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Starfall 2019

Galaxy Heart Bullet A redraw of one of my old characters, StarfallGalaxy Heart Bullet 

Starfall was in a comic back in 2015-16 called Through the Tree

She's a pretty extreme girly girl and is super curious to what's shaking. If she was in this world you would probably see her ordering that Unicorn Frapuccino at Starbucks. Starfall's skin changes depending on her mood, like a mood ring, so you'll know when she's ticked off x) She's quite easy to work with though and carefree

Here's her original art:
Starfall's character sheet by StoryBirdArtist  You're the Empress by StoryBirdArtist  By Yourside by StoryBirdArtist    Salt-a-Tiel by StoryBirdArtist 
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So awesome! I love the colours in her hair!
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aawh why thank you
Jesusfeathers's avatar
Whoa, its been a while since she's shown up, and quite a different perspective on her as well 
StoryBirdArtist's avatar
aahh I know, a bit different hehehe
TheSn0wyOwl's avatar
This looks great Story! Also, her hairstyle is out of this world. :weary: 
StoryBirdArtist's avatar
electric177's avatar
She reminds me of glimmer from the new she-ra on netflix. :3
StoryBirdArtist's avatar
Idk what that show is but holy crap you're right! Dang that's trippy
electric177's avatar
Looked her up lol?
but yeah as soon as I opened the deviation I was like
"G- Glimmer-senpai? Is that you?"
StoryBirdArtist's avatar
electric177's avatar
If you have netflix I would definitely recommend the show. The plot twist I was NOT expecting.
Which, if you watch it, you will probably expect it, but don't judge me. I have the mind of an 8-year-old and the maturity (jokes and innuendos-wise) of a 15-year-old.
It is a kid's show tho
StoryBirdArtist's avatar
ah well im planning on getting it so sure!
no biggie i love cartoons x)
electric177's avatar
Yeah it's totally worth it. (even if they raised the price from 8$ a month to 10$ a month but djfklhkdjga)
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