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Jessie Warner (Sailor Uniform) by StormyTheTrooper, visual art


DA 20th Loish Redraw by StormyTheTrooper, visual art


Upsie Dotzie by StormyTheTrooper, visual art


Epilogue 1 by StormyTheTrooper, literature

Dejiko's Answer: Ending 1 by StormyTheTrooper, literature

Dejiko's Answer 1st End Prolog by StormyTheTrooper, literature


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My Bio

County Prosecutor who just does digital (and sometimes traditional) drawing strictly as a side hobby, mostly to get imagination out of my head and on to paper or in this case, a computer screen.

You can call me Stormy, StormyTheTrooper, Abbey and if you know me from the MySpace era, just "Bacon". In NSFW Accounts I'm known as DevilishDouble (hence the icon)

I'm currently hooked on drawing MLP related stuff, especially in the form of a crossover between my favorite game Armored Core and MLP, although I sometimes go back into drawing Anime.

Although I love MLP, my favorite Anime Di Gi Charat is still my number 1. I've suspended my own fanatic of DGC, but plan on someday getting back to it. Generally speaking, I don't always finish my fandoms because I like to just express my imagination that relives me of thinking of it and never seeing it irl, so... although I try, I may have unfinished fandoms with lack of explanation, I however wouldn't mind explaining anything.

I also make efforts to get along with others even though some turn hostile as soon as they discover my political views, but I'm not one to offend, so if you're offended just by looking at my page, that's fine, move on to another page, you don't bother me

If you'd like to see some of my NSFW stuff you can visit my FA:… Used to use Tumblr, but... Tumblr is just a cesspit...

Favourite Visual Artist
Kanan and Koge-Donbo
Favourite Movies
Watership Down
Favourite TV Shows
Di Gi Charat, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Galaxy Angel
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, Armored Core For Answer
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Tools of the Trade
Manga Studio, Photoshop CS, Sai Paintool, Inkscape
Other Interests
Military Science, Law

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I know Disney utterly ruined Star Wars and they continue to do so. But they can never erase it's Legacy. That Being Said: Happy Star Wars Day Everypony~ (Yes, I'd rather announce this than my own heritage day tomorrow ^.^)
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It was actually last weekend on April 24th that I wrote that journal entry "The Day I made out with Twilight..." where I announced I passed my State Bar. Still, I can't believe it's been a year already. For those who don't know, I'm now a Country Prosecutor working for the County Attorney. As far as updates go, I do want to get back into some ponies, but I fear that G5 just won't do it for me. It seems that other knockoff Fillitasia or w/e has better looking ponies than what G5 has to offer. Which is so surprising as Hasbro simply just had to follow the figures of G4 if they planned on going the CGI route just like Fillitasia did. But no, looks like they wanted to try and make the ponies more of an equine figure. Big mistake imo. A big RIP for MLP. Considering how I'm more interested in S2 of Animaniacs, it looks like I might continue to go down the path of Inkblots, tho I will still come back to MLP once in a while and I most definitely will give G5 a chance. Other
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Wow! Have I really posted 1K deviations? Well how bout $1K's worth of work for this: And yes! I've actually used this to first draw my latest deviation, Lux Warner: lol I'm REALLY excited over it! I might be practicing on references for the next few uploads! Hope yall are doing good! Got a day off for me :D
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Thanks for the fav!

Thankx for the cuddly likes.

Yr awesome;)

Hey Stormy, I was just wondering, whenever you do requests again, could I have a request of my OC Jessie and Yakko in Anime form in the Anime style of the 2020 show? I saw you drew Anime Dot from the show's Anime Style really good from the show. ^^ (I want it just like before though, just a nice appropriate photo of the Anime versions of me and him from the 2020 show. ^^) Here's my OC is the show's Anime Style I made before. ^^:

She's back! Jessie Warner ANIMENIACS 2020 form!

Hello! I might be interested b/c I kinda take a shine to Jessie. I'm doing redraws of things from the show b/c of the new drawing tablet I got, so you might notice a lot of redraws, It's all practice with the tablet ^.^

I might ask you some more questions b/c as a Rule of Thumb I usually include some kind of detail that signifies the character's gender.

So like for Jessie there... uhhh... I might go off to include like a small shot of panties or maybe a small bump on the breast area. Would that be something acceptable? or would you like me to try and abate that? Also if anything I can share a stream during the sketch phase and you can "give me the okay" so to speak. :heart:

Yeah... I'm sorry, but no, I want none of that, I want her all covered up and appropriate like before, I hope you understand, but I don't like my characters showing anything, if you don't mind. :) Sure, I'd love the whole stream again! ^^ But I LOVED both Dot's and Yakko's Anime designs from the show's style, so I thought my OC and Yakko would look AMAZING in Anime form from the style of the show! ^^ (I LITERALLY based my OC off of Dot's Anime persona from the show and all, (the outfit and stuff, you probably noticed that. XD )

lol I understand :heart: I'll let you know when and if I start. It might be after I do a few "practices".

I... MIGHT practice with yours before I decide to do what you want. Might be some sketches and lineart. If you want them afterwards I can give them. (If i do them of course ^.^)

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Hi! :wave:

Thank you sooo much for faving my drawings! I'm so glad you like my art. <3 Feel free to come back to my gallery anytime you want. :aww:

Also, you may consider watching me for regular updates. :)

Have an amazing day! :tehe: