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[PA] A Dress? by Stormy-Sketch [PA] A Dress? :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 1 5
[PA] Ukhozi Battles of Rhyme
Nnaku was silently walking all around the student dormitories. Gloomy and unnoticed. Like a ghost. Actually, rather than gloomy she was feeling frustrated at the cold weather. Since her first void magic related class she was conquering her discomfort with winter, snow and all of those horrible things. Or at least that was what she tried to do. However, as she walked, she did make an extra effort to avoid any interaction with the other students roaming in the halls. She still couldn't believe her lack of foresight when she had first entered the academy. It was only natural that a new environment meant the possibility of dealing with different weathers. The chills and the tightness that filled her chest from something as simple as looking at the snow from a window, was ridiculous but undeniable. She hated and somehow feared winter. Thus, she had secluded herself in her room when there weren't classes anymore. But this was shameful. It couldn't go on forever. She had always strive forward
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[PA] Ukhozi Battles of Rhyme by Stormy-Sketch [PA] Ukhozi Battles of Rhyme :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 4 1 Chapter 6: Their Shadows fall and bow to me! by Stormy-Sketch Chapter 6: Their Shadows fall and bow to me! :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 12 2
[PA] The Plan Failed
As Nnaku reentered the classroom, she made sure to see if Mr. Aisuno was following her. From a side glance, she noticed he was a little nervous, specially after they arrived at her desk where various materials for the ritual were already prepared. However, he also had a spark of curiosity in his eyes. The contrast almost made her chuckle. Nnaku had taken a long shot to ask the young man, but seeing him like that...A plan was already forming on her head. "Mr. Aisuno thank you for coming here. I'm sure you are busy with your own projects, so I know this actually means a lot to you. But don't worry. If everything goes the right way, you will be able to move twice as fast than normal." Then, Nnaku proceeded to check the state of the materials given to her.
The artificer had been following her silently, looking around at everything they passed. He didn't often come to this part of the building, and certainly not to these classrooms. The teacher here
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[PA] A bit of Corruption by Stormy-Sketch [PA] A bit of Corruption :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 1 0
[PA] Flying Desks
The witch was stunned, to say the least. She knew very well that she should start to move, get out of harm's way or something. But she'd been rather caught off guard with the crystal previously innocently sitting in her hand shimmer out of existence and take up a new form - a swirl of clouds that wrapped around her head with the intent of ingraining the words the instructor had said they would need. Still, the sensation as it registered words not her own in her head was rather disorienting. As much as possible, she would like to have thoughts and words all her own and despite knowing very well that Miss Natalie would never cause them harm - the idea that it would be easy to influence them is a bit worrisome... If that made any sense... Licorice couldn't really seem to form coherent thoughts on the matter at hand... But she is fully aware of what they were facing. Golems from Miss Natalie's magic - three currently standing imposingly in front of them. One for e
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[PA] Two Nerds
As the students got to work, Wyatt sat still at his work station, quietly focusing on the set of materials neatly organized before him. His tools were arranged in perfect rows, spread across one side of the table, and everything else he'd be working with was layed out the exact same way on the other. Before he began, Wyatt thought carefully about what he wanted to create. Only after he decided could he begin to plan out his work, and only after that would he actually start building. Although the flux made it possible for nearly any invention to function, no matter how messily put together, he simply couldn't settle with something mediocre. Instead, he aimed to create something that could potentially function without the flux as well (not that he would ever need something like that). Or, as close as he could get to something like that with what he currently had access to in the alchemy classroom.
Nnaku always went to Basic Tinkering
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[PA Comic] It would be interesting indeed... by Stormy-Sketch [PA Comic] It would be interesting indeed... :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 3 6
[PA] Water Runes Running
Nnaku chose to sit in one of the back-row desks. She always felt more comfortable where she could easily observe it all. As the explanation for today’s class advanced, the ukhozi girl couldn’t shake off a feeling of uneasiness. There was a certain deviousness in her teacher’s smile today. Something different. It could be something completely unrelated to them but Nnaku remained alert just in case. This semester she seemed to know all of the students in her class, and the fact would have been comforting if it weren’t for a lingering feeling of embarrassment she felt. These were the same classmates that had seen her failed attempt at summoning her familiar some weeks ago. That wasn’t completely accurate, she had summoned something. However, there was something wrong with it and she still wasn't able to fix it. Nnaku sighted almost imperceptibly. She greeted her classmates as if nothing had happened. She had to stand tall, after all.
Today, the we
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[PA] My progress and a simple dagger.
Nnaku arrived very early to the classroom, more than she normally did. She was ready for her new semester at the academy. Now Nnaku wasn't completely new to the magic arts, but she still had so much to learn and that thought excited her. She noticed immediately as she was opening the door, the unmistakable sight of Instructor Kreios, who was currently placing a cauldron in the center of the room. Then, he proceeded to prepare its contents. Nnaku hadn’t seen Kreios for a long time because Raine had given most of the classes last semester. She greeted him as she was entering, receiving a smile in return. Nnaku silently walked to the other side of the room. As she was passing near the cauldron, she got a glimpse of what Kreios was brewing. It was a thick mass which was revolving and twisting a little. It was void, as expected. Until the class started, Nnaku decided to sit at one of the desks positioned against the wall. From her spot Nnaku observed her… unordinary teacher. Dur
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Masked Nnaku Front and Side by Stormy-Sketch Masked Nnaku Front and Side :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 5 0 [PA] Main Lobby by Stormy-Sketch [PA] Main Lobby :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 7 0 [PA] Nnaku's Visitors: Employers are Friends by Stormy-Sketch [PA] Nnaku's Visitors: Employers are Friends :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 2 0
[PA] Unexpected Teacher
There was a gentle breeze coming from the west. It carried a soft scent like grass, wood and dirt. It smelled different from the towns Nnaku had been staying recently, but it was similar to her home forest, so it was relaxing. Nnaku was seating on a tree’s branch facing the lake of the academy. The leaves were hiding her well. However, they didn’t prevent her from admiring the view.
Yesterday, Instructor Alistair had assigned them to summon a familiar from within themselves. She shook her head in disbelief. The classes at PA never stop surprising her. She wondered if it would be similar to her void studies class from the other day. Then, she had let her magic take a form of its own. However, it had been just a form representing her soul not a living thing like Instructor Alistair had showed. And if she succeeded now… Would her familiar show traces of the void corruption she had allowed in her soul? Or perhaps… It would come from the untainted part?
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[PA] Blue Juniper and White Cocoa by Stormy-Sketch [PA] Blue Juniper and White Cocoa :iconstormy-sketch:Stormy-Sketch 4 3



I just came back home after being away for 2 months. I have never lived alone before nor worked in a real job, and I decided to do all of that for the first time in a another country… Lol I’m a massochist I know haha. Not only that, but this was in the United States and my first language is not English! You may ask wasn’t this blog about how to be a better artist or something? Yes it is haha I’m getting to that part. But before you get the wrong idea, my job at the United States wasn’t related to art at all, I was a cultural exchange student in a program that let the students work. It’s a program where the student can only stay in USA during his/her University vacations, in which you work with the employer you selected. After the 2 months contract, the mayority of people travel for a week in the USA with the money they earned during the program. It is called to be a J1 student, more commonly referred as a Work and Travel program. It’s a really good experience!! but… I’m not gonna talk about it’s details here! haha You can search about the program if you’re interested after reading this blog *wink*.

What I wanted to say here is how can you growth as an artist while traveling, whether you should do it or if you should just keep being surrounded by your blankets like a burrito in your bed!! Actually as I’m writing this I’m also being a burrito at the airport waiting for my flight to return home.

So I divided this entry in three points but if you’re lazy like me, you can just jump to point number two xD It’s the most important part haha.

So why should you travel?

Why not be a human burrito?

Well, let me tell you what happened in my trip, what I got from it and let’s see if I can convince you hahaha.

1. The Trip

Ok, first let me tell you there are two ways of traveling: The first one, is when you go to some popular place, maybe by plane, check-in in a hotel, visit some popular attraction of the area, do some shopping and then go back home. I have done this before, as a kid. Yep, some years ago I went to Florida to visit Disney with my family. It’s a Seriously Super Fun place! And obviously, since I was a kid and I didn’t know english, I only talked to my own family there, but I enjoyed it anyways (I mean it’s Disney!!). Now, the second way to travel is to actually…how do I say it…Live in the try to explore it, to try to know the people and the food, like really get to know what make this town what it is hahaha Does that sounds strange? I mean this time I also went to Florida (to Miramar Beach), not to a super exotic place. But I assure you, every place has a thing you can discover, and that makes it different than the other. And each place has someone worth knowing.

For example, when I went to Miramar beach, I really though the beaches were going to be just like back home. Normal, you know. But on our day off, I decided to go check the beach with my brother, and boy I was wrong! Walking in that sand was like walking on flour, so soft and white! And the sunsets!!! I never expected to find so beautiful beaches and skies. Sometimes they had like a violet hue that was so magical. Of course I took some photos to use it as reference in my future art projects haha.

When you travel, the world can surprise you with unexpected things that, obviously, you can use as reference for your art or simply to study. It doesn’t matter what style of art you have, or if you only paint fantasy themes, or science fiction, because while you sketch animals, houses, trains, sidewalk, trees, or simply anything from the real world, it will all help you to train your eye to discern shapes, colors and structures. I really think that the best way to improve your skills, is to study the real world! Plus, you get to have references for future art that can also inspire you to do very interesting things… like Cthulhu being inspired in sea creatures haha.

I know at first you could find difficult to know where to search for interesting places, but you can see on the Internet where you should visit or ask locals where to go. Or simply move around and be observant, you can find things other people hadn’t notice before… And don’t forget that while you’re at it to enjoy yourself, too haha.

And talking about being observant…

2.- The Most Important Part:

People and Experiences

At first, I didn’t notice how interesting the people that lived in Miramar Beach were and the tourists that came to this place haha. I worked as a cashier, and at the beginning I was too nervous and focused in not repeating the same mistakes I was making while I was on training. The culture of the company I worked for was: to serve with personality, in short, be the best friend of your costumer, LITERALLY the best friend. I mean, you needed to ask them about their day, give them tips or advise, to ask them how was the family, how come they are in Florida, if they were locals or on vacation, traveling alone or with somebody else. It was a mega contrast with the service culture in my country! But seriously my costumers were so nice haha (maybe because they were on vacation?). A lot of them were interesting people, with funny personalities and very different styles of dressing! I know normal people won’t understand this but since I’m assuming you’re also an artist xD Here is a photo of some sketches I made about my constumers. I wish I had taken notes from the beginning. This will turn out very useful when I’m designing characters for my comics.

By the way, it would be totally reasonable for you to be thinking right now: Hey but I don’t need to travel to do urban sketching, or observe people on the streets or talk to them…I could to do that if I stayed in my hometown, so what’s the difference?

For me, the differentce is that while you travel you can become more human. 

I know this could sound weird to some people, so let me talk to you a little bit more of the trip I did, and how it is related to my art.

Becoming More Human

My Dragon of Self-Confidence

The personal reason why I made this trip was to prove to myself that I could live in another country, despite my complexes. I always think of a certain “defect” that I have. It doesn’t bother my daily routine in any way, as one might say about someone that has a disability, but I always had it in mind, how that “defect” is the first thing people see in me and how they must think that I am not capable of doing certain things because of how I am. I also was very wary of comments made about me. But I survived this trip. I worked alone and lived in another country, and all of that being who I am. I feel that confidence can take me wherever I want, and help me in any artistic work I do. Really, who you are, is your brand, it is the trace that only you can leave in the world. Nobody else has lived all the things you have and lived from your perspective. How to say it? I finally checked after many doubts that being myself works. And could only see that after throwing myself into the world and worked very hard. Because it was hard. At the beginning I wanted to “compensate” who I was doing things that putted me at risk in my work, but little by little, I realized that it was not necessary, being who I really was, doing the things in my own way, not only worked, but made me shine. Specially my good attitude. It’s not me who said it haha Others told me that!! Sometimes I did feel that I shine haha sometimes not, but it was always better and it gave me more peace than pretending to be something that I was not.

The Empathy of My Emperor Penguin

I don’t know how are you in this area, but for me, it has always been difficult to empathize with others, to really care about them, to feel feelings of joy or sadness for other people’s lives. I have improved a little over the years. But, even then, my thoughts and life are always revolving around me and my projects. On this trip, I did something I have never done before. I cried for someone else. His personal situation and problems didn’t affect me directly or indirectly, and I didn’t grasp the whole ordeal until after sometime of knowing him. He will tell me little pieces of himself sometimes  directly or sometimes just as a joke, and in my house I could not help to cry for him. For me this guy, was the strongest of us all, despite all of his problems and complications, he came alone and managed to survive and work in another country. He is very admirable and independent. I’m no telling you this, to say that on a trip only sad things will happen, on the contrary, a lot of fun things can happen. What I want to say is that the encounters you can have on a trip with other people can make you discover something about you, or make something be born in you. In my case it was empathy for others haha Thank you my pinguin :3 

The Friendship of the Peacock

Well my dear reader, you should know I actually don’t have that many friends…haha I have friends xD but they are not the type of friends with whom I could spend hours talking to and not feel uncomfortable, not trying to search of what else to say. Until this trip hehe. I know it could sound cliché for you… but yeah I met someone I could talk for hours and with whom it feels ok just to be silent. I found someone I could trust. I  didn’t gave my vote of confidence from the beginning but little by little, as some things happened, or just in daily life, we demonstrated to each other what type of people we were, and we took care of each other (please keep in my mind we are kilometers from our homes). Actually, he was more of help than me haha with all his cooking and medicine knowledge, but I listened to his problems and we had the same vision of life. Now, I’m not sure how you feel about life haha but I have always felt myself different from others and finding someone that cool, that I can learn from and look up to, and that shares my same vision of things, it’s very beautiful. I have people in my life that I can count on in bad times but I’ve never had a person who seems like they can be part of my life…effortlessly? A person that you know that if you give, he will also give. For me is rare to find. 

Thank to God for this trip haha.

I’m getting to the art part again in a little bit don’t worry haha but just to give you idea: Traveling opens a door, where you can live many experiences, meet new people, know more things, and feel new feelings, you will grow as a human, and all of those things will feed your art. Because your art reflects, who you are, what you care about and what you know, and what you love.

I’m almost done so bear with me xD.

A Bond of Blood: My Eagle

I actually didn’t go completely alone in this trip, I went with my brother. I already knew he cared about me but he showed and said things he hadn’t before. Like when he verbally told me how he worries about me. Or that te would be angry if someone breaks my heart. And for the first time he told me he loved me, hahaha I wish nobody had entered the room at the moment but the words were there! I already knew that he is the best brother of all, but it was a great experience to be in actual situations where he was my support. A trip not only allows you to meet new people, or change the way you see yourself and others, It also allows you to know a little more about people who are already close to you, have experiences with them. And maybe you will have the opportunity to show them how much you care about them, too.

Awww that’s so sweet, now the real question is what will YOU get if you lived in another country, for two weeks, two months, etc.?? So I made you a list haha:

The List

  • Opportunity to encounter unexpected things.
  • Your imagination expands with the new things you see.
  • To know first-hand places and stories you want to talk about. This will show when you use those themes in your art.
  • You can meet new people. You can create more stories or discover new topics thanks to them. And get to know the perspective of someone who has actually lived that.
  • And you will understand others people’s feelings better.
  • Live experiences yourself that can later translate into art ideas. There’s a difference to do art about something you imagine, or when you based yourself in something you know pretty well haha. It shows.
  • You can get tons of references for everything you see, buildings, people, animals, etc. Just be prepared to take notes and photos at any moment haha.
  • If you do some sketching, studying the real world will help you to improve your talents by a huge difference instead of learning from another drawing.
  • You can change as a person, how you see things, how you see others and yourself.
  • Travel at the end it makes you happy haha And that is an important thing :)
  • Is it good for an artist to travel? Yes because it makes you more human, and becoming more human reflects in your art. Your art will always show a piece of you, your mind, your ideas, the way you see something.
  • You change as a person
  • You open yourself to the opportunity to change. It could not change you or it could. But nothing will ever happen while you are under a pillow right?

3. Before the Trip

Soo how to prepare for the trip?

My art medium of preference is digital art, but since  I don’t  have a laptop and because there was no way I was going to bring my big computer with me, I decided to keep it simple and I just packed things to do sketches and inkart. I didn’t even think of bringing colours with me because when I do traditional art I just do black and white drawings.

Also I wanted to keep everything to the minimum since I didn’t know if after work I will feel too lazy to do anything. Furthermore, I bringed like two or more of each of my tools because I’m always losing things. I know myself pretty well. So this is what I bringed:

  • Pencils
  • Blue Pen (At the end I lost it xD)
  • Black Pens (I lost them but some friends gave me more over there haha)
  • Black Marker
  • Black Technical Pen (Faber-Castell)
  • 2 Correction Pens
  • 2 Erasers
  • 2 Sharpeners
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sketchbook (IMPORTANT: Don’t buy a ringed sketchbook like I did!! The papers were always falling off!!).

I also setted three goals ahead of time, of what to do with my free time: to do a fantasy background, to do a cat’s paw study and to do a clothing study, so before the trip I downloaded pictures to use as reference to be ready at any time to work on the goals I just mentioned. At the end, I only fulfilled one goal but it’s better to set your bar high so that you can achieve more things than if not.

So if you’re confuse of how to prepare yourself if you’re going to travel, I think it depends mostly on what kind of trip it is,  where are you going, what you will be doing. I packed it simple because I was going to work a lot and I wasn’t going to have a car to travel comfortably hahaha Pack your tools in a realistic way, taking in count if you’re going to move in long distances, and how comfortable you will be , and if carrying certain stuff won’t actually torn them or damage them. To stay minimal is my recommendation but do what works for you. Above all, put some goals or points to work in this trip and pack according to that.

Don’t forget to take notes and photos of everything you find interesting to use as reference later. And my last piece of advise would be that, if you are traveling, and you find yourself with not enough time paint, draw, write or whatever it is that you love doing, it’s ok! Things happens, just take a quick note or photo and finish drawing later. It’s better to use that time to visit more places, meet more people, do more new things and feel many things. Because I assure you what you invest in growing as a person or living, it will reflect in the art you make.

Hope you want to travel a little bit after this rant hahaha.

Thanks for reading and please have a beautiful day and a nice meal,


(Janara Salazar)

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[PA] A Dress?
It was at times like this that Nnaku was reminded of how different the Ukhozi tribe was from the rest of the world. Of any world, apparently. When the ukhozis had a special ceremony or any formal gathering, the usage of their masks was all that was needed to mark the importance of the meeting. What was the appeal of using so much time to prepare this fru fru get ups? She entered the spacious place, carefully decorated for the occasion. There was a delicious smell coming from the food table. Many people were already chatting. Nnaku suppressed a chuckle. It would be an entertaining night. As she was crossing the doors, Nnaku recieved a white rose with a bow. At the same time, she made sure her veil was secured. Truthly, she had lost the costume of wearing her mask after leaving the tribe, but since it was emphasized that it was a formal dance, it was only natural she would still cover her face as a sign of formality and respect. She traced the petals of the white rose with her fingers. 'A charming detail', She thought. The black girl located a place near some tables and chairs a little afar from the dance floor, where she could still watch the events unfold clearly. She decided she would give her rose to the funniest person of the ball. Or the least boring if it came to that.


Hellooo, so this is my oc Nnaku jaja. This is a part of a roleplay for this group 
Since its a "formal" ball, Nnaku decided to use this dress. Though, in her tribe "formal" ceremony doesn't require you to change your normal clothing, just to use your mask at all times. But hey, she knows how to be adaptable thanks to her travels.

Here is Nnaku's info 

Have a good one! :D <3

Nnaku belongs to me :iconstormy-sketch:



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