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From Enemies To Friends To...
I miss the grade school crushes, back when
we never had to worry if things got bad-
because after all, we could always cover it up
by yelling, "I never liked you! Ew, cooties."
Now it's not that easy to hide the facts,
and crushes back then were infatuations.
A foolish, unreasonable attraction--
but you know, this is so much more.
     You were like my arch rival as a child,
     was it really that long ago? (3 years)
     I hated your constant teasing, and so
     I'd avoid you every single chance I got.
     Through the years, we've grown to be friends,
     (*le gasp*) and it surprises me even to this day
     that we managed to overcome the childhood  
     i m m a t u r i t y. (And you know, I miss those times.)
:iconstormyardor:StormyArdor 1 1
Walking into the potion room,
Smelling all the strong perfume,
Sitting in my rickety chair,
Seeing my teacher giving me a blank stair.
He points to a caldron that is on the right of me,
I lean to the side to take look and see.
Pink bubbles appear and the smell of candy fills my nose,
He tells me that it's a love potion that it only works for me alone.
He points to another caldron next to Draco,
I hope he is chokes on his tobacco.
"It's liquid luck" that pops out of his mouth,
He tells us that it's not good to have too much, and to take that into account.
"Open up to page ten in your books",
Everyone wipes open there pages and takes a look.
The potion seemed hard from what he read in the entrance,
Harry had some help though from a person called the Half-Blood Prince.
:iconstormyardor:StormyArdor 0 2
A Hateful Love
Somehow you managed to find your way
past the thick walls and into my heart.
I was a fool to give you the key,
unaware of all the pain you'd start.
I was so bewitched by your charm,
and I can't seem to get rid of this spell.
I'm stupidly head over heels
for someone who makes life a living hell.
There's no denying I love you,
but how can I love someone I hate?
I detest every word you say,
yet it's for those words that I wait.
Each hug makes my stomach flip,
and I just want to wring your neck.
Your lovely eyes tease my soul,
you've turned me into an emotional wreck.
My hand would feel so satisfied
if it could slap your pretty cheek.
I need a gag to muffle your voice
every time it makes my knees go weak.
One day you say you truly love me,
but then the next we are just friends.
I wish I could stop loving you,
but this is where everything ends.
This hateful love is making me bitter;
the longing to hurt you makes me ashamed.
We're both liars, teasers, and players;
we played each other for fo
:iconstormyardor:StormyArdor 0 5
The Test of Love
Glaring over at him,
I see his face.
Looking intently at his test,
concentrating hard
Knowing what is important in life.
Staring at him.
Not conscious of what I am doing.
Not realizing that he might notice.
Become entranced into deep thoughts.
Will he ever figure it out?
Saying this in my head with deep sorrow.
Will he ever know the truth?
Feeling guilt and sadness over come me.
How can he ever figure out the truth if I keep myself locked up inside?
I can't open the gates.
I don't have strength to open them.
Treating him like he is nothing.
Treating him as though he is my nuisance.
But he isn't…
I hope one day I can show that I am not a mean cold hearted person.
I want to show that I have compaction and love.
That day will never come.
Knowing we will be separated.
Knowing he will never come back.
Someone calls my name.
I Shack out of my daze and joining the world again.
I become myself.
The person I have always been…
The person I don't want to be.
:iconstormyardor:StormyArdor 0 12


We made the Night
Don't let the lights grow dimmer
Don't let the sound grow thinner
This is the only time
to make it right
Only one chance to feel
Only one chance we got
To make it through the night
Make everything go just right
Let's not compromise
Let's go and have a good time
One more night
Let's make this right
We find ourselves alone
In the middle of the night
Let's now dim the lights
Now well make it alright
Were now down on the ground
Looking at the one
By our side
Who made us feel so alive
:iconspiritocustode:SpiritoCustode 4 11
A Glass Slipper's Story
A Glass Slipper's Story
Would you believe me if I told you Cinderella had stinky feet? I didn't think so, but then again no one would know better than me. She's also very heavy… I'm surprised I lasted this long. Running… that was a big no-no. Do you know how much strain that put on me? The pain of hitting the floor repeatedly at a fast pace pushes more of her weight onto me.
I thought I would have cracked.
Of course, that's not what happened. I'm sitting here, on the stairs, because I slipped off her foot. Cinderella didn't even see fit to turn around and pick me back up. What a… well, I suppose I'm being too harsh on her. She did have a midnight curfew, after all. I can't blame her for trying to rush home so quickly.
Then that prince—little Mr. Hoity-Toity—had to pick me up and practically worship me. Not that I'm complaining about that, it's about time someone noticed just how invaluable I am. It just got annoying… day in and day out he'd stare at me, sigh, and start ta
:iconinternalaffairs:InternalAffairs 3 13
Cryptic Vaults
Am amber flower marches feverently forward,
followed by reverbing footfalls
that refelct off long forgotten buttreses and hidden arches.
Bones gleam and skulls grin in quasi-light
as skeletal figures tapdance their way up gilded walls.
A crimson flower marches stately forward,
bobbing in time to some unheard rhythm,
Flickering in some silent tune.
Inconstant light reveals trinkets of jade and gold
which gleam in the light of madness.
A rust flavored flower marches frenetically forward
chased by echoing footfalls, which beat in time to a ghastly rhythm.
A macabre dance twirls 'round the ebony flower
guiding it into its new home.
:iconsoulswipe:Soulswipe 2 31
Finding your place
Finding your place in life can be hard.
Being pulled left and right.
Not knowing were to go.
Everything falls.
You break.
Everything shatters without warning.
You're not ready for the hurt and the pain.
It comes anyway.
Everything you ever kept inside just falls out.
That one tear is shed.
When will we ever see the pain we cause each other?
Talking behind each others back.
Giggling when others aren't there.
We talk because we are insecure about ourselves.
We feel as though we have to go along with everyone else.
When we aren't in the "in" crowd we want to be.
So much hardship we have to face in our lives and now this?
Is this part of our package?
Can we find something steady to hold onto?
So much questions.
So much answers.
So many opinions.
Were do we go from here?
Were do we fit in?
You go wherever life takes you.
You go wherever your heart desires.
Although it might not be the right choice,
It IS your choice.
:iconspiritocustode:SpiritoCustode 5 9
Not letting go
Happiness fills the gateway to despair.
My face lights up.
I can't hold my happiness.
I have to let it go.
Grabbing hold like I will never see him again.
Giving a big hug, not letting go.
Heart is leaping.
Mind is racing.
Can't get rid of my smile.
Can't wipe it away.
Something goes off the second I feel his body against mine.
Not wanting to set him free.
Wanting him there all the time.
Every minute….everyday.
Being there and seeing him makes me happy.
It will all end soon though.
It always does.
Everything will go back to the way it is.
Everything will go back to the way it was.
:iconspiritocustode:SpiritoCustode 2 16
Memory Ver2
Tripping over the pages of memory, she's
trying to find a perfect moment
to fill her heart -
that time that made her believe
everything was worthwhile.
Searching for something she knows
is there, she alone holds it in the palm
of her hand.
It's what she's been waiting for.
It's what she wants.
It pushes away the loneliness
and grapples something real -
something that gives her
hope again.
Not giving herself away –
to what might have been her fate.
Memory spreads relief over her body,
shaking off would-be-worry,
bringing her closer to  what is important.
She knows what can't wait.
She knows what she has to say.
Pulling herself up with all her strength,
walking over to the phone an inch away,
she grabs the receiver, turns off the ringer,
places it at her ear,
so only she can hear.
Whispers come from the other end,
she realize that she is talking
to a friend.
She sighs and speaks the words
that need to be said.
:iconspiritocustode:SpiritoCustode 2 9
Mature content
Rose :iconinternalaffairs:InternalAffairs 6 18



you will never know...
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~ My Life ~

I love the computer! It is... my life. =^^= deviantART looks cool so far... I'm new. My friend told me about it. I can't wait to submit some of my poetry and work on here. One reason I joined was so that it would be noticed... I found out about dA from a friend who likes the site. She rocks.

I can't wait for the Harry Potter book to come out! I can't wait for the movie either! *waits in anticipation*

~ Clubs Are Awesome ~

Let's see, I'm a member of PoeticParadise. They are a cool club. You should join!! They're having the voting for an image poetry contest right now... Join and vote!


I'm also part of invisible-inc. They are going to have a poetry contest based on being ignored/invisible. Join and then enter! Fun club.


Ok New group i have joined!!! PoeticWind!!! my friend AellaWind made it with her friends :) Its Rocks my socks!! Go check it out!!!


Other groups I am a member of: burn-p0etry Coffeehouse Emotional-Writings Lullaby-Poetry livingpoetsociety notprosaic poetic-forms PoeticPath poetrycafe PoetryPlease PoetsoftheNight poetzhaven ProsePlease purepoetry writersunknown

~ Poetry ~

There's a lot of good poets on this site... My friend told me visit them... Some are Lavos12, SpiritoCustode, GreyHawk12345, AellaWind, .

If love was truly a fire,
I'd burn you as much as I could.
Then you'd turn into ashes and dust,
and I'd smile and say, 'Life is good.'


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