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Sweet Dreams Prologue :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0
JellyBean by StormWoodStudio JellyBean :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 3 0 Samantha by StormWoodStudio Samantha :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 1 0 Aston O'halloran by StormWoodStudio Aston O'halloran :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 1 0 Rainbow Eclipse by StormWoodStudio Rainbow Eclipse :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0
My Paranormal Experiences
All of this actually happened to me, believe it or not. Every story you'll read in this collection is True. Some I wish weren't, and others don't bother me... But I'll be starting with the first one I remember, my first encounter that was burned into my memories. However I've always had paranormal experiences and used to freak my mom out a but having her 2 year old telling her all these weird thing... but those are stories for another day... without any further delay, heres my first few experiences.
The Curtain
I was about 6 years old and we were visiting one of my dads friends in Pennsylvania. It was late night and we were getting ready to leave. All the lights were out in the house, (which was located in one of the gated communities not far out of Honesdale) except for the small office right off of the kitchen. My dad was inside said office, my mom was standing in the doorway and I was standing next to her hanging off of her arm. At the back of
:iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 1 0
Underground UnderDogs Part One
As Samuel came around the bend he saw an orange construction sign crookedly perched on the small rise just off the side of the road. Resting there in an almost a mocking manner. it's bold, black lettering simply stating No guard rail. It was little things like this that drove him crazy.
The subtle objects that'd be placed in such a way they'd seem to be mocking everyone that was around them. However he seemed to be the only one to ever take note of such little things- like the world was mocking him for his keen sense of observation that he was gifted with. Almost as though such a gift was never supposed to be given to anyone. That we were all supposed to go through life ignorant to the subtle things it held.
And sometimes (most of the time) he wished he never had this gift and could go with the flow of society's ignorance- not all of the little things he caught onto were of objects… actually in general, as a rule, they mostly had to do you with people. He wished he didn't see the
:iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0
Happy Halloween! by StormWoodStudio Happy Halloween! :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Azalea Phillips by StormWoodStudio Azalea Phillips :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Travis and Diva - Copy by StormWoodStudio Travis and Diva - Copy :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Alex  Tuxedo by StormWoodStudio Alex Tuxedo :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Davin Grimmond by StormWoodStudio Davin Grimmond :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 1 0
The runners run
The dreamers dream
And the fighters stand Alone.
The warriors fall
The paintings fade
And the new becomes the old.
As time goes on, the world will change
But all will stay the same.
:iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0
Snakey wakey wooo by StormWoodStudio Snakey wakey wooo :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0 Panic by StormWoodStudio Panic :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Azerrath duddles by StormWoodStudio Azerrath duddles :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0


Brutalism #11 - Waiting for the rain to pass by Crazy-Knife Brutalism #11 - Waiting for the rain to pass :iconcrazy-knife:Crazy-Knife 191 14 Shine by Helmiruusu Shine :iconhelmiruusu:Helmiruusu 199 8 TheGay ( bday gift for sir fluff) by GhostfaceNikol TheGay ( bday gift for sir fluff) :iconghostfacenikol:GhostfaceNikol 1,314 54 They Live by Grobi-Grafik They Live :icongrobi-grafik:Grobi-Grafik 153 41 Day Moon Haven by Foxfires Day Moon Haven :iconfoxfires:Foxfires 104 24
I know you won't read these poems I'm writing
After all, your soul is already away...
But I'll keep writing them for as long as I have to,
because I still hope you'll come back someday.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 25 26
Yoko Littner by xong Yoko Littner :iconxong:xong 818 41
the browser and nanorobots inside of you
There are concepts you may not understand.
If you possess nanobots within you, and you ever find a way or the time, watch my life from 12:00 midnight july 12th to 1:40am. Or, if my memory has failed in the paradigm of perceiving when it was that I first got into my car, listen closely to what it is I say, until the moment I write this message on the computer I am currently sitting at, within the internet cafe. Unless if you want to continue reading as I write what will probably be my best attempt at putting various concepts and insights into words within a language that is notorious for falling short of being able to find the ability to convey the depth of concepts that do not yet even have words to describe them.
Evolution. That word means many things. Is it a will, or chaos, that causes a change so profound to the very substances that act as conduit and vessel for your very soul. Sentience. It is commonly held, and discovered in insight by charles darwin, that it is WILL, a NEED
:iconlarathain:Larathain 2 0
Just thought you should know...
Something to help you remember the real
Do you remember my fingers gracing your face?
Do you remember our pulse as one?
Do you remember how our stars made sky: space?
Do you remember how always begun?
Do you remember our singularities entwined?
Do you remember the glow?
Do you remember we're more than divine?
I remember, just thought you should know...
:iconlarathain:Larathain 15 10
No-One's Watching
Have you...Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re being watched?
Like maybe, just maybe something behind you is watching you, lurking in the dark, waiting to catch you, to scare kill you. It’s a creepy feeling, isn’t it. Feeling like you’re being watched. But most, most people, they just shrug it off, pretend they don’t feel it, the eyes, watching them, carefully ever so carefully...watching every move, every breath….They shrug it off as if it were nothing, NOTHING. The stupid beings.  
They ignore it, they pretend that they don’t feel the eyes burning into them. I bet you do that too, I bet you do that a lot, don’t you?
I can picture it. You’re in your room, late at night. The room is pitch black. It’s all pitch black, except for the small shining light of the electronic in your hands. It looks like a phone, or an iPod. Something of the sort. Yeah, you’re playing on the device in your hands, obliviou
:iconkai-co:Kai-Co 1 0
Did You Know You're Being Watched When You Sleep?
Did you know you're being watched when you sleep?
No, not by your parents or family member.
I mean the thing that looks like a jacket in your closet in the dark.
The shadow moving across the wall.
Everything looks normal, and that's exactly what they want you to think.
Have you ever woken up multiple times at night?
Ever wondered why?
No, it's not from a waking dream.
It's a body reflexes. A sense. Like when you know that someone is next to you and you aren't even touching them.
That's what happens when it comes towards you. You wake up. Because your body sense someone there.
Where does it mostly hide?
The shadows. That why it can look like anything.
But the one place it likes to hide the most is on the ceiling.
Where it knows when your asleep and when your awake. And can always watch.
Can you see it?
That's probably the scariest part... Yes.
You just don't know it.
:iconzavarious:Zavarious 3 1
The Exchange Student
Madden sighed. Another day, another feeling of isolation.
Being an exchange student in Taiwan at 10 years old wasn't easy. Well, technically Madden was not exactly an exchange student. It was more in the lines of staying with two decrepit old people about 3 hours plane flight away from his home and studying in a foreign country while his parents tried to settle down back home getting their bearings and life back together.
His father, doting a parent as he may be, was met with a tough time in his job due to cutbacks and reallocation of funds and staff after it was bought over by a competitor at its brink of bankruptcy, and with a new boss not as forgiving as his old one, he couldn't make all ends meet. Not with a child around to take care of anyways.
So to lighten the burden a little, Madden's mother, who was born and bred in the delightful country of Taiwan, decided to drop him off at her parents' place and study there temporarily until their life gets back into order again. They went
:iconblackknightgargie:BlackKnightGargie 1 0
The Omen of the Scarlet Head Owl
Long ago, on a summer day
There was a spoiled, prissy girl who always had her way
Her throne was the school
And many thought she was cool
But those with true eye were no fool
She has a thrill for causing emotional pain
The horrible habits were completely insane
But one evening afternoon
A raven haired lady with a necklaces rose was marked a goon
The prissy girl was going to insult her with delight
But what the raven haired lass said something that causes a fright
The raven told her that she is ugly within
and left the spoiled brat with a smug grin
While the defenseless clapped
The leader of the 'popular' snapped
And planned for a devilish trick
But when affect that night, it was the sick
The raven head girl's blood was on her hands
They'd quickly buried her before they could understand
The year of her death and burial by trowel
The seven sinful souls were soon visited by a redhead owl
One by one, with the owl's path it crossed
A life was soon lost
And it was not quick or gainful
It was
:iconfireember345:FireEmber345 1 0
The Girl and The Vampire: You're What?
"Wait, you're a vampire?"
"Oh god. You're not gonna..."
"What? Eat you? Of course not!" He laughed like it wasn't her possible death they were talking about. "Come on now, how long have we been friends? You think I'd kill you now?"
"Are you, like a vegetarian vampire?"
"Ew, hell no, I hate those guys. They give the rest of us a bad name. We are still blood-thirsty killing machines."
"But you're not going to kill me?" She asked, not feeling very reassured.
"No!" He was smiling. His usual cheery disposition was beginning to unnerve her. "Vampires are incredibly loyal. You're lucky we became friends before I decided you would be my next meal."
"Yeah, I'd protect you to the ends of the Earth. For example, I'd tear apart that guy behind you, who keeps staring, if he tries anything."
She turned to look just as a guy her age turned away.
"But," her new found vampire friend continued, "don't mistake that for love. I'm not going to be you're brooding vampire boyfriend."
She wr
:iconryll00:RyLL00 4 10
Don't Do This
The room was dark. His head ached a heavy throbbing pain that stabbed his temples. Bleary-eyed he tried to make out his surroundings. Why was it so damn dark? He blinked away the blur. His eyes slowly adjusted. He seemed to be in a dark room. It was small and square. He was in a ... chair? He looked down, his neck stiff and hurting. His wrists were tied to the arms of the chair. He struggled against the restraints. How did he get here? Where was here? A fog began to lift from his mind. Slowly, he began to remember the past couple of days. Michael...
"Hey, Leo," A voice sounded from the dark.
Leo whipped his head around despite the pain, searching for the source of the voice. He craned his neck to look over his shoulder. Was he back there? What an asshole, standing behind him like that.
"You may want to close your eyes," the voice warned. Just a second later the lights came on and fortunately, Leo had heeded the voices warning. It stung nonetheless.
Leo opened his eyes. M
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 12
The Girl and The Vampire: Rumors
"You know how all those rumors got started?"
"Hmm?" She looked up. "What rumors?"
"About stakes to the heart, holy water, and all that other stuff that doesn't actually hurt vampires?"
"Oh... alright, how did the rumors start?"
"We made them up," he grinned.
"We, as in us vampires, made the rumors up."
"Well, to lure people into a false sense of security, of course!"
"Oh, you're evil," she laughed.
"You're talking to a vampire, you know."
"Did you have a hand in this?"
"Oh, of course!"
"You are evil!"
"Heh heh. Oh yeah."
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 6



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Sweet Dreams

White Rabbit by Yuki R. Rose

The road was long and winding, a canopy of cedar and dog wood in cased the rough dirt road blocking the days last light from the old pick-up. The drive was oddly calming. The soft forest scenery was like something out of  a calendar. Alex stretched, at least as much as he could while driving.

“Geez, when those people said it was a long ways out there, they weren’t joking.” Alex mumbles with the stretch.

“Yeah I think this road even has our driveway beat.” Warren states.

The two laugh for a moment until Alex’s gaze falls onto the rearview mirror.

“I can’t believe Kasey is still out…” Alex says with a roll of his eyes.

“She did do all of the driving last night.”Warren points out.

“Yeah, but is she even still breathing??” Alex states sarcastically.

Warren shrugs, “Let’s find out.”

He turns back in his seat poking her shoulder that was capped in long golden hair. Kasey swatts his hand away. Mumbling something incoherent as she rolls away from him. Burying her face back into her travel pillow.  

“Ya, i’d say she’s still breathing.” Warren tease.

Alex’s chuckles with a shake of the head, reaching back to gently give Kasey a shake.

“Hey, Babe, wake up we’re almost there.” Says Alex softly.

Warren pokes her cheek through a gap in the hair that was hiding her face. His hand slapped for it.

“Warren. Poke me again and I’ll break your fingers off.” She hisses, never having been the nicest person after waking up, “Gods, what do Greyfeild boys have against sleep anyway?”

Warren chuckles sitting back in his seat, “And good morning to you too sunshine.”

Kasey slaps Warren’s shoulder, not hard enough to hurt him, just hard enough to get her point across as she scutches across to the middle of the back bench seat.

“How much further?” She yawns.

“Couple miles, why?”Alex replies.

“Just wondering since you woke me up is all.” Kasey states.

A silence fills the old, sunbleached black pick-up, which bounces as it hits the begin and end of bridge. Kasey looks out at the woods, her mind starting to fully wake up and take in her surroundings.

Kasey sighs, “Don’t you think it’s a little weird?”

Alex glances back at Kasey, “Think what’s a little weird?”

“That we’d get a call out to investigate a place like this so late in the day?” Kasey States.

Her and Alex lock eyes in the rearview for a split second before Alex looks back down at the road.

The two boys look at each other then back at what their attentions were priorly on. Warren eventually looking back at Kasey after some thought on the subject.

“We get calls like this all of the time, it’s probably just rats or some other wild animal.” Warren reassures, both to the others and himself.

Kasey pouts at his tone, “You mean you don’t think this is at all suspicious? I mean your family does have a lot of enemies. So what are the odds that Higgin’s ‘favorite’ sons would get called out to somewhere they wouldn’t arrive to until sunset, in the middle of nowhere, to a place the owner’s haven’t even been to since they bought the place??” Kasey finishes, “Doesn’t this just seem a little fishy now?”

The two in the front seats exchange silent looks again. A quite loom of some impending doom filling the truck as they pull into the circle driveway of the old cottage style house. Alex shaking his head as he puts the truck in park, leaning a bit on the steering wheel.

“Kasey, for the love of everything holy would you NOT get everyone all panicked right before a job??” Alex states, “These last minute realizations of yours are gonna be the end of me one of these days.”

Kasey shrugs fixing her hairband, “I’m just saying it could be.”

Warren shakes his head opening up his door, “Even if it is, Like you said our family’s got a lot of enemies. This wouldn’t be the first trap we’ve ever walked into.”

They all get out with a sigh, Warren opening the truck door for Kasey closing it behind her. Alex grabbing the bag from the bed of the truck and slinging it over his shoulder.

“‘Aight let’s get ambushed.” Alex says sarcastically, kissing Kasey’s cheek as he walks past.

Kasey sighs as the two boys walk up to the porch.

“Hey, if you guys get killed while being reckless don’t come whining to me about it in the next life..” She states before following them.

The house was in the same shape the owners said it would be, so at least that apart of the story adds up. It was an old cottagey, farmhouse looking place with two stories and a porch. It had a few obvious faults that needed repairs. They had told them they bought a fixer-upper about a year ago to be their new weekend/vacation home. Apparently they weren’t looking for a place that needed so much work, but this place called to them and it was love at first sight. The cottage was nestled away in it’s own plot if 30 wooded acres with a field that surrounds the house, spreading it from the wook line. A small pond hidden behind the place. It was the idle place for them to relax, get away from the bustle of their fast paced city lives and for them to indulge in their hobbies. It was the perfect place to spend the Hunting season or go camping without having to worry about running into other people. But as every perfect situation it had a downfall. Their slice of paradise was haunted. To the point that they couldn’t keep any handyman long enough to put in a full days work. Some of them left so fast that they didn’t even bother to take any of their equipment with them and to scared to ever think of coming back for them. Which was made apparent by the fact that they had to move a table saw just so they could get in through the front door.

Because of this setting up all of the equipment didn’t take nearly as long as clearing a place for it. By the time it was all done the sun had set, leaving in its wake an array of color.

Kasey sits perched on the counter-top that divided the living room from the kitchen, watching Warren through the window as he set up the cameras. Alex setting up the bulk of the equipment in the living room.

Kasey sighs, “I thought we were done already, how many for things do we have to hook up?”

“We’re just waiting for Warren to finish installing the last of the cameras.... If you want it to go faster you could go always go help him.” Alex states.

“I’m a vampire hunter. I don’t do all of this techy stuff. Ghost, demons and tech are your nerdy cup of tea, not mine. Plus I’m only here because you and Warren begged me to come with so you wouldn’t have to deal with each other.” Kasey states, pushing off the counter.

She walks up to Alex, sitting next to him.

“Besides, what’s with you two anyway? For twins you sure don’t act like it.” She inquires.

Alex sighs avoiding Kasey and the topic. Focusing solely on the work at hand. Kasey examines him, Alex’s spiky dark down hair hiding his face. Alex had always worn his hair a bit longer then Warren’s despite the two having similar styles. They were both tall and well built like their father, having permanently sunkissed skin from hours of hard work out in the hot southern sun, dark brown hair and pale brown eyes. Other than their facial shape they were the spitting image of their father. Which both boys always seem to wear as a burden.

Kasey sighs, “Well?”

“Just how do you expect us to act? We’re two different people. And that’s that.” Alex states without looking up at her.

Kasey pouts at him, “I know that bu-”

Warren bursts into the room a puzzled look on his face snatches everyone's attention.

“Did one of you go up stairs??” Warren asks.

Kasey and Alex look at each other, collectively shaking their heads “no” as they look back at Warren who tenses, a bitter chill filling the room and climbing up their spines as the feeling of eyes burning through their backs sets in. Warren grabs one of the heavy duty flashlights off the counter.

“I’ll go check it out.” Warrens says turning to head up stairs.

“I’ll come with!” Kasey chimes, grabbing a flash light and tagging after Warren.

The two hurry up the stairs and into the darkness that consumes the second floor. The sound of boots hitting wood and old doors being open fill the stairwell. Alex sits back down, checking the cameras and mics for anything out of the ordinary when the screens start flicker. A small movement catches his attention . A small cellar door had popped open, releasing a stale frigid draft of air. A faint metallic odor soon fill the wake of the draft, laced wit the heavy scent of mildo. Alex gages, pulling his shirt over his nose. He grabs the walkie-talkie from his belt.

“Hey guys, I found the cellar. I’m  gonna go check it out.” Alex says, his voice muffled by the shirt.

“Alright, we’ll meet you down there after we check out the last room.” Kasey replies, “Just be careful.”

Alex returns the walkie-talkie to his belt and reaches over without looking, clumsy grabs the last flashlight and carefully starts down the narrow, steep stairwell into the dark confines of the cellar.  The stairs creak and groan under his weight and they were surprisingly long and seems to get darker the further he goes. Once he got to the bottom of the stairs he was meet with a wall. He looks over to his left and there sits a line of shelves. He cranes his head around the wall and saw a dip in the ground were the floor was lower then where he stood. An old water heater sitting in it. Along with on old piece of metal equipment he wasn’t sure of what it was amd just past it was a short hallway,on side filled with ancient looking wine barrels the other side with jars, some broken, but all filled with a rotted slime he assumes was once food.

A quick movement barely caught by the dim beam of the flashlight to it only for it to fall upon a small, white rabbit. Staring at him from under the big brass belly of the unknown piece of equipment. A piece of some kind of weedy, sun deprived plant that was weakly growing from a crack in the concret dangles from its mouth. They Stare at each other for what feels like an eternity. The red eyes glow of it’s tiny beady eyes seem to pierce right through him. As if gazing into his soul judging him for some unknown crime. The situation fills him with a sense of anxiety. His heart starting to race,  his body breaking out into a cold sweat. Goosebumps taking over his skin. He was not prone to ir ever had anxiety attacks before, but he was sure that's what he was having. He wants to run, leav, go up stars grabbing the other and getting as far away from this place as he could. But he couldn’t seem to make himself move. He was frozen in place, eyes locked with this tiny, marless creature. Then itlooks over to the direction of the stairs and as calmly as ever, hopps off behind the wine barrels. He felt calm again, As if that didn’t just happen. He took a deep breath and could hear the thumping of Warrens boots one the stairs. Before he could turn around, Warrens hand was on his shoulder, making him  Alex practically jump out of his skin and for Warren to retreat his hand. Warren looks worriedly at his brother.

“You alright Alex?” Warren asks, “We’ve been trying to get a hold of you for ten minute now.”

Alex looks over his shoulder at where he had seen the rabbit. Had he really been staring at it for ten minutes? He shakes the thought from his head and faces his brother.

“Sorry, I guess I got distracted…” Alex replies.

Warren gives him the side eye, but steps to the side for his brother to go up the stairs first.

The rest of the night went pretty uneventfully. It wasn’t until sunrise when the cameras caught something moving around up stairs again. Warren let out sigh as he was sleeping when Alex woke him about it. The three decided this time to all go up together and have a look around when they start to hear humming coming from the back bedroom. They all exchange a glance before hesitantly walking over to the door. Kasey carefully pushes it open, Alex and Warren entering it very cautiously. The humming stops and banging starts to come from the closet door, along with the door knob juggling.

Warren sighs, “Well is getting a bit cliche for my taste..”

Kasey shakes her.

“I’ll go get the EVP and the spirit box…” Alex says.

He turns to leave when Kasey grabs his arm.

“Just leave your walkie-talkie open, ok?” She states.

He looks at her questioningly but decides not to argue. He simply says ok, turns his walkie-talkie on and goes down stairs. He reaches the bottom of the stairs and goes into the living room, rampaging through the duffle bag to find the equipment. He looks up for a brief moment in thought, only to catch the sight of the little white rabbit darting from the shadows, racing under the window ceil and disappearing behind a pile of old drywall and wood.

“What the…” Alex mumbles.

“Is everything ok?” Kasey’s voice chimes from the walkie-talkie.

“Yeah… just thought I saw something was all.” Alex replies.

A heavy draft and the sound of the old cellar door flying open makes Alex whirl around, but not fast enough. There was a searing pain then the world went black with pained scream.

Kasey and Warrens walkie-talkies let out an ear scream like the mic was hit by something hard, followed by another scream, this one more human… The two run down the stairs, one thought in mind, Alex.  

Broken glass covers the living room floor, no Alex in sight only some drops of red on the floor. The two look up in time to see two shadows hurying in opposite directions out side of the window. Kasey and Warren rush outside, each going in opposite directions after the creatures. Acting on shear adrenaline. Warren ran after the figure across the field and into the woods, dodging branches, jumping rocks and logs. The figure still maintaining an inhuman speed. By the time he reached the woods end he was gasping for breath, lunges burning. The figure long out of sight. He stops to catch his breath before finally looking up, a small town stood not to far away. He mutters a curse under his breath as he turns back to make his way back to the cabin.

He arrives their just as Kasey emerges from the fields.

“Any luck?” Warren asks.

“No… The woods dead end at a town.” Kasey replies.

“Weird, that’s what happens that direction to..” He states, point back from where he just came.

Kasey raises a brow at that, “I don’t remember there being a town in that direction.”

“Neither do I.” Warren says.

“We have to find Alex.” Kasey states after a long puse.

“We will, let’s gather the equipment then head out.” Warren says

“Screw the equipment! Alex could be dead! Shouldn’t that take priority??” Kasey snaps.

“I said we’ll find him didn’t I?” Warren snaps back.

Kasey clenches her fists, “Fine you take your sweet ass time. I’m leaving.”

Warren chuckles, “What are you gonna do, walk?”

“I have a friend not far from here.” Kasey hisses.

“Fine, suit yourself.” Warren states as he heads to the house.

By the time he finally finishes gathering the equipment, Kasey is out of sight. Warren places the bags in the bed of the truck and sighs, kicking the rear tire before leaning against the truck. His fingers running through his hair. Frustration and guilt taking over. He takes a minute to gather his thoughts before getting to and starting the truck.

“Alex, you better be alive by the time i find you.” Warren states.

The old pick-up leaving a trail of dust in its wake as it barrels down the dirt road, tires screeching as they hit pathment leaving the old cabin behind to sit it in its dark shadows as the days first light warms the earth.
Sweet Dreams Prologue
In a world where the paranormal runs wild, there is only a few people who know how to handle it. They are called the 0% Because as far as the rest of the population is concerned, they don't exist. They are normal every day people, blending into the wood work. But when the night falls, they rise. Keeping to the shadows like the beings they work with.
Follow the adventures of the O'Hallaren family while they fight their rivals the Greyfields in the battle against time to find away to fix the Vail and permanently seal the worse of the dark creatures to cross into this world back into darkness from where they came.

(WARNING: This book contains LGBTQ+ relationships, violence, distrubing/graphic scenes, cursing, sex, innuendos, triggers such as mental illnesses, self harm and suicide, offences language. If you are unconformable with any of this things, please don't read this book. It's NOT for you, so save everyone the trouble and just keep scrolling.)


This is unedited so please forgive any miss spelled words and Grammer errors that you may find. It's still in the works and I'll probably end up rewriting the Prologue. But I figured I'd might as well post it anyway lol. So I hope you enjoy!
This is my Axcolotl OC Jellybean. She is a school teacher and ik her sheet says pre-school teacher she's actually teachers elementary-middle school, but I didn't think I could fit that into the small space I have myself 😅
This is my OC Samantha. She's a total nerd and can see dead people, at least she can ever since a car accident that nearly took her life and did take her family.
Aston O'halloran
This is an OC of mine that you'll probably be seeing a lot more of!
Rainbow Eclipse
This is my trippy unicorn OC that I love very much lol


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I'm a jake of all trades, tho my main line of work is welding. But I do Farming on the side and Drawing, Writing, photography and other form of arts as a hobby. I'm also HUGE into horror and the paranormal. I love the unknown and unexplainable!


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