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Mood: Spiffy.
Quote of the Moment: "Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell."

~ My Life ~

I love the computer! It is... my life. =^^= deviantART looks cool so far... I'm new. My friend told me about it. I can't wait to submit some of my poetry and work on here. One reason I joined was so that it would be noticed... I found out about dA from a friend who likes the site. She rocks.

I can't wait for the Harry Potter book to come out! I can't wait for the movie either! *waits in anticipation*

~ Clubs Are Awesome ~

Let's see, I'm a member of PoeticParadise. They are a cool club. You should join!! They're having the voting for an image poetry contest right now... Join and vote!


I'm also part of invisible-inc. They are going to have a poetry contest based on being ignored/invisible. Join and then enter! Fun club.


Ok New group i have joined!!! PoeticWind!!! my friend AellaWind made it with her friends :) Its Rocks my socks!! Go check it out!!!


Other groups I am a member of: burn-p0etry Coffeehouse Emotional-Writings Lullaby-Poetry livingpoetsociety notprosaic poetic-forms PoeticPath poetrycafe PoetryPlease PoetsoftheNight poetzhaven ProsePlease purepoetry writersunknown

~ Poetry ~

There's a lot of good poets on this site... My friend told me visit them... Some are Lavos12, SpiritoCustode, GreyHawk12345, AellaWind, .

If love was truly a fire,
I'd burn you as much as I could.
Then you'd turn into ashes and dust,
and I'd smile and say, 'Life is good.'
bled-for-you Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2005   Writer
Hi:) Welcome to DA! I hope that you do enjoy this site, and submit some poetry soon:) If you're into clubs and stuff like that you should check out ~Emotional-Writings (I'm the founder, and we're a vast club that is always looking for more members:))

So, just check it out if you're interested:heart:
StormyArdor Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005
:) I think I just joined!
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July 8, 2005