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Underground UnderDogs Part One
As Samuel came around the bend he saw an orange construction sign crookedly perched on the small rise just off the side of the road. Resting there in an almost a mocking manner. it's bold, black lettering simply stating No guard rail. It was little things like this that drove him crazy.
The subtle objects that'd be placed in such a way they'd seem to be mocking everyone that was around them. However he seemed to be the only one to ever take note of such little things- like the world was mocking him for his keen sense of observation that he was gifted with. Almost as though such a gift was never supposed to be given to anyone. That we were all supposed to go through life ignorant to the subtle things it held.
And sometimes (most of the time) he wished he never had this gift and could go with the flow of society's ignorance- not all of the little things he caught onto were of objects… actually in general, as a rule, they mostly had to do you with people. He wished he didn't see the
:iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0
Happy Halloween! by StormWoodStudio Happy Halloween! :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Azalea Phillips by StormWoodStudio Azalea Phillips :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Travis and Diva - Copy by StormWoodStudio Travis and Diva - Copy :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Alex  Tuxedo by StormWoodStudio Alex Tuxedo :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Davin Grimmond by StormWoodStudio Davin Grimmond :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 1 0
The runners run
The dreamers dream
And the fighters stand Alone.
The warriors fall
The paintings fade
And the new becomes the old.
As time goes on, the world will change
But all will stay the same.
:iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0
Snakey wakey wooo by StormWoodStudio Snakey wakey wooo :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0 Panic by StormWoodStudio Panic :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Azerrath duddles by StormWoodStudio Azerrath duddles :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0 Elyn  Lux by StormWoodStudio Elyn Lux :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 2 Nex by StormWoodStudio Nex :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0 Spipkin by StormWoodStudio Spipkin :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0 Troll by StormWoodStudio Troll :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 2 Hatchlings these days... by StormWoodStudio Hatchlings these days... :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 2 0 Serena Fairlight by StormWoodStudio Serena Fairlight :iconstormwoodstudio:StormWoodStudio 0 0


Day Moon Haven by Foxfires Day Moon Haven :iconfoxfires:Foxfires 99 24
I know you won't read these poems I'm writing
After all, your soul is already away...
But I'll keep writing them for as long as I have to,
because I still hope you'll come back someday.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 26 26
Yoko Littner by xong Yoko Littner :iconxong:xong 783 41
the browser and nanorobots inside of you
There are concepts you may not understand.
If you possess nanobots within you, and you ever find a way or the time, watch my life from 12:00 midnight july 12th to 1:40am. Or, if my memory has failed in the paradigm of perceiving when it was that I first got into my car, listen closely to what it is I say, until the moment I write this message on the computer I am currently sitting at, within the internet cafe. Unless if you want to continue reading as I write what will probably be my best attempt at putting various concepts and insights into words within a language that is notorious for falling short of being able to find the ability to convey the depth of concepts that do not yet even have words to describe them.
Evolution. That word means many things. Is it a will, or chaos, that causes a change so profound to the very substances that act as conduit and vessel for your very soul. Sentience. It is commonly held, and discovered in insight by charles darwin, that it is WILL, a NEED
:iconlarathain:Larathain 2 0
Just thought you should know...
Something to help you remember the real
Do you remember my fingers gracing your face?
Do you remember our pulse as one?
Do you remember how our stars made sky: space?
Do you remember how always begun?
Do you remember our singularities entwined?
Do you remember the glow?
Do you remember we're more than divine?
I remember, just thought you should know...
:iconlarathain:Larathain 15 10
No-One's Watching
Have you...Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re being watched?
Like maybe, just maybe something behind you is watching you, lurking in the dark, waiting to catch you, to scare kill you. It’s a creepy feeling, isn’t it. Feeling like you’re being watched. But most, most people, they just shrug it off, pretend they don’t feel it, the eyes, watching them, carefully ever so carefully...watching every move, every breath….They shrug it off as if it were nothing, NOTHING. The stupid beings.  
They ignore it, they pretend that they don’t feel the eyes burning into them. I bet you do that too, I bet you do that a lot, don’t you?
I can picture it. You’re in your room, late at night. The room is pitch black. It’s all pitch black, except for the small shining light of the electronic in your hands. It looks like a phone, or an iPod. Something of the sort. Yeah, you’re playing on the device in your hands, obliviou
:iconkai-co:Kai-Co 1 0
Did You Know You're Being Watched When You Sleep?
Did you know you're being watched when you sleep?
No, not by your parents or family member.
I mean the thing that looks like a jacket in your closet in the dark.
The shadow moving across the wall.
Everything looks normal, and that's exactly what they want you to think.
Have you ever woken up multiple times at night?
Ever wondered why?
No, it's not from a waking dream.
It's a body reflexes. A sense. Like when you know that someone is next to you and you aren't even touching them.
That's what happens when it comes towards you. You wake up. Because your body sense someone there.
Where does it mostly hide?
The shadows. That why it can look like anything.
But the one place it likes to hide the most is on the ceiling.
Where it knows when your asleep and when your awake. And can always watch.
Can you see it?
That's probably the scariest part... Yes.
You just don't know it.
:iconzavarious:Zavarious 3 1
The Exchange Student
Madden sighed. Another day, another feeling of isolation.
Being an exchange student in Taiwan at 10 years old wasn't easy. Well, technically Madden was not exactly an exchange student. It was more in the lines of staying with two decrepit old people about 3 hours plane flight away from his home and studying in a foreign country while his parents tried to settle down back home getting their bearings and life back together.
His father, doting a parent as he may be, was met with a tough time in his job due to cutbacks and reallocation of funds and staff after it was bought over by a competitor at its brink of bankruptcy, and with a new boss not as forgiving as his old one, he couldn't make all ends meet. Not with a child around to take care of anyways.
So to lighten the burden a little, Madden's mother, who was born and bred in the delightful country of Taiwan, decided to drop him off at her parents' place and study there temporarily until their life gets back into order again. They went
:iconblackknightgargie:BlackKnightGargie 1 0
The Omen of the Scarlet Head Owl
Long ago, on a summer day
There was a spoiled, prissy girl who always had her way
Her throne was the school
And many thought she was cool
But those with true eye were no fool
She has a thrill for causing emotional pain
The horrible habits were completely insane
But one evening afternoon
A raven haired lady with a necklaces rose was marked a goon
The prissy girl was going to insult her with delight
But what the raven haired lass said something that causes a fright
The raven told her that she is ugly within
and left the spoiled brat with a smug grin
While the defenseless clapped
The leader of the 'popular' snapped
And planned for a devilish trick
But when affect that night, it was the sick
The raven head girl's blood was on her hands
They'd quickly buried her before they could understand
The year of her death and burial by trowel
The seven sinful souls were soon visited by a redhead owl
One by one, with the owl's path it crossed
A life was soon lost
And it was not quick or gainful
It was
:iconfireember345:FireEmber345 1 0
The Girl and The Vampire: You're What?
"Wait, you're a vampire?"
"Oh god. You're not gonna..."
"What? Eat you? Of course not!" He laughed like it wasn't her possible death they were talking about. "Come on now, how long have we been friends? You think I'd kill you now?"
"Are you, like a vegetarian vampire?"
"Ew, hell no, I hate those guys. They give the rest of us a bad name. We are still blood-thirsty killing machines."
"But you're not going to kill me?" She asked, not feeling very reassured.
"No!" He was smiling. His usual cheery disposition was beginning to unnerve her. "Vampires are incredibly loyal. You're lucky we became friends before I decided you would be my next meal."
"Yeah, I'd protect you to the ends of the Earth. For example, I'd tear apart that guy behind you, who keeps staring, if he tries anything."
She turned to look just as a guy her age turned away.
"But," her new found vampire friend continued, "don't mistake that for love. I'm not going to be you're brooding vampire boyfriend."
She wr
:iconryll00:RyLL00 4 10
Don't Do This
The room was dark. His head ached a heavy throbbing pain that stabbed his temples. Bleary-eyed he tried to make out his surroundings. Why was it so damn dark? He blinked away the blur. His eyes slowly adjusted. He seemed to be in a dark room. It was small and square. He was in a ... chair? He looked down, his neck stiff and hurting. His wrists were tied to the arms of the chair. He struggled against the restraints. How did he get here? Where was here? A fog began to lift from his mind. Slowly, he began to remember the past couple of days. Michael...
"Hey, Leo," A voice sounded from the dark.
Leo whipped his head around despite the pain, searching for the source of the voice. He craned his neck to look over his shoulder. Was he back there? What an asshole, standing behind him like that.
"You may want to close your eyes," the voice warned. Just a second later the lights came on and fortunately, Leo had heeded the voices warning. It stung nonetheless.
Leo opened his eyes. M
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 12
The Girl and The Vampire: Rumors
"You know how all those rumors got started?"
"Hmm?" She looked up. "What rumors?"
"About stakes to the heart, holy water, and all that other stuff that doesn't actually hurt vampires?"
"Oh... alright, how did the rumors start?"
"We made them up," he grinned.
"We, as in us vampires, made the rumors up."
"Well, to lure people into a false sense of security, of course!"
"Oh, you're evil," she laughed.
"You're talking to a vampire, you know."
"Did you have a hand in this?"
"Oh, of course!"
"You are evil!"
"Heh heh. Oh yeah."
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 6
TGaTV: Monsters and Serial Killers
"What's a young lady such as yourself doing all alone at this time of night?"
She yelped and spun around. The vampire stood grinning at her, she pushed him. "You ass!" She shouted.
He only laughed.
"Don't sneak up on me like that!"
"Alright, I'm sorry. But all jokes aside, I'd think you'd be more careful out here all by yourself now that you know monsters exist."
"I'm fine by myself, just taking a walk."
"In the middle of the night?" He tilted his head, green eyes glinted at her in the dark.
"Yeah, I do it all the time."
"Be careful, though. Some monsters like attractive young women."
"Are you saying I'm attractive?" She asked amused.
"Oh, not at all," he replied without hesitation. "But some monsters have preferences. Like how some serial killers only kill blonde females. Some monsters only eat blonde females."
"Oh, so it that why you haven't eaten me yet?" She asked with a laugh.
"Oh yes, because the color of one's hair greatly affects the taste of their blood," he said dramatically,
:iconryll00:RyLL00 3 4
The Girl and The Vampire: Pry
"Alright, so who's that handsome guy you've been hanging out with lately?"
"What handsome guy?" She stared at her friend confused.
"Don't be like that," her friend teased. "I know you were friends before, but now you hang out all the time."
"Oh, him," she rolled her eyes. "We're not dating if that's what you're going to ask, which I know you were!"
"Oh, come on," the girl pressed, "look at him! His eyes are so piercing." Her friend decided to stare at the vampire rather than her.
"Ugh, please stop," she was disgusted. "He's not that gorgeous."
"Now I wish you weren't dating; I want him."
"You can have him," she rolled her eyes again at her friend's inability to understand that they weren't dating.
"Would you say nice things about me?" Her friend asked, not taking her eyes off of the vampire a few desks ahead of her. "You know, get him interested?"
"'Cause he's your's?"
"You love him."
"No," when confronted with a person who would not give up, she, activating her natura
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 3
The Girl and The Vampire: Creature of the Night
"How did you get passed her?"
"Uh, I'm a creature of the night, duh."
"This is serious!"
He suddenly looked weary. "Yeah, I know."
She felt bad for yelling.
"I don't know how she found you... and I'm sorry that she harassed you," he continued. "I honestly thought I'd be safe here. I don't even know how that bitch tracked me down! I haven't eaten in days!"
She could definitely tell. He looked exhausted and starved. His naturally messy hair was looking even worse. She suddenly remembered what the woman said.
"When it's hungry, It won't see you."
She pushed that thought away, tried to remember what he had said all those months ago.
Vampires are incredibly loyal... I'd protect you to the ends of the Earth.
"She should be on that other vamp," his voice brought her away from her thoughts. "Damn, I'm sorry."
"It's OK," the girl sighed. "She left without getting anyone hurt. How'd you get out, by the way?"
"I heard you two yelling and booked it out the windo
:iconryll00:RyLL00 2 3
The Girl and The Vampire: Not Another One...
It had been days. The Vampire never left her room and she was painfully aware of the woman watching her.
He sat in her spinny chair, spinning. There was literally nothing else her could do at this point. He was starving. His stomach grumbled painfully. He groaned. The door opened and shut quietly downstairs. Any human probably wouldn't hear it, but he wasn't a human... obviously. He craned his neck to look at the alarm clock on her desk. She got home quick. Prolly got a ride from that friend of her's. He continued to spin.
Several minutes passed, she usually didn't come upstairs until she'd finished her homework, so he wasn't worried. However, when he heard the door open and close again, louder this time, he was vaguely concerned.
Then he heard a yelp.
A strong hand was clamped around her mouth. She struggled, but couldn't move. The woman was in front of her.
Oh great.
"Hey, girly," the woman smiled sweetly and bent forward, hands on her knees.
The girl want
:iconryll00:RyLL00 3 5



As Samuel came around the bend he saw an orange construction sign crookedly perched on the small rise just off the side of the road. Resting there in an almost a mocking manner. it's bold, black lettering simply stating No guard rail. It was little things like this that drove him crazy.
The subtle objects that'd be placed in such a way they'd seem to be mocking everyone that was around them. However he seemed to be the only one to ever take note of such little things- like the world was mocking him for his keen sense of observation that he was gifted with. Almost as though such a gift was never supposed to be given to anyone. That we were all supposed to go through life ignorant to the subtle things it held.
And sometimes (most of the time) he wished he never had this gift and could go with the flow of society's ignorance- not all of the little things he caught onto were of objects… actually in general, as a rule, they mostly had to do you with people. He wished he didn't see the little things that gave people away, he'd for sure sleep easier if he didn't take note of these little things.
For instance, the bruise on the cashier’s wrist at the gas station he had last stopped at. Her arm trembling almost unnoticeably as she reached out to give him the his 6.50 in change- or the reason he was barreling down the old highway at midnight back to San Francisco, back to his hometown five days earlier then he should've. The last message he received from his childhood friend was underlined with distress. From how the message was phrased it was almost like some deep dark wound had been reopened for the world to see. It gave Samuel a bad feeling, the kind of feeling that starts from your gut, making your heart stop while the hair pricks on back of your neck. The kind of feeling that makes a bitter taste form in the back of your mouth, like Death himself was was reaching for you with his bitter cold grip… it was dread… it had been three days since he last heard from Mitchell and he was dreading the reason why. Especially with Mitch’s last message to him being so… off… and he had been acting off for the last few days before he went MIA. He tried to convince himself this feeling was just paranoia and Mitch was just preoccupied with his exames (college exames always seemed to have away of consuming ones entire being) but he couldn't shake it, he couldn’t take the dread anymore and so he decided to head back from his trip nearly a week early over a bad feeling.
Stupid right?
Making such a fuss over probably nothing. He groans at this realization, but in this moment all
Samuel wanted to do was floor it. Not caring if a cop saw and chased him all the way back to San Francisco. But it was late November and the black ice had already claimed parts of the road, settled just out of sight on the black top, along with a heavy flurry crashing into his windshield limiting his visibility. He took a deep breath, clutching the steering wheel tightly in both hands.
“It'd do neither of us any good if I got into a crash over some bad feeling…”  he thought to himself.
His foot begrudgingly easing off the gas and hoped that whatever time he got there, it wouldn't be to late…

Traffic on the bridge had slowed to a trickle of only a few cars, buses and trucks here and there. Making what had to be their last runs of the night-  or first runs of the morning, though Mitchell couldn't entirely tell. He'd been sitting on the bridge guardrail for what felt like hours. He looked over his shoulder at the road, however long it was, a thick fog had already settled in on the bridge. It was still dark out and the mix of street lights along with headlights made the fog glow in some spots. It gave him a sense if serenity. He looked down at the water 220 feet below him knowing this feeling won't stay- at least not for long… not if he went back. He shutters at the thought of going back, slinking into his denim jacket pulling the hood further over his head. The cold November wind bitting bitterly at his tear stained face, eyes glued to the rippling blank sky below him looking like a pale grey nothingness swaying lifeless below his feet.
Further off in the distance through the fog the city lights danced playfully on the waves like a starlit night teaming with the life of the universe- but that was far out of sight, no matter how hard he tried to see it. The shimmering lights had seemed to always be just right out of reach. But the grey is right here, right within his grasp calling to him- calling for him. As if the grey was all that's left for him and he was ok with that. Scarily so… like some part of him had already expected this fate long ago.
Mitchell sighs, the crisp night air cutting through his jacket making the blood flow to his cheeks as a failed attempt to warm them. His breath moved through the air like smoke, fogging his glasses that were perched on his button nose. But he didn't need to see anymore. He took in one last breath of the crisp ocean air, clenching the guardrail tightly in his hands.
This is it… after this last car goes by… that'll be it…
He counts the seconds until the car went by, every number falling off his lips with each breath he takes.
It's muffled purr closing in.
The headlights begun to fill the fog.
His heart pounds against it's boney cage.
The gust of air from the car hit his back ruffling his jacket as he got in position.
“Figured I'd find you here.” stated a soft voice with the loom of forced calmness hanging on every word.
Mitchell went rigid, frozen in place as if he were a statue, his breath caught tightly in his throat, eyes widen.
‘He's not supposed to be back for nearly a week…’
He thought to himself, slowly gathering the courage to look back at the one person he'd never wanted to find him like this.
Why'd Sam come back so early? AND what the hell was he doing here, of all places??
These thoughts running wild through his head as his eyes finally found Samuel leaning against a lamppost not even five feet away. Mitchell let his eyes examine Sam's fine featured face, not even entirely sure what he was looking for on it.
“Y’know.” Samuel starts, shifting his weight off the post and to his feet, “They put a safety net up.”
Mitchell’s body slumped at that, like the invisible cord that was holding him stiff had been cut. He looks down again, shocked to see he had missed the fine knitted net hanging along the side of the bridge.
‘Perfect…’ he thought sarcastically with a sigh and swung his legs back over the guardrail, hitting the walkway hard, sending a sharp pain up his bad leg and throw his spine making him wince.
“Then I guess I'll just have to try another bridge then…” Said Mitchell.
Sam just sighs at that shortening the distance between them. His firm hands wrapping around Mitchell's arms to help support his weight, earning himself a quick glance up from Mitchell. Their eyes locking for only a second before Mitchell's drifted down to stare at the concert like all the answers to life were hidden deep within its cracks.
Sam smiles soft at his dear friend, relieved he got here when he did and wraps an arm around Mitchell's shoulder.
“Come on, you can tell me everything that happened over a nice hot cup of coffee.” Sam declares.
And before Mitchell could say anything, he was being coaxed to the nearest cafè.
Underground UnderDogs Part One
Here's the first part of Chapter on of my new novel Underground Underdogs, it does touch onto some serious and touch topics so reader digestion is advised. If any of the topics listed makes you uncomfortable DON'T read it.
Self harm
Explicit language

Well if you've made it this far into the descriptions then I might as well tell you what this Story is about!

Mitchell is a a 24 year old college student who comes from a big wealthy family. His life is relatively normal, though him and his father don't always see eye-to-eye and when his father finds out Mitchell's deepest, darkest secret he threatens to cut Mitchell's college funds and send him off to reform camp. But sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge Mitchell's runs into an old childhood friend who might just be both the the awnser and the problem to Mitchell's situation.
Happy Halloween!
Here's a Halloween drawing I did. Hope everyone had an amazing night of tricks or treats!
Azalea Phillips
This is one of my ocs Azalea, who will be in an up coming novel called underground underdogs, so keep an eye out for it!
Alex Tuxedo
This is a Drawing I did of my character Alex Walker and his horse Tuxedo. Their from a short story serine called Pumpkin Patch Equestrian Center (EC for short) I used to write for fun, English and creative writing classes, It's been a while since I did with it and I think I going to start working on it again.


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