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Intro to Mandelbub 3D Tutorial

By stormymay888
A Basic Introduction to Mandelbub 3D...let me know what you think :)
I'd love to see what you create!
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© 2011 - 2021 stormymay888
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Anto106's avatar
thanks for the tutorial
Undead-Academy's avatar
Awesome tutorial , saving it :)
tiffrmc720's avatar
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this program. :)
LeonieZurakowsky's avatar
Great piece on starting m3d!

May I suggest that you enter your formula in the description so people can copy and paste it? or is it somehow in the download? :D
Lior-Art's avatar
Thank you very much for this help :D
Silberstreif1905's avatar
thak you
i dont have understand it bevor i read this
stormymay888's avatar
most welcome hope it helps :P
DorianoArt's avatar
Bravo very well done!
wolfepaw's avatar
Very nice basic tutorial! I am still learning my way around Mandelbulb and this is something I wish I had when I first started trying Mandelbulb 3D It's a wonderful little program, but, you're right, it can be intimidating, particularly when you have no clue what you're doing!
stormymay888's avatar
I tend to get very impatient with that program...
wolfepaw's avatar
I know the feeling! But, when you find something wonderful, it's certainly worth the wait!
The-Apparition's avatar
ok, so, I am a huge fan of apo and even though I love it, I still have no idea what I am doing....
So very envious of all the gorgeous things you guys make with Mandelbub, so, going to it one more try!
First one I have seen that seems user friendly (to me anyway)
Thanks SO much for sharing <3
stormymay888's avatar
Mandelbub takes a lot of patience (or a very fast computer)...Good luck! If there is anything you think I maybe able to help with let me know....
and your very welcome...
The-Apparition's avatar
Oh well I may be dead before I start then,
my days of fast computer stopped when I stopped gaming some years ago,
It does render quickly when I am looking at things,
just never seems to be anything worth looking at lol
stormymay888's avatar
Well hey your computer can't be that bad then...if its rendering quick you should be alright, me it'll take like 1-2min every little change...
The-Apparition's avatar
lol Ok then, going to def. give it a go...wish me luck...I will need LOTs!!
CoffeeToffeeSquirrel's avatar
Featured in the news:aww: [link] If you want more people to see your work, please fave the article:aww:
stormymay888's avatar
DorianoArt's avatar
Very Interesting! Well done tutorial
stormymay888's avatar
Thanks, I hope it helps...
CuilEggs's avatar
What a weird program, but got me interested. Might take a look later. XD
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