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I miss the grade school crushes, back when
we never had to worry if things got bad-
because after all, we could always cover it up
by yelling, "I never liked you! Ew, cooties."

Now it's not that easy to hide the facts,
and crushes back then were infatuations.
A foolish, unreasonable attraction--
but you know, this is so much more.

     You were like my arch rival as a child,
     was it really that long ago? (3 years)
     I hated your constant teasing, and so
     I'd avoid you every single chance I got.

     Through the years, we've grown to be friends,
     (*le gasp*) and it surprises me even to this day
     that we managed to overcome the childhood  
     i m m a t u r i t y. (And you know, I miss those times.)

    Even as I think back through our past,
    I was always so close to crossing the line,
    'cause I'd managed to keep myself from you..
    I shouldn't have stopped avoiding you.

I want to hate you, like I used to.
It's just so much easier.
I want to like him, like I used to.
It's just so much simpler.

My head's spinning out of control, I can't think.
I feel like I'm floating on clouds with him
  (with lead weights tied to my feet.)
I feel so down to earth when I'm with you
  (with wings attached to my shoulders.)

I thought about him the other day,
and my best friend whispered, "Your eyes look so sad."
I thought about you the other day,
and my best friend asked, "Why are you smiling?"
truely-me-niece Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2006   Writer
i love the ending

beautiful piece, can
relate to it so much
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January 21, 2006
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