaw snapped up and down. The streak spread forth from her belly, which pushed out beneath her pants now as well as above, giving her the look of a filling hourglasses. Stripes of blue emanated from her scalp, twisting round her wavy hair and coloring it as dark as her skin. The white skulls sat atop their azure perch, shining bright while she was colored dark. “Please, somebody,” Lilly panted, “There’s too many pies.”

    “There’s too many blueberries,” Hisao said, shaking his head. “It’s something with the blueberries.”

    “It’s died her skin!” Hanako said. “Her hair!”

    Hisao nodded, looking thoughtful. “Perhaps a different fruit?” He dismissed it. “We’d have to change the entire meal…”

    “Actually,” Emi said, “look.” She pointed above, stroked a golden lock of blonde hair that fell down the side of Lilly’s cerulean face while the girl devoured the desserts. “It’s not all blue.”

    “That’s new…” Hisao said, inspecting the girl.

    “What’s happening to her?” Emi asked.

    “I feel hot,” Lilly said. She fanned at her face. A deep gurgling sound emitted from her belly. “Oh, my.” Her stomach shook, and her knees pinched together. The fat of her belly trembled, and Lilly let out an explosive moan as her blue gut surged forwards. “Ohhhhh,” her voice shook, pain clear. “Tight,” she gasped, blue fingers fumbling around her muffing stomach. “Too ti-”

    With a lowed *BANG* Lilly’s stomach splashed forwards. Her light blue belt, obscured beneath her ballooning belly, tore forcefully forwards. The girl lost her footing while her stomach sagged downwards, the zippers holding her gut in had torn with the pressure, and her stomach now flubbed over the lip of her pants.

    “She’s growing faster!” Emi panicked.  the buttons of her shirt growing taut and some of the seams round her arms tore free. Blue skin bulged from every bit of the girl’s outfit as she quickly grew fatter and fatter.

    “She’s bloating,” Hisao explained. “Her cheeks, see?”

    The girls stared. Lilly’s lips were now closed, jaw still chewing and chewing. Her blue eyes were filled with regret, her cheeks puffing outwards, and her jawline rounded with the rest of her, forming a second chin.

    “Help!” she sputtered, her black lips still tight. “Help!!”

    “She’ll burst!” Emi cried. “There’s too many pies.”

    Hisao disapproved. “Not likely,” he explained, “though she’s got more pies to go. Her body is producing the juice now. It’s happened before, she’s becoming a blueberry.”

    Lilly cried out again, arms spreading wider. “Make me stop, somebody please!” The netting was snapping, one after another. Her shirt rose further over her belly, which sagged further down her fattening legs, and came to a halt beneath her growing breasts. Slower than her body, her breasts filled with juice, pulling the buttons of her shirt wide. Lilly’s body heaved, and Hanako realized it was because the girl was trying to move.

    Her feet trembled beneath their growing load. So heavy had their owner become, that they could barely support her. Her leg shifted and bounced with the filling of juice as her calf raised outwards with her billowing thigh. They’d ripped at the bottoms, splitting up her sides. Deep blue flesh poked out of deep blue pants, but Lilly’s skin glowed in the light and sagged with its load.

    There was a great big hiccup and Lilly seemed almost to hop in place. Plump arms spread wide, she resembled a brilliant blue butterball laden with lard. She swayed for a moment and gasped, her hefty breasts straining the buttons of her shirt. Her breath came in pants, her stomach throbbing with juice, and Hanako noticed her bulging cheeks had finally finished chewing.

    She breathed for a moment, blue belly hanging in the air. She looked like she had to balance herself with her arms slowly moving with her belly. Slowly, her dark lips parted, and she spoke. “I-I swallowed it…” she breathed, unseeing eyes roaming the room.

    Emi approached her. “I think you’ve stopped…” she raised a finger, poking Lilly atop her broad belly. “Yuck, you’re squishy.”

    Lilly groaned, joining her belly. “S-stop! Oh noo, you’ll make me start again!”

    “This is peculiar,” Hisao said. He approached Lilly, taking her hair.

    “W-what are you doing to me?” Lilly asked. She followed it with a hysteric cry, “What have you done to me?!”

    “Oh, be quiet. You stole dysfunctional gum from a deactivated machine,” Hisao snapped. “Although, for some reason, the transformation doesn’t seem to have fully taken. Can you move?” he asked.

    Lilly huffed. Her body shook, and her arms spun. Her husky leg lifted an inch before plodding back down. “N-no?” she said, her voice quaking. “It’s too heavy.”

    “You’re too heavy,” he corrected her. “You can move it, though.” Hisao turned to the others. “Miss Satou appears to still be a human,” he said.

    “She’s blue!” Rin declared.

    “I’m WHAT?!” Lilly shrieked.

    “You’re also obese…” Emi muttered, spinning round the girl. “God, look at your ass.”

    Lilly’s stomach swayed. She tried to move her arms, to turn them inwards, but didn’t seem able to lower them, or was worried she’d fall. She stood there while the others looked her over like a prize-winning cow.

    “What do you mean, still human?” Lilly asked. “What happened to me??”

    “You’re filled to the brim with blueberry juice, and more than a village could eat in blueberry pies…” Hisao perused. He raised her arms, seeming to test their weight. He released the blue blubber, which fell with a resounding slosh. Lilly moaned, her heavy cheeks blushing a deep violet.

    “Umm,” said a voice, off to the side. “I brought the hover cart. I saw what was happening, so I got the chair from the end of the Choco-trolley line.”

    The group turned to see Rai, the small red head had emerged from a hole in the wall. She’d vanished when Lilly had begun to fill up with food, nobody had noticed she’d left. Next to her, floating just above the ground, was a wide red purple platform attached to a black pole with white handles. Sitting atop of the platform was a gothic looking chair, made of ebony steal. Its seat was plush, a large black cushion that seemed like it would fit even Lilly’s butt.

    “I noticed she’s still standing?” Rai questioned.

    “She’s not fully transformed,” Hisao explained. “Her hair has still got some of her blonde, see?”

    Rai stepped closer. She had trouble seeing Lilly’s face over the curve of her belly, so tall was the woman and so fat she had grown. She couldn’t help but feel vindicated, watching her plump blue fingers grasping at nothing. She’d tried to stop her… “I see what you mean,” she said. “Well yeah, we can’t really roll her.”

    “Roll me?!” Lilly gasped with terror. Her belly throbbed, and she made a grunt.

    “No, we could hurt her,” Hisao agreed. “We don’t know how much of her is fat, either. She hardly looks ripe.”

    Lilly moaned, clenching her hands into fists and releasing them. “I feel so full, please…”

    Hisao turned to Rai. “Well, we can load her up and transport her.” He nodded to the chair. “Good thinking.” He waved a hand and the two stepped over to the chair. They began conversing quietly. The three remaining girls grouped up, standing around Lilly

    “You look like a giant blue cream puff,” Emi told the addled girl.

    “She looks like a blueberry,” Rin responded.

    Lilly whined, her frown deepening. Her blue hair waved when she shook her head back and forth, rounded chin sunken in. “This is so unfair,” she complained.

    “You’re really squishy,” Emi repeated. She lightly rubbed Lilly’s tummy, the curve which came out just beneath her breasts. Lilly opened her mouth and loosed a groan. “Oh, actually,” Emi continued, “you feel really full right here.”

    “I-it’s probably the pies…” Hanako spoke.

    “That feels… oh, goodness…” Lilly groaned. Her shoulders sagged a twinge.

    “I think you ate too much,” Rin said.

    Lilly’s lips tightened in a disapproving pout. Her body suddenly shook as she straightened herself, sniffing. The girls watched her swallow. Then, suddenly, she hiccupped.

    The buttons on Lilly’s shirt popped free, tinkling away from her body as it endured a massive throb. The lining of her shirt followed the buttons, tearing fully down the center. Her upper body, now exposed, billowed freely outwards. Her black bra stretched as her breasts bobbed down upon her blue belly, and Hanako and Emi were forced to grab the girl’s front lest she topple over.

    Emi was right, she was exceptionally squishy, her body filling out Hanako’s hands and overlapping her fingers. Lilly was also immensely heavy, and the two girls strained to push her back onto her tree-trunk sized legs.

    “Oooh,” Lilly moaned with a large breath, “that feels so much better.” A moment later, she added in a much sadder groan, “Ohhh, I really loved this outfit.”

    “Is everything alright?” Hisao asked. The girls turned to see him standing near them.

    “No,” Lilly said, apparently regaining some of her bratty composure, “Everything is not ‘alright’!”

    Hisao chided, “Not you. I’ve been made perfectly aware what you did to yourself.”

    Hanako stepped back when Hisao raised his cane. He pressed it gently into Lilly’s abdomen. It sank in for a moment before halting upon the feast in her belly.

    Lilly twisted her head, her face lighting up in fear as Hisao leaned upon his cane. “W-what are you doing to me? Stop it, please!” she begged. “You’re going to make me fall!”

    Her bulging arms spun, and Hanako saw the gleam of the metal spikes from her bracelet as the leather straps tore free and tinkered to the floor. The girl raised one immense leg and let loose a piercing scream as she tumbled backwards.

    And an immense “Oof!” as she slammed into the waiting chair behind her. Immediately, Lilly body filled the chair to its capacity. She sat much higher than she would have before, but her butt had become so immense that it was pinched on either side by the arms of the chair. Her belly spilled over her lap like a grand wave, and she groaned as it settled into place upon her chunky thighs.

    Rai came from behind the chair while the girl grumbled, taking her arm and lowering to the chair. A pair of metal cuffs rose from the chair automatically and ensnared her fattened blue wrist.

    “What are,” Lilly cut off as she groaned, shifting her weight. “What are you doing?”

    “We’ve got you in the delivery chair from the trolley line. We’re gonna take you off until the tours over, alright?” Rai assured her.

    “Where are you taking me?” she asked.

    “Hmm, I don’t know,” Hisao said. He patted her grand blue belly. “How about you take her to the line? I’m sure she could use some chocolate, it always makes me feel better after a hard day.”

    Lilly’s eyes went wide whilst Rai saluted. “N-no, no chocolate! No no, please!” she shouted as Rai turned her about. Hanako could see her exposed buttcrack and she was turned about, sloshing with wriggles in the chair. The hover cart was much lower to the ground now, laden with its heavy load.

    “Awe, come on Lilly,” reasoned Rai as she entered into the black hole behind her wide blueberry charge, “you finally got what you wanted. A chance to sit and eat!”

Lilly seems to have bitten off more than she can chew...and then some

Using this outfit www.deviantart.com/storyfan134…

Look for the drawing of this story in the future

Written by the one and only :iconundertaker33:
© 2018 - 2020 Storyfan134
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Oh my goodness oh my gracious
You said youve a plan for a picture? Oh my gosh this is so good what part will you get???
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Theres already a picture of her concept art, a full sequence should be made soon.
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Ooooo a sequence? That sounds amazing~~
Will it show her being fed chocolates strapped into her chair? I loooove the thought of feeding her ^x^
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Not quite but this sequence involves weight gain before inflation.
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Ohhhhh umm well I meant since the story ended like that ehehe~
Cause of her being carted away to be fed chocolates?
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Ah i see. Welp, you might have to ask Taker for that :P
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What do you think of weight gain AFTER inflation? Floating Heart Thought Bubble - Pink Emote Love 
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hmmm not sure, interesting though~!
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